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Moved to Portland from Tacoma

Basinksi, Julius - Papers at U. of O. Helena Montana 1866. Tacoma 1896 – Tacoma Bazaar. Portland 1919, then Albany. Daughter Alma married Senders in Albany.

Berliner, Henry - Tacoma 1885-1893. Portland 1893-1897. Then opened Seattle branch of Stenger barber supply. Married Regina Stenger.

Bettman, Josephine - Granddaughter of Olympia pioneer Louis Bettman. Married Joseph Sternberg 1930s.

Frieberg & Jacoby - Shoes, Portland 1906-1909. Mollie Jacoby (dau of Solomon) married Milton Frieberg.

Germanus, David A - Tacoma 1880s, Portland 1893-1925, liquor.

Jacobs, Moses S. - Portland 1893 from Tacoma & St. Louis. Son Edward, daughter Pauline m. Sidney Prager.

Klaber, Herman - Tacoma 1890-1907, Portland 1907-1912. Herman’s daughter Bernice Klaber Jacobs b. Oregon 1910. Klaber had office in Portland, died on Titanic. Wife Gertrude.

Lewis, David Phillip - Tacoma 1885-1892, then Portland. Married Mollie Stenger. Lewis-Stenger barber supply, then Bohemian Restaurant. Daughter Ruth mother of Richard Neuberger.

Loeb, Hattie - Daughter of Nathan & Eliz. Loeb. Married Nate Kaufman 1896, son of Olympia pioneer Kaufman brothers, 1st cousin of Alice B. Toklas. Son Russell, physician.

Marx, Emil - Portland 1886, Tacoma 1888, Seattle 1905, Portland 1920-1943.

Moses, Ike - Burlap bag company with Winkleman family. Died Portland 1934.

Myers, Max & Johanna - Tacoma 1880s. Portland 1904-1930s. Johanna (Bell) Jewish social worker.

Pincus, Julius - Born Steilacoom 1870, died Portland 1922. Son of Isaac Pincus.

Posner & Kramer - Fish market, 1906-1920. Sam Posner Tacoma 1880s - 1906. Daughter Ruth married Edward Kramer, dau. Sarah m. Samuel Gellert. Wife Jennie d.1920 w/Kramer grandsons.

Rosenthal, Leopold - Tacoma 188s, Portland 1892, Spokane 1910.

Senders, Alma - Daughter of Julius Basinski. Married Albert Senders, mayor of Albany.

Simon, George & Sam - Brothers of Tacoma shoe dealer Abe.

Stenger, Cecelia - Spokane 1888, Tacoma 1890, Portland 1892. Sons George, Albert Alphonse. Daughters Regina (Berliner) and Mollie (Lewis). Stenger Barber Supply.

Summerfield, Morris - Clerk for Gross Brothers Tacoma Portland 1880, Tacoma 1886-1914, then Portland. Married Rebecca Davies, daughter of Louis and Hannah.

Winkleman, Raphael - Son of Philip & Lottie Winkleman, Tacoma 1880s – 1916. Burlap bag company. Sisters Julia, Minnie, Rose, teachers in Portland.

Moved to Tacoma From Portland
Harris, Hyman - Portland 1880, then Yakima Washington 1885-.

Hershberg, Leon - Liquor wholesaler, 2nd & Yamhill 1885, had Tacoma branch.

Jacoby, Solomon - Portland 1886-1889, Tacoma 1889-1906, then Spokane. Sister Frances married Hyam Prager, brother of Louis.

Levin, Philip & Louis - 1870 census, Portland, 1873 Tacoma. Philip returned to Germany, Louis moved to San Francisco. Brother David WA state legislator 1896, 1904.

Ostheim, Herman - Portland 1870 w/brother Felix, Tacoma 1873-1874.

Prager, Louis & Hyam - Portland 1879, Tacoma branch 1889-1893.

Wolff, William - Dalles, Wasco County, 1880. Married Hannah Levy. Tacoma 1885, led services.

Zelinsky, Amil & Hyman - Rosebend, Oregon 1870, Tacoma 1880s on.

Portland Relatives of Tacoma Families

Davies, Louis & Hannah – daughter Rebecca married Morris Summerfield.

Goldsmith, Esther - Sister of Jennie Friedman Gross. Gross Brothers Tacoma 1878-1906. Esther’s husband Gerson Goldsmith, son Arthur A, daughter Ruth B.

Isaacs, Isadore – m. Jennie Wertheimer abt 1878, children Florence, Lydia & Sydney, d. 1919. Four brothers in Tacoma.

Levy, Isaac & Henrietta - Daughter Hannah married William Wolff 1872, daughter Esther married Albert Weinberg 1885, died one month later.

Lobe, Anatole – Portland 1880, m/Justine, brother Henry in Tacoma.

Miller, Essie – married Morris Cheim 1895, sister Mrs. Alex Gevurtz.

Wolf, Simon and Regina Wolf – Daughter Martha b. Oregon 1/30/1869, married David M. Hoffman.

Tacoma Mentions of Portland Pioneers

Ackerman, Henry – purchased bankrupt stock of Prager Brothers 1894.

Borris, Rabbi – performed circumcision Tacoma 1884.

Bowman, Mrs. – attended whist party July 1892.

Dana, Mrs. – attended Harmony Club dance Feb. 14, 1891.

Danielwitz, Mrs. – attended Strawberry festival June 1893.

Fuller, Mrs. James – attended card party November 1895.

Marx, Mrs. Meyer – visited 1891 & 1894, daughters Ruby and Jessie.

Raphael, Meyer – daughter Celia attended events 1891 and 1892.

Smith, A.L. – architect for Gross Building 1888-1889.


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