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Provided by Abby Menashe


Ben Nahman’s Web Site,

Beth Hatefutsot (Israel),

BSZNet: Gateway to Sephardic Resources,

Dutch Jewish Family Names and Links,

ETSI ("My Tree"), New Sephardic Genealogical Society, France,

European Sephardic Institute,

Galil Genealogical Society (Israel),

Gracia Mendes’ web site about the Jews in Spain and Sephardic Jews of North America. History, timelines, stories, etc.

History of Turkish Jews,

Home of the Ottoman Sephardim, Also home of the "Sephardim Discussion List,

Israel Genealogical Society (Israel),

Israel Inter University Library Network,

Jeff Malka provides an outstanding site that is quite extensive. It can be found at:

Jews from the Isle of Rhodes,

Judeo-Spanish Home Page,

Monastiri Research List - Turkey, Greece, Spain,

Portuguese Sephardic Jews,

Rabbi Plaut - Images of Turkish and Greek Jewry,

Rhodes Deportation List, A listing of all Sephardic Jews deported by Nazis in 1944 to Auschwitz,

Rhodes Jewish Museum - Photos, etc.,

Rhodesli Sephardic Family Trees,

Sepharde Page, or

Sephardi Congregations Around the World,

Sephardic Connection,

Sephardic House, An Institute for researching and promoting Sephardic history and culture, has many publications on Sephardim that are hard to find,

Sephardic Jewish Communities,

Sephardic Moroccan page,,

The Sages du Maroc - Biographies,

The Sepharde Page,

The Sephardic Connection,

Thessaloniki Jewish community, Greece,

Turkey’s Sephardim,


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