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Graphic of Lewis & ClarkChapter Officers

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Click on the button to stop the music. Sequenced by John Renfro Davis.
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Regent Jamie Waggoner
Vice Regent Joan Hunter
Chaplain Gwen Kephart
Recording Secy. Donna Dial
Corresponding Secy. Robyn McGregor
Treasurer Susan Miller
Registrar Rhonda Morgan
Historian Theresa Boock
Librarian Roberta Hoban
Custodian Sandra Bristow

Honorary Regents
Betty Bishop
Theresa Boock
Sandra Bristow
Donna Dial
Joan Hunter
Frances Kucera

History of "Young Ladies In Town"
"This song first appeared in the Boston Newsletter in 1769. The song was an appeal to American women to support the boycott of British textiles.

The song was a result of the Townshend Acts of 1767, which decreed that Americans pay duty on British lead paint, glass and tea. In response, the Americans called for a boycott of British goods, in hope it would result in the repeal of the acts. The boycott lasted for two years and resulted in 'staggering losses on British trade.'"

Information and music contributed by "Popular Songs In American History," a folk music website by Lesley Nelson.

"The Ballad of America,"
by John Anthony Scott,
Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1967

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