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1 RonsColumns/1-Jewish Review Column, Who were my ancestors, Ron Doctor, 6 Feb 2009.pdf
2 RonsColumns/2-Jewish Review Column, Census & Burial Records, Ron Doctor, 5 Mar 2009.pdf
3 RonsColumns/3-Jewish Review Column, Immigration, Ron Doctor, 3 Apr 2009.pdf
4 RonsColumns/4-Jewish Review Column, Naturalization, Ron Doctor, 6 July 2009.pdf
5 RonsColumns/5-Jewish Review Column, Useful Organizations, Ron Doctor, 10 Aug 2009.pdf
6 RonsColumns/6-Jewish Review Column, Holocaust Data, Ron Doctor, 5 Sep 2009.pdf
7 RonsColumns/7-Jewish Review Column, Eastern European Resources-Introduction, Ron Doctor, 2 Oct 2009.pdf
8 RonsColumns/8-Jewish Review Column, Obtaining Eastern European Records, Ron Doctor, 5 Nov 2009.pdf
9 RonsColumns/9-Jewish Review Column, Understanding Eastern European Records, Ron Doctor, 5 Jan 2010.pdf
10 RonsColumns/10-Jewish Review Column, Putting it all together, US records, Ron Doctor, 5 Feb 2010.pdf
11 RonsColumns/11-Jewish Review Column, Part 10, Putting it all together, Old Country-1, Ron Doctor, 5 Mar 2010.pdf
12 RonsColumns/12-Jewish Review Column, Part 11, Putting it all together, Old Country-2, Ron Doctor, 2 Apr 2010.pdf
13 RonsColumns/13-Jewish Review Column, DNA Testing, Ron Doctor, long version, 5 May 2010.pdf

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