Oregon Mystery Photos



The photos were probably taken in Portland, McMinnville, and Salem (some of them are marked so); and the years about 1870 - 1890? If this is William L. Warren, then the lady is Amanda Payne, daughter of Caleb J. Payne. It has photographer I. G. Davidson, Portland, on the back.

Couple 2

This one has photographer W. P. Johnson in Salem. I think one of the Warren daughters married a Rowland and lived in Salem.

Couple 3

This one was taken in McMinnville Studio, Miss Cheney Miss Crumm (proprietors?)

Family 2

I have no idea who the ladies in the back might be. If the fellow is William L. Warren, then the lady is probably his mother, Almira C. (Martin) Warren or his mother-in-law, Malinda (Toney) Payne Butler.

Family Group

We're guessing that this could be the Warren family. However, a cousin thought that one of the men looked like a Stimson (T. J. Stimson married Amelia Ann Warren). So, who knows. These are photos that were in the possession of my grandmother, Elsie, and her sister Ora; both Payne's born in OR.

Family 3

This one was taken at the McMinnville Studio.

Payne Brother

This is the Davidson Studio in Portland. His eyes look similar to those of some of Tom Payne's dts, so we thought it might be one of his brothers (Andrew or Henry).

Tom and Susan

We're pretty sure that this is Tom and Susan (Warren) Payne, but confirmation would be nice.

Photographs generously donated by CiCi Morse. If you have information about any of these photographs or the people in them, please contact Cici. Also see Oregon Pioneer Biographies on William L. Warren, William Edward Warren, and Thomas and Susan Payne.