Lyme, Connecticut


Early Marriages in Lyme, Connecticut, Before 1740


John Adget married Abigail Graves January 18, 1739.

Joseph Alger married Mary Huntly April 27, 1733.

Roger Alger, Sr., married Elizabeth March 1711/12.

Robert Ames of New London married Deborah Brockway May 15, 1735.

Thomas Anderson and wife Hana.

Benjamin Beckwith married Patience Eden Oct. 21, 1731.

Thomas Baker married widdow Hannah Huntley March 6, 1735.

Daniel Beckwith married Ruth Rice November 4, 1728.

Jona Beckwith married Rebecka April 26, 1696.

Nathaniel Beckwith married Jane Brockway Oct. 26, 1738.

Philip Beckwith married Abigail Harvey Feb. 17, 1732.

Reynold Beckwith married Martha Marvin April 4, 1732.

Samuel Beckwith married Miriam Marvin Feb. 1, 1739.

Jonathan Beebe married Hannah Lewis March 18, 1735.

John Bennet married Mary Moss Sept. 2, 1731.

Henry Benet (Bennett), married Sarah Champion December _5, 1673.

Henry Benit, Jr., married Abegall Pike April 15.

Joseph Benit, son of Caleb, married Mary Mose(?).

Caleb Benet, Jr., married Rebekah Mack.

Samuel Benit married Hannah Wade April 3, 1733.

Abithai Bingham of Windham and Mary Tubbs, Dec. 28, 1731.

John Borden, Jr. married Marah March 13, 1689/90.

William Bridggs and Mary, his wife

Ephraim Brockway married Susanna Carrior February 9, 1727.

John Brockway married Elizabeth Banning March 1, 1727. His second wife was Sarah Scovil, married March 22, 1739.

Richard Brockway and Rachell, his wife. He married secondly Elizabeth Tiffony May 5, 1720.

Abraham Brunson, married Hana Brunson Sept. 2, 1674.

Henry Champion was married in August, in the year 1647.

Henory Champion married Sarah July 11, 1708.

Henory Champion married Debrah Jones March 21, 1697/8.

Josiah Champion married Mary Mott.

Nathaniel Clark, Jr. married Lydia Peck July 10, 1735.

William Clark married Hannah Peck Nov. 30, 1731.

Samuell Cogswell was m. to Susannah Hearn, the 27th of Oct. 1668.

William Comstock married to Neomy, daughter of Benjamin Niles, Sept. 10, 1695.

Samuel Court married Abigail Marvin Nov. 7, 1734.

Josiah Dewolfe married Anne Watterman Nov. 14, 1713(?).

Simon Dewolf and Sarah [Lay, m. Nov. 12, 1682].

Steven Dewolfe and Hana, his wife.

Isaac Dunham of Hebron and Elizabeth Watrous, Feb. 9, 1735.

Thomas Dunk was married to Elizabeth Stedman, July 10, 1677.

William Ely married widdow Mary Noyes Feb. 19, 1736.

Thomas Enes married Marget Feb. 7, 17109/11.

Soloman Gee married Deborah Huntley March 29, 1732.

Nathan Grisbe of Branford married Elizabeth Wade Dec. 12, 1738.

George Griswold married Elizabeth Lee July 20, 1736.

John Hazen married Deborah Peck March 10, 1737.

Sarah Spencer, formerly the wife of John Holtum, died Jan. 21, 1704/5.

Joseph Houd of Branford and Elizabeth Pinnuck, Dec. 10, 1734.

Thomas and Mary Hungerford

Aaron Huntly and wife Marah.

Aaron Huntly, Jr. married Debrah Dewolfe July 27, 1707.

Benjamin Huntley married Lydia Beckwith April 28, 1732.

Daniell Huntly married Hannah Brown July 27, 1720.

John Huntly married Elizabeth February 2, 1699.

John Huntly, Jr., married Lydia Robins.

Peter Huntly married Mary Ransom March 20, 1729.

Sollomon Huntly married Ruth February 13, 1710/11.

Jaxett Ingraham married Marcey Taylor Oct. 17, 1729.

Nathan Jewitt from Rowley, MA, married Deborah Lord December 23, 1729.

Philip Kirkland married Lydia Marvin.

John Lay married Sarah Lee December 21, 1712.

John Lay III married Hannah Lee Jan. 27, 1737.

Joseph Lay married Mercy Deming Feb. 6, 1735.

Robert Lay married Lydia Tinker Feb. 1, 1739.

Joseph Lee married Mary Aern(?) August 21, 1727.

Thomas Lee(s) and Sarah Kirtland of Saybrook. Thomas Lee was married to Marah DeWolf July of 1676. Thomas Lee d. Jan 5, 1677 and his widow m. May 30, 1705 Matthew Griswold, as his second wife.

Thomas Lee married Elizabeth January 24, 1698.

Stephen Lee married Abigail Lord, dau. of Richard, Dec. 24, 1719.

Joseph Lord was married to Abigail Comstock March 11, 17__.

Samuel Lord married Catharine Ransom June 26, 1735.

Theopholus Lord married Deborah Mack May 8, 1728.

Thomas Lord married Mary December 22, 1693.

Thomas Lord, Jr., married Esther Marvin Dec. 28.

Elisha Marvin married Catharine Mather, dau. of Thomas, in 1738.

James Marvin married Ruth Mather May 25, 1737.

John Marvin married Mehitable Champion Feb. 24, 1725/6.

Jonathan Mack was married to Sarah Aug. 24.

Elisha Marvin married Catharine Mather May 17, 1739.

John Marvin married Sarah Graham May 7, 1691, dau. of Henry.

Joseph Marvin married Jane Lay May 28, 1730.

Mathew Marvin married Mary Beckwith April 20, 1732.

Renold Marvin and Phebe, his wife. Renold married second Martha Waterman, dau. of Thomas of Norwich, in 1708.

Reinold Marvin married Sarah Clarke about 1663. She married second Capt. Joseph Sill Feb. 12, 1677/8. His first wife was Jemima Belcher, dau. of Andrew.

Reynold Marvin, Jr. married widdow Sarah Lay (nee Marvin, dau. of John) December 23, 1725. He married secondly Mrs. Mary Kellogg July 7, 1746.

Thomas Marvin married Mehitable Goodrich.

Zechariah Marvin married Abigail Lord March 29, 1732.

Timothy Mather married Sary Lay Feb. 12, 1736.

Robert Miller married Martha Wade April 29, 1736.

Jesse Minor of New London married Jane Watrous Nov. 3, 1737.

William Minor and Anna, his wife.

Samuell Motte was married to Marah, his wife, April 6.

John Noyes married Mary Hudson Dec. 14, 1732.

William Noyes married Eunice Marvin.

William Peck married Jemimah Marvin Jan. 25, 1731/2.

Rev. Jonathan Parsons married Phebe Griswold Dec. 14, 1731.

Jasper Peck married Sarah Clark Nov. 25, 1731.

John Peck married Catharine Lay March 4, 1736.

Petter Person married Lidia. Peter Person was married to Mary Lord 20th of Sept. 1716.

John Petty married Martha Cogsel April 24, 1735.

Petter Pratt and wife Mehitable married Sept. 7, 1710.

Jonathan Reid married Elizabeth Smith March 14, 1734.

Jonathan Reed married Elizabeth Mack Dec. 24, 17__.

Edward Robins married Ruth Smith October 23, 1718.

John Robbins was married to Elizabeth in 1692.

John Robins married Ruth Alger November 3, 1732.

Jonathan Rogers married Alys Champion December 1718.

Uriah Roland married Lydia Lee Oct. 14, 1737.

Jacob Sayer married Jomartha Loomer June 22, 1710.

John Sears married Elizabeth Watrous June 13, 1734.

John Sill married Phebe Tilhin(?) December 22, 1731.

Joseph Starlin married Sarah Mack July 2, 1730.

Thomas Taylor of MD married Esther Robbins Oct. 6, 1737.

Samuel Tillerson married Lydia Chadwick Sept. or Oct. 5, 1718.

Jonathan Tilletson married Rebecka Chamberlin(?) August 19, 1707.

Amos Tinker married Luce Jan. 17, 1716.

Amos Tinker and wife Sarah.

Samuel Tinker, Jr. married Jeminiah Smith Nov. 19, 1721.

Peter Tinker married Sarah Brockway March 10, 1723/4.

Isaac and wife Marah Tubbs.

Joseph Tubbs married Luce Robbins Jan. 14, 1736.

Simon Tubbs married Sarah Wait December 7, 1736.

John Tucker married Elizabeth Mariam(?) Marvin(?) Dec. 28, 1727.

Richard Waite married Elizabeth Marvin November 8, 1733.

William Waller, and Elizabeth, his wife.

John Wastoll and Susannah his wife.

Abraham Watterhous and wife Rebekah

Gershion Wattrous married Lydiah Smith May 5, 1720.

Isaac Watterus and wife Elizabeth.

Thomas West married Elizabeth Lewis April 22, 1731.

Isaac Willy married Rose Benet Dec. 24, 1697.

Jeremiah Wood married Dority Bennett March 29, 1709.

Elisha Wright of New London married Elizabeth Lester April 3, 1732.


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