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Welcome to the ORGenWeb County Guidelines page! There are a few basic requirements that every county host is expected to meet. You need to have:
  • A working knowledge of html, or the willingness to learn it soon.
  • A knowledge of the county you will be hosting.
  • A desire and willingness to help those that visit your county pages.
  • Enthusiasm.
  • Time to devote to your county page. Researchers are looking for fresh and frequently updated information on your pages. The time required can range from two to twenty hours per week, depending on the time you have available and your degree of enthusiasm.
  • Team spirit. You will be joining a volunteer team of County Coordinators dedicated to making the ORGenWeb Project the best site for those seeking to research their Oregon ancestors.
  • You will be automatically subscribed to the ORGEN-L mailing list so you can can receive announcements and join in the discussion of ORGenWeb goals with all of the ORGenWeb County Coordinators.

Along with the host requirements, there are a few basic requirements that every county page must meet in order to be associated with our project and to host an ORGenWeb County Page. These requirements are:

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Miscellaneous requirements:

  • We know that if you are enthusiastic about adopting a county, you have many ideas about what you will include and how your page will look. You will also want your first page to appear in a timely manner. With this in mind, the ORGenWeb project requires that you have your first page ready for viewing by our visitors within three weeks of your acceptance as a County Coordinator. If this is not feasible, please do not ask to host a county at this time.
  • You must have previous html experience, or be willing to learn html within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Every ORGenWeb county page should have a "last modified" code and a counter on the main county page. Sites hosted on the RootsWeb server can find these codes at RootsWeb Counters. You might also want links to surrounding Oregon counties for ease of navigation.
  • Query pages are one of the most visited areas of any county page. Your query pages must be updated frequently, a good rule of thumb is not less than every 2 weeks -- if your county is very active with query requests then more often might be necessary. If your county is slow, once a month or even once every two months is probably enough. Information about the new GenConnect Query system can be found at Visit Query Management for more information about other ways to handle queries.
  • If personal circumstances arise and you are unable to update your county for more than 30 days, please notify Jan Bony, Oregon State Coordinator. State Coordinators are here to help you with any problems you may encounter - keep in touch with yours!
  • Once your pages are ready, notify your State Coordinator. Your SC will check your page for basic ORGenWeb and USGenWeb requirements, check your links and give assistance if needed.

    Congratulations! If all is well, we will place your county link on the Oregon State Page and add your e-mail address as well.

  • State and/or Evaluation Committee members will be visiting your site periodically to offer assistance and accolades. If problems are noted, or if you haven't updated the pages recently, we will contact you to determine if you are in need of assistance.
  • County pages are for the benefit of visitors to our project who are seeking help in their genealogical research. Links to local business establishments (i.e. hotels/motels, Chamber of Commerce, etc) are welcome as the possibility of those visitors making a research trip to the area is great and these links will aid them with their travel plans. Likewise, please research your county to find local genealogical and historical societies where resources can be found for the researcher, and place those links on your county page.
  • Please be aware that many genealogists do not have the resources to have "state of the art" computers and modems. Most are visiting your page for the information contained therein. Graphics make a page look nice, however, please use discretion when using them. The same rules apply to animated graphics, music, frames, and java scripts.
  • County pages are not to be used to tout your political views, religious beliefs, or your personal family history [GEDCOM]. You may not conduct a business from your county pages nor ask a researcher for money for your services. These are genealogy research help pages only. If any of the previously mentioned subjects are found on a ORGenWeb site, the host will be asked to remove the offending subject matter. If the host does not comply with this request within two weeks, the pages will be removed from the project and the county will be made available for adoption.
The above guidelines are subject to change, additions and/or deletions,
please check back often to see if any changes pertain to you.

Additional Information Sites for Hosting Oregon Counties:

Information for volunteers
County Page Guidelines
RootsWeb counters, etc.
Information on the New Query System
Oregon Counties using the New Query System - Go to one of the counties and see what it's like
Query and Lookups Questions/Answers
Important information about copyright issues
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RootsWeb Help List: A mail list to help those with pages on the RootsWeb server. You can subscribe by sending a message to: with the single word, "subscribe", in the body of the message. Signatures confuse the robot, so please don't attach any text after the word "subscribe". You can unsubscribe in the obvious manner. To post a help message to the list, send mail to: Whether you have your pages at RootsWeb, Skyways, or another server, it is highly recommended that everyone sub to this list. Lots of helpful information is given, not just concerning the RootsWeb server, but help of any kind.

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Well, those are the guidelines for hosting an ORGenWeb County page. To get started, please e-mail Jan Bony, the Oregon State Coordinator, and include the word "ADOPT" in your subject line. Also write the current Oregon County Coordinator at their email address, which can be found at Oregon Counties.

Please include 1) the name of the county you would be interested in hosting and/or 2) if the county already has a host, other assistance you might be able to provide such as lookups, transcription of primary reference material, etc. We might also request your telephone number to be used in emergencies only.

Thank you for your interest in hosting an ORGenWeb county page.
Hope to be hearing from you soon !!

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