Here's What We Do

Our mission is to promote patriotism, honor our veterans

and their families and to help active duty service personnel.

To this end, we gather Valentines for Veterans made by the local school children and send them to the Roseburg Veterans Administration Hospital where they have a community outreach program as well as long term residents in the hospital and nursing home. Additionally, we send financial contributions to several veteran-related charities and all during the course of the year we knit or crochet woolen scarves and hats and in the spring we make neck coolers. We also gather personal comfort items, small stuffed animals, and entertainment sources and we send these to Operation Gratitude where they put together care packages to send to our active duty personnel in harm's way. We would like to challenge other tents to match or beat our contributions to

These projects are ongoing as long as they are needed.

Annual Activities

In February each year we invite President Lincoln to help us celebrate his birthday

Our Luncheon in 2014 had to be cancelled due to bad weather

Memorial Day in May brings many activities

We help the Sons of Union Veterans in their honoring of veterans at the Eugene Pioneer Cemetery in Eugene. Our part is to lay flowers or wreaths on the graves of the fallen heroes.

Pictures by Carolyn Hall

Our tent patron, Thirsa Gossett and her husband are also buried at Eugene Pioneer Cemetery so we have a service at that location as well on Memorial Day. Here, President Mildred ponders the life of the Gossetts during those difficult years when he served as a soldier and she as a nurse.

Bohemia Mining Days in Cottage Grove

Pictures by Steve Hall

We marched in the parade, passing out flags and brochures to promote patriotism and gather new members for the tent.

Veteran's Day

Each of us in our own communities do what we can to honor our veterans such at placing flags and flowers on their graves and attending local parades.

Pictures by Carolyn Hall

Our 90th Birthday party in July 2009

On July 26, 2009, we celebrated the 90th anniversary of our tent's charter with guests from the Sons of Union Veterans, our then Oregon Department President Beverly Prysbylski and Sister Alice Moran from Mary Walker tent.

res by Carolyn Hall

Initiation of New Members

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