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The Plaindealer Roseburg, Oregon

Friday, January, 4th, 1889


Married: CATCHING & ILER -

In Portland, December 26th, 1888 by the Rev. E.W. Dixon, Miss Ida M. Iler to Mr. Sidney C. Catching.

Mr. Catching is the son of John Catching of Canyonville in this county. He came to Portland five years ago, graduated from the Portland Business College, and was soon after employed as head clerk in the business house of Eugene D. White, which position he still holds with honor to himself and credit to his employers. He has a host of friends in business and social circles. The bride is the daughter of D.C. Iler of Looking Glass. She has resided in Portland about six years, where she has made many warm friends and acquaintances. The presents are numerous and valuable, which was a manifestation of the esteem in which they are held by their many friends. The happy couple were married by the Rev. E.W. Dixon, also a former resident of the county and well known here.


At the residence of N. Janjrass on South Umpqua, Dec. 20th, 1888, William Thomas and Miss Lizie Janjrass by Chas. Bealman, Esq.


At the house of J.W. Capius Dec. 26th, 1888, Chas. E. Cameron and Miss Minnie Capius by E. Morgan, Esq.


At the house of William Ellenburg, Dec. 31st, 1888, James Ellenburg and Miss Allotto Henderman, by the Rev. M.C. Johnson.


In Oakland Jan. 1st, 1889, Mr. P. Shelefone and Miss Minnie Longtean; Rev. P.C. Parker officiating.


Young Mr. Appleton died on Tuesday from typhoid pneumonia and was buried Wednesday in the citizens cemetery.

The Plaindealer Roseburg, Oregon

Friday, January 11, 1889

Married: DAMON & BROWN:

In Elkton at the residence of the brides' parents, Jan. 2, 1889, Charles O. Damon of Medford and Miss Carrie Brown of Elkton by Rev. W.N. Wells.


At the house of W.A. Cox, Dec. 30th, 1888, W.R. Cellers and Miss Catherine E. Cox by R.S. Shelly.

County News - Scottsburg:

We have been very much pained and saddened by the death of little Minnie Palmer of throat difficulty. She was a very quiet, pleasant little girl in the twelfth year of her age. She leaves a large circle of brothers and sisters to mourn her early death and also kind parents. She was sick about three weeks and suffered dreadfully. Everything was done for her that could be. She died January 3rd, and was burried on the 4th. Her brother, Elmer, of Drain attended the funeral.


Mrs. Wade, wife of Elder A.B. Wade of Oakland died the 8th of consumption.

The Plaindealer Roseburg, Oregon Friday, January 18, 1889

Obituary - WADE

At the family residence in Oakland, Douglas County, Oregon, January 8th, 1889, of consumption. Mrs. Mary Wade, wife of Elder A.B. Wade, aged 45 years, 2 months and 11 days.

Mrs. Wade was the daughter of William and Charlotte Eddleblute of Roxbury, Morgan County, Ohio and was one of five children, two of whom, with her father survives her.

She was married Nov. 5th, 1865 to Dr. J.W. White, of Windsor, Morgan County, Ohio. This union was blessed with one child, Mrs. C.C. Taylor, now living here. Dr. White died February 2nd, 1875. August 18?, 1880, she married Elder A.B. Wade, then pastor of the Christian Church at Belle Plain, Illinois. About three years afterward he resigned the pastorate and they moved to Eureka, Illinois, in order that her daughter might enjoy the benefits of the college at that place. In 1884, they moved to Valley Falls, Kansas, where they lived till the present year.

January last her husband came to Oregon and soon after was elected to the position of State Evangelist of the Christian Church of this state. Believing that the climate of this coast would be beneficial, and probably restore her failing health, he sent for his wife, and last June the family followed him and located at this place. She seemed to improve for a time, but the vital forces were too far exhausted to allow recovery. In 1871 under the teaching of Elder W.W. Taylor, she became obedient to the faith, united with the church, and ever after it can truly be said, lived a conscientious and consistent Christian. She passed away in the full and complete faith having an assurance of her final victory over death and of her joyful entrance into "that great city, the holy Jerusalem," where the weary and obedient soul finds eternal rest.

She has left an aching void in the heart of the husband, which time alone can heal. She has left a child who though now a woman, still sought a mother's counsel, and who can now more fully realize the influence and depth of a mother's love. She has left friends who could not help but feel the influence of a nature both loving and loveable, and to whom she bound herself by the strongest ties of social affection. A noble hearted woman -- she has left a life-work that will remain as a guide-star to point us on toward a better life, and to a grander work. Such a one lives not in the memory alone, but reaches beyond the circle of the home, and their works unconsciously are casting their influence farther on, and mankind receives a lasting benefit. While it is for the good and the pure that we sorrow the most, and from whom we are most loth to part, yet it is also the memory of the good that brings peace to our troubled minds, balm for our sorrowing hearts. It is then we can submit to the inevitable, and feel that though the burden may be hard to bear, yet "God hath chosen for the best."

Died - SMITH

Near Myrtle Creek, Oregon, January 7th, 1889, Mrs. Mary Smith of cancer.

Notice: All persons found hunting or otherwise trespassing upon my farm will be prosecuted. N. Curry, Riversdale Farm, December 28, 1888.

Mary Humphrey, aged 11 years died at Looking Glass last Saturday of typhoid fever.

H.T. MClallen has been busy this week taking the census of the school children in this district.

The Plaindealer Roseburg, Oregon Friday, February 1, 1989

Mr. William Perry's family that has been down with the typhoid fever are all convalescing under the care of Dr. Masters. This family has been sorely afflicted the last month and we are pleased to note their improvement with good prospects of their recovery.

A Pioneer Gone: N.E. Mulvaney:

N.E. Mulvany died at his residence at Hudson Tuesday, Jan 22, 1889, after a few days illness of typhoid fever, at the age of 57 years. Mr. Mulvany was one of Oregon's pioneers. He came out to this country in 1852 in company with Mr. H. Davis, and located on Pass Creek in 1856 where he has since been living. This county was all a wilderness for many years after Mr. Mulvany came here. He put a saw mill on Pass Creek and twenty years ago he was running the pioneer saw mill that cut the lumber that built the houses for many miles around. That mill, at last is a thing of the past. It fulfilled the demand of those days and quite near where it once made music with the birds, stands the fine new and very valuable steam saw mill put up by Messrs, Bulkley & Heald. Mr. Mulvany looked forward with a great deal of pleasure to the success of the new enterprise, but he was called to cross the dark waters from which there is no return. He had by many years of constant, unceasing struggle, secured a valuable home which he leaves to his family--a wife and two children. He leaves a large circle of relatives and acquaintances to morn his very sudden and unexpected death.---Drain Echo.

The Plaindealer Roseburg, Oregon Friday, February 15, 1889

Charles Happerset, who was so severly injured by being caught between the cars at Oakland several weeks ago, has so far recovered as to be seen upon the street again.


At the Hoffman House parlor, Wednesday evening, Feb 6th, 1889, by Rev. A. Robinson, Mr. Robert B. Houston, of Roseburg and Miss Ella McClanahan of Eugene.

BECKLEY & POWELL: At Cottage Grove, Lane County, Feb 3th, 1889, James H. Beckley of Elkton and Miss Eliza Powell of Cottage Grove.

TILLEY & KNIGHT: At the house of William VanOrder, Feb 11th, 1889, William Tilley and Miss Estella Knight; Rev. E. Gittin officiating.


On Feb. 13th, 1889, to the wife of J.G. Marshall, a daughter.


The subject of this memoir, Annie Lucy Nichols, wife of Henry H. Nichols, was born in Rock Island County, Illinois, March 9th, 1866. Moved with her mother, Mrs. S. Vinyard, to Missouri in 1871, afterwards moved to Bonne Terre, St. Francois County, Missouri, then to Canyonville, Oregon in June, 1885. Was married to Henry H. Nichols October 12, 1887. She died in the full triumph of living faith. Besides her husband and mother she left an infant daughter but four days old. About an hour before she died she called her husband to her bedside and said "I am going to Heaven, I want you to meet me there, bring the baby, mother and Susie." Then she said "I hear the bells! See the angels, I hear them sing!. I will soon be there" and struck in with her sweet voice and sang clear and distinct " There's Sweet Rest in Heaven." She then invited the friends present to sing with her, which was kept up about an hour. She joined in every song until she got so weak she could not speak the words, but hummed the tunes and dropped asleep in the arms of Jesus without a struggle. It seemed as though Heaven was opened to her vision and she looked in. She said to her husband, "Henry darling, will you meet me in Heaven?" The answer was, "I will." She added, "I will be there, bring the baby, mother and Susie."

I am told she never made a profession of Christianity before. She gave the most unmistakable evidence of her acceptance with God. Rev. Wichser preached her funeral to a large attendance of mourning friends, who followed her remains to their last resting place in the cemetery near Riddle, where she rests in peace. ---Noah Cornutt

In Memoriam:

Lines on the death of little Happy Aurara Tipton, who died Feb. 8th, 1889, written by Mrs. Jennie Blakely:

The little lamb has reached her rest
Forever on the Savior's breast.
She's gone where sorrow is unknown,
And stands with Angels around the throne

She's gone from pain and sorrow free,
The Savior's love and face to see
And living water drinks she now--
With angels' crown upon her brow.

O! think what joy in heaven she shares
Where never enters sins or cares,
But 'mid the angels shining wings
Sings sweetest songs of heavenly things.

Then may we shed the bitter tear,
But never, never wish her here,
But may we join her in the song
Of heaven's high chorus loud and long.

The Plaindealer Roseburg, Oregon Friday, February 22, 1889



Hugh Neely, plaintiff vs. Julia A. Neely, defendant (to dissolve marriage).

News Items:

Mrs. J.C. Hutchinson of Oakland has been in our city making arrangements to open a millinery shop.

W. Kramer has sold his hotel property in Myrtle Creek to George Stephenson, who will take charge of it about the first of March.

It is reported that the smallpox has again appeared at Drain, two cases having developed, Rev. T.L. Jones' wife we learn being one.

Those of our citizens who doubtless remember Mrs. Lucy Stanton, mother of Mr. H.C. Stanton, will be pained to learn of her death. Mrs. Stanton, we learn, resided in Oregon about 14 years, when she returned to New York to reside with her oldest daughter till her death a few days ago, at the advanced age of 85 years.

Mrs. Dalrymple of Deer Creek, died quite suddenly last Tuesday night of heart disease, aged about 70 years. She was well as usual Tuesday, was up and about and retired seemingly well but was taken suddenly ill in the night and died almost instantly, we were told.

Married: RICE & DUNN:

At the residence of the bride's parents on Wednesday, February 13th, 1889, was performed the ceremoney which united in marriage Mr. D. Lyle Rice and Miss Ella M. Dunn, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Dunn. The young couple start out upon life's broad sea under most auspicious circumstances. The groom is a trusted employee of the S.P. Co. and an exemplary and promising man, while the bride is of one of the oldest and most respected families of Southern Oregon---Ashland Tidings

Mr. Rice was formerly night operator in Roseburg and has many friends here who join in wishing long life and happiness to the newly married couple.

MORGAN & JONES: At Camas Swale, Douglas County, February 14th, 1889, W.G. Morgan and Miss Emma Jones. All of Douglas County, Oregon.

SALZMAN & SINGLETON: At the residence of S.I. Thornton in this city, February 17th, 1889, Mr. A. Salzman and Miss Ada Singleton, Judge J.S. Fitzhugh officiating.

The happy couple departed on Wednesday morning's train for Cleveland, Ohio, where they will spend the honeymoon. They expect to return in about three months. The best wishes of their many friends go with them. May they live long and prosper.


Mrs. Lucy Stanton at East Durham, Green County, N.Y., February 4th, 1889; age 85 years, 5 months and 28 days.

Mrs. Stanton came to Oregon in 1860, resided in Douglas County until 1874; one year in Baker County with Mrs. E.A. Lathrop, and returned to New York in 1885, and lived with her oldest daughter, Mrs. VanTassel, till the time of her death.

The Plaindealer Roseburg, Oregon Friday, March 1, 1889

Captain Leeds, an old resident of Gardiner, died in San Francisco, Feb 15th. He lived many years in Gardiner and sold out his interests there and went to live in California many months since. He frequently had serious attacks of illness, and his son failed to get there in time to see him alive.


Mr. P. Minckler late of Nebraska has bought a fruit farm here, and is building on it.


Mr. & Mrs. L.J. Barr left on Tuesday for Drain, while there will engage in keeping a hotel.

We were pained to learn that our highly esteemed friend, Mrs. Jones, wife of Rev. T.L. Jones, is sick with small pox at her home in Drain. We tender our sincere sympathy.

We learn that I.B. Nichols of Riddle who has been in quite feeble health for weveral weeks is recovering slowly and has gone to a health resort in Jackson County, and the prospects are good for a final restoration to health. This will be gratifying news to his many old-time friends.

Married: ALBRO & TINDALL - At the residence of David Albro in Canyonville, Feb 22nd, 1889, John Albro and Miss MarieTindall; Rev. W.M. Moore officiating.

McCALLEY & CLARK: At the house of E.A. Estes, Feb 17th, 1889, Robert McCalley and Miss Nancy Clark; Rev. Thomas W. Black officiating.

We are pleased to note that the little son of Colonel Lane, which has been very sick for some time, is recovering.

THE ROSEBURG SCHOOL - Pupils Enrolled Since Last School Meeting:

Miles Agee, Minnie Agee, Harry Aiken, Mattie Anderson, Lillie Baker, Lizzie Baldwin, James Baldwin, Mary Ball, Frances Barker, Franklin Barker, John Barker, John P. Barker, Kate Barker, Lee Barker, Olive Barker, Gove Barrett, Maud Barrett, Mead Barrett, Lena Barrett, Anna Belden, Anna Belden, George Belden, Gertrude Belden Russell Belden, Theo. Belden, Winford Belden, Worte Belden, Homer Bell, Leo? Bell, Nettie Bell, Essie Bell, Zenia Bell, Pauline Belfils, Selina Belfils, Lilly Belfils, Alvah Bellows, Bertha Bellows, Ida Benedick, Earl Benedick, Bertram Benjamin, William Benjamin, Gertrude Benjamin, Albert Bitzer, Winnie Bitzer, Brosy Blackman, Lena Blackman, Sylvia Blackman, Tommy Blackman, Amy Boothe, Johnny Boothe, Nettie Boothe, Harry Bowen, Shelly Bowen, Molly Bowen, Ella Boyd, Addie Briggs, Agnes Brown, Bertie Brown, Frank Brown, May Brown, Thomas Brown, Roy Bruce, Willie Burke, Lottie Burns, Alice Berdsell, Alta Cannon, Claud Cannon, Laura Cannon, Gay Carle, Belle Carlon, Bertha Carlon, Earnest Carlon, Edgar Carlon, Maggie Carlon, Ray Carlon, Emma Carroll, Grace Carroll, Shelly Carroll, Willie Carroll, Mable Cartwright, May cartwright, Bertha Cartwright, Stonewall Cawlfield, Levina Champaigne, Fannie Clements, Gertrude Conser, Earl Conser, Annie Cooper, Leona Cox, Ruby Cox, Lizzie Cornutt, Lillie Criteser, Thomas Criteser, Walter Criteser, John F. Culver, Willie Currier, Maud Creature, Eva Daily, Gertrude Davis, George Day, Ivan Dean, Fred Dilly, Minnie Dilly, Carrie Dixon, Olvie Dixon, Velsey Dixon, Annie Duncan, Eluaer? Duncan, Mamie Duncan, Grant Eggers, Laura Eggers, William Eggers, Mabel Elliott, Charles Ellis, Rocksey Ellis, Bertie Farquar, Ethel Farquar, Joe Farquar, Roy Farquar, Charles Fields, Fred Fields, Robert Forkner, Rebecca Forkner, Thomas, Flett, Etta Flook, Frank Flook, John Flook, Thomas Flook, Nathan Fullerton, Clyde Gaddis, Earl Gaddis, Echo Gaddis, Monie Gauler, Olive Gauler, Perle Gauler, Lillie Gilliland, Robert Gittins, Lillie Glendening, Minnie Glendening, Clair Godfrey, Frank Godfrey, Charles Gorsline, Edwin Gorsline, Otis Gorsline, Ella Godsell, Mamie Godsell, Bertha Grills, George Grills, Maggie Grills, Pauline Grills, Robena Grills, Rosa Grills, Fred Grisdale, Lena Grisdale, Thomas Grisdale, Ernest Hadler, Luther Hamilton, Stella Hamilton, Eva Handy, John Hankins, Maud Hankins, Alice Hall, Mary Hall, Florence Happersett, Willie Happersett, Jessie Haraden, Albert Hassell, Leona Hassell, Katie Hawn, Eula Haynes, Florence Haynse, Fred Haynes, Olin Haynes, Dee Howard, Eva Howard, James Howard, Lulu Howard, Maud Howard, Clara Hoover, Clarence Hoover, Elmer Hoover, Pearl Hoxie, Mabel Huff, Edwin Huntley, Celia Huntley, Lucy Huntley, Arthur Ishmael, Jane Ishmael, Vina Ishmael, Julian Jaskulek, Edward Judkins, Wallie Jeroy, Fannie Johnston, Robert Johnston, William Johnston, Agnes Jones, Albert Jones, Claus Jones, Dick Jones, Eflie Jones, Emma Jones, Floy Jones, George Jones, J.M. Jones, Kate Jones, Leroy Jones, Lottie Jones, Lula Jones, May Jones, Molly Jones, Ora Jones, Renia Jones, Rupert Jones, Ruth Jones, Wayne Jones, Amelia Joseph, Belle Joseph, Julian Josephson, Hattie Josephson, Rose Josephson, Sammy Josephson, Lillian Johnston, Carry Kearney, Lena Kearney, Thomas Kearney, Mabel Kennedy, Edgar King, Nora Kyes, Ora Kyes, Carrie Lander, Mildred Lander, Scott Lander, Daniel Langenberg, Ed Langenberg, Fayette Langenberg, George Langenberg, Joseph Lane, L.F. Lane, Ralph Lane, Roy Lane, Winnie Lane, Ida LaRout, Ellie Lehnherr, Elva Livingston, Herbert Lowe, Anna Loucavish, Earnest Loucavish, Maud Loucavish, Willie Marks, Agnes Marshall, Elmer Mathews, Fred Mathews, Guy Mathews, Roy McClallen, Elizah McCarty, Ada McCurdy, John McCurdy, Lulu McCurdy, Mamie MCurdy, Minnie McCurdy, Lucian McElroy, George Minxler, Lillie Minxler, Louis Minxler, Nettie Minxler, Annie Mitchell, Charles Mitchell, Nelia Mitchell, Laura Moffitt, John Moffitt, Mary Moffitt, Bertha Montague, Charles Montague, David Montague, Irene Montague, John Montague, Samuel Montague, Belle Munsen, Laurence Moore, Frank Mullen, John Mullen, Sarah Noah, Florence Norton, Fred Norton, Harry Norton, Josie Norton, Boy Norton, James O'Neal, Fern Orcutt, Esther Owens, Edward Palmer, Abbie Parrott, Grant Parrott, Rose Parrott, Edward Patterson, Walter Patterson, Mattie Perry, Maud Perry, Ora Perry, Agnes Pitchford, Charles Pitchford, Maggie Poe, Grace Preschern, Vincent Preschern, Addie Protzman, George Protzman, Willie Protzman, Victor Phipps, Jack Ragon, Maud Ragon, Rollie Ramp, Floyd Ramp, Vernon Ramp, Mettie Rapp, Gertrude Rast, Maud Rast, Regina Rast, Samuel Rast, Robert Ream, James Rintoul, Emett Richards, George Richards, Bertha Richardson, Grace Rogers, Norman Rohrer, Louis Rose, Noah Rose, Ruth Rose, Austin Ryan, Elida Ryan, Harry Ryan, Leona Ryan, Charles Schlagg, Mabel Schlagg, Walter Schlagg, Carl Schneurstein, Florence Schneurstein, Paul/Pauline? Schneurstein, Gertrude Sheridan, Maud Sheridan, George Schrumm, Esther Simmons, Sultana Simmons, Varina Simmons, Minnie Singleton, Walter Singleton, Virginia Singleton, George Singleton, Otis Skipton, Harry Slocum, Edith Smick, James Smick, Lewis Smick, Roy Smick, Emma Smith, George Smith, Grace Smith, Helen Smith, Irving Smith, Kate Smith, Mabel Smith, Mary Smith, Pitzer Smith, Thomas Smith, Harry Snyder, Dolly Snyder, George Stancliffe, Grace Stancliffe, Cole Stanton, Lucy Stanton, Sylvia Stearns, Carrie St. John, Ralph Summerville, Eva Taylor, Hattie Teeney, Sallie Tibbetts, Clara Tindall, Anna Thompson, Lee Thornton, Lena Thornton, W.A. Thornton, Otho Troxel, Ray Troxel, Tilhman Troxel, Iva VanBuren, Mabel VanBuren, Walter VanOrder, Ada Voigt, Alvin Voigt, Maria Voigt, Ora Voigt, Willie Warsing, Ulysses Warsing, Francis Warsing, Bertha Wall, Bessie Wharton, Charles Wharton, James Wharton, Frederick Wharton, Lydia Whitbeck, Laura White, Lulu White, Joseph Williams, Kate Williams, Lizzie Williams, Mattie Williams, Nettie Williams, Lena Willis, Stephen Willis, Elmer Wimberly, Ella Wimberly, Elva Wimberly, Fred Woolenberg, Lillian Woolenberg, Natalie Woolenberg, Gila Woodward, Eugene Woodman, Roy Woodman, Maud Ward, Alice Wright, Annie Wright, Eber Wright, and Fred Wright.

The Plaindealer Roseburg, Oregon Friday, March 8, 1889
An Autopsy:

Dr. S. Marsters was called upon last Saturday by the friends of Mr. Joseph Champaigne, who suddenly died, to have a post mortem examination to ascertain the real cause of his death. Dr. Marsters called to his assistance Dr. Brower. They made an examination and found the immediate cause of death to be a fatty degeneration of the heart. The muscle of the heart had become atrophied to such a degree that they failed to cause the blood to flow out; that is, the heart ceased to perform its function from its loss of muscular power and death immediately ensued.

Married: BELL & MINARD: In Roseburg, March 3rd, 1889, Frank J. Bell and Zettie Minard; Judge J.S. Fitzhugh officiating.

CAPPIOUS & KIRKINDALL: At the residence of the bride's parents in Camas Valley, March 3rd, 1880, W.S. Capious and Miss Martha Kirkendall; Elder J.L. Coon officiating.


In Garden Valley March 1st, 1887 to the wife of Hon. E.E. LaBree, a daughter.

M.F. Rapp is preparing to build a fine dwelling house on his property on Main Street.

We are pleased to state that, Mattie, the little daughter of Mr. William Perry at the Central Hotel, who has been quite sick with typhoid fever, is much better.


Joseph Champagne of French Settlement, Friday, March 1st, 1889, of heart disease, very suddenly, at his home, apparently while asleep. The deceased was a pioneer of this county, having resided here for many years. He was born in Canada sixty two years ago, came to California in 1840 and from there to Oregon in 1851, locating in French Settlement, this county, where he has since continuously resided. Joseph Champagne was a man of strictest integrity, universally respected by all who knew him. He leaves eight children to mourn his death, and a community to regret the loss of a most useful citizen. The funeral Sunday at the family cemetry in French Settlement was largely attended. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. E. Gittins.


At this residence on Oak Creek, Saturday, March 2nd, 1889, Rev. Jeptha Thornton, aged 68 years.

The Plaindealer Roseburg, Oregon Friday, April 12, 1889

Died: TUCKER - In this city, Friday, April 5, 1889, Andrew Jackson Tucker. Deceased was a veteran of the Mexican war and an old resident of this city. He was burried on Saturday afternoon in the Masonic cemetery.

Personal mention of people visiting Roseburg this week: E.C. Palmer, Mrs. A.J. Chapman, C.S. Jackson all of Canyonville; William Cappious of Looking Glass; Walt Williams of Yoncalla; M. Walters of Montrey, Calif.; Miss Mable Houston of Baker City is a guest of Miss Ruth Jones; Floyd Johnston of Portland; E.J. Edwards of Myrtle Point; A.B. Reed and C.J. Chamberlain of French Settlement; Miss Mary Brooks of Spokane Falls is visiting G.T. Belden's family; Mrs. A.M. Crawford of Coos Bay; Mrs. Louisa Collins of Susanville, Calif.; Mrs. Mary Tichenor of Salem who has been visiting her father, John England; John Hall and daughter, Annie and Mr. & Mrs. W. Kramer all of Myrtle Creek; Benjamin Butler of Elkton; Charles Moore and family of Brooklyn, N.Y arrived this city the first of the week. They are the guests of Mrs. Moore's mother, Mrs. Campbell; Prof. A.J. Garland of Wilbur.

We call the attention of our readers to the card of Dr. N.J. Ozias in today's paper. The doctor hails from Centreview, Johnson county, Missouri. He comes well recommended and bears credentials as a regular graduate. His office for the present will be at Mrs. Cox's residence, opposite Slocum's hall. Welcome, doctor, to our city and, we trust, to a liberal patronage.

Miss Myra Brown, now Dr. Brown, having recently graduated at the Willamette University with high honors is recruiting by visiting her parents here.....

There will be a "coyote drag" on the premises of Mr. G.T. Belden, east of town, Saturday the 20th. Let all lovers of fun come out and witness this unique and novel sport - see the hounds run.

H.H. Kennedy and family, lately of Newark, New Jersey, have located at Glendale.

Scottsburg -- A man died down the river below town a few days ago. He was known by the name of Brown, which was only an assumed one. He was a German. During the fishing season he collected salmon from the nets along the river for the cannery.

Mrs. William Burchard has presented her husband with a son.

The Plaindealer Roseburg, Oregon Friday, April 19, 1889

Married: RAPP & PYRITZ - On April 10, 1889, Henry F. Rapp and Christine Pyritz by J.I. Criteser, J.P. all of Douglas county.

Died: At his residence at Red Hill, Wednesday, April 10, 1889, Mr. James Jones. Mr. Jones was one of Oregon's early pioneers, having come to the county in '52. He leaves a wife and five children to mourn his loss.

A man named Landreth, who arrived here from Ashland a short time since, died last Friday night and was burried Sunday. He leaves a wife and several children in destitute circumstances it is said. They have already been looked after by our charitably disposed people and a collection for their benefit was taken in the Baptist church last night.

The Plaindealer Roseburg, Oregon Friday, April 26, 1889

Married: GOLDSMITH & ABRAHAM - At the bride's residence in Portland, Oregon, last Thursday, Samuel Goldsmith to Miss Myra Abraham. Rev. Dr. Rabbi Bioch officiating.

Born: WAITE - To the wife of F.B. Waite, a son, April 17, 1889.

Born: YATES - In North Roseburg, April 19, 1889 to the wife of Robert Yates, a daughter.

Died: THOMAS - At his residence in Oakland, Sunday, April 21, 1889, Richard Thomas, aged 56 years. Mr. Thomas was a pioneer in Douglas county and had for several years conducted the Depot notes at Oakland. He leaves a wife and two children to mourn his death.

Died: SLOCUM - At the residence of C.L. Hadley in this city, April 20, 1889, Mrs. Sarah Slocum, wife of William Slocum, aged 75 years and 4 months. Mrs. Slocum was a zealous and honored member of the Presbyterian church, kind hearted and beloved by all who knew her best. The funeral services were held at the residence, conducted by Rev. W.A. Smick. She was laid to rest in the Masonic cemetery.

We call the attention of our readers to the cards of Drs. Brower and Shangle in this weeks paper. Their office is now in Dr. Davis' dental rooms in Hamilton's block on Jackson street.

Ira Wimberly of this county, who has just finished the course in the Portland Business College, has accepted a position as bookkeeper for the cannery firm of George & Barker in Astoria.

Mrs. W.H. Byars and daughter, Mrs. Ana Thompson, of Salem and Mrs. P.P. Palmer of Scottsburg, came on the Saturday night's train to attend the funeral of their mother, Mrs. Sarah Slocum.

The Plaindealer Roseburg, Oregon Friday, May 3, 1889

Married: BAIRD & McNEEL - At the house of W.L. Laird, April 26, 1889, by Elder L. Buell, David Baird and Mary McNeel.

PICHETTE & DOMPIER - On April 24, 1889, at the house of Antone McKay, J. Pichette and Mary Dompier, by J.L. Churchill, J.P.

Born: CRONEMILLER - To the wife of F.P. Cronemiller, in Brookside addition, April 29, 1889, a son.

Personal mention of people visiting Roseburg this week: L.F. Owen from Drain; A.Wasson of Oak Grove; J.F. Cain of Riddle; J.H. Fisher of Cleveland; Gus Weber from Glendale; Creed Chenoweth of Oakland; Dr. Little of Oakland; J.A. Yoakum of Marshfield; L. Cantell of Canyonville; Walter Mahoney from Oakland; Bracken Dowden of Dillard; Marion Mallett of Glendale; Geo Weaver of Myrtle Creek; Miss Minerva Spaur of Happy Valley; W. Crouch of Oakland; Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Cooper of Wilbur; J.D. Boone of Oakland; Joe Harris of Myrtle Creek; T.F. Lewis of Marshfield; Amos Day of Salem; Mrs. A.M. Crawford of Coos Bay; Dr. Shambrook of Oakland; Chas Bigham, John Hall, Jr., and Thos. Cornutt of Myrtle Creek; Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Stevenson and Mrs. J.C. Richey of Myrtle Creek; Mrs. Gory and son of Providence, R.I. have arrived at Roseburg and are the guests of Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Bellows.

Scottsburg - Mr. Eckblum, an old resident of Gardiner, met his death by falling from the upper story of the mill. He was a member of the A.O.U.W. and leaves a wife and several children to mourn his loss. He lived about three hours after being hurt. William Sagaberd and M.D. Thompson went down to attend the funeral.

Court Dockett:

Hugh Neeley vs Julia Neely - divorce
B.I. McLallen vs L.M. McLallen - divorce
C.A. Hayden vs C.W. Hayden - divorce
J.C. Fullerton vs B.C. Agee - admin. estate of Henry Bowen, dec'd
State of Oregon vs G.N. Yocum - indictment for selling spiritous liquors without a license
Eliza J. Gallagher vs E.G. Young - action to recover dower
Ruby J. Rice, admin. vs O & C RR Co - action at law for damages for killing Robert E.L. Roberts
Elizabeth Ott vs Jas. Ott - divorce
Simon Bollenbaugh vs Emma Bollenbaugh - divorce
Polly Ann Dean vs John Dean - divorce
Almeda Woodring vs Geo N. Woodring - divorce
Emma A. McCulloch vs John C. McCulloch - divorce
John Schapers vs Louisa Schapers - divorce

J.W. Dowell and B.F. Ramp have established a milk route and will furnish this city daily with pure milk - no chalk and water combination for them.

Harrington who killed Raulings near Florence, Lane county, a few months ago in a dispute over a land claim and arrested and taken to Lane county for trial has been transferred to Douglas; it having been discovered that the crime was committed in this county, and so Lane county has had her trouble for nothing, the law prohibiting a county in such cases from charging up costs to the county having jurisdiction.




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