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Oregon mailing lists:
ORBAKER-L - Baker County
ORBAKER-D - digest mode
ORBENTON-L - Benton County
ORBENTON-D - digest mode
ORCLATSO-L - Clatsop County
ORCLATSO-D - digest mode
ORCOOS-L - Coos County
ORCOOS-D - digest mode
ORCURRY-L - Curry County
ORCURRY-D - digest mode
ORDESCHU-L - Deschutes County
ORDESCHU-D - digest mode
ORDOUGLA-L - Douglas County
ORDOUGLA-D - digest mode
ORGILLIA-L - Gilliam County
ORGILLIA-D - digest mode
ORGRANT-L - Grant County
ORGRANT-D - digest mode
ORHARNEYC-L - Harney County
ORHARNEY-D - digest mode
ORHOODRI-L - Hood River County
ORHOODRI-D - digest mode
ORKLAMAT-L - Klamath County
ORKLAMAT-D - digest mode
ORLINN-L - Linn County
ORLINN-D - digest mode
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ORMARION-L - Marion County
ORMARION-D - digest mode
ORMORROW-L - Morrow County
ORMORROW-D - digest mode
ORMULTNO-L - Multnomah County
ORMULTNO-D - digest mode
ORPOLK-L - Polk County
ORPOLK-D - digest mode
ORUNION-L - Union County
ORUNION-D - digest mode
ORWASCO-L - Wasco County
ORWASCO-D - digest mode
ORWASHIN-L - Washington County
ORWASHIN-D - digest mode
OR-WVGS-L - Williamette Valley Area
OR-WVGS-D - digest mode
YAMCO-L - Yamhill County
YAMCO-D - digest mode

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