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Patriot, Mary Ludwig, alias, Molly PitcherChapter Patriots
Mary Ludwig (aka Molly Pitcher)

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"Katie Cruel"
Sequenced by Ron Clark.
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Can you find your patriot? Look through the list of patriots to find him. If any of these colonials have familiar names, press the email button at the bottom of the page, and ask for assistance in establishing your genealogical line for the DAR. If your ancestor isn't on the list, he might still be a DAR Patriot. Email us to perform a DAR patriot lookup for you.

Patriots are listed by last name, first and middle names, name of his child (in parentheses), and state where he served.

ALBIN, Sr., John   (William)  VA
ALLGAIER, Sebastian   (George)   PA
ALLISON, Joseph   (Hugh)   PA
ANDERSON, Joshua   (Charlotte)   PA
ASHCRAFT, Jediah   (Elizabeth)   VA
AWALT, Michael   (Elizabeth)  ) NC

KEITHLEY, John (PS)   (Jacob)   NC
KEMPER, Charles   VA
KENNERLY, James   (Jane)   VA
KINDRED, William   (David)   VA
KINGMAN, Matthew   (Eliphalet)   MA
KINNE, Cyrus   (Palmer)   NY
KLINE, John Nicholas   (Delilah)   PA
KOONS, Devault,   (Gasper)   PA

BAKER, Thomas00 (Susannah)00 MA
BARTON, Jedediah   (Isaac)   MA
BEEM, Michael   (Jacob)   VA
BEST, Thomas   (John)   PA
BLANCHARD, Benjamin   (Reuben)   MA
BLODGETT, James   (Joshua)   MA
BLODGETT, Joshua   (Theoda)   MA
BLOSSOM, David   (Chloe)   MA
BOONE, Samuel   (Squire)   SC
BOONE, Squire   (Thomas)   SC/KY
BOSWORTH, Nathaniel   (Lucy)   CT
BRANHAM, David   (John)   VA
BRITTON, William   (Alexander)   MA
BROOKHOUSER, John Adam   (Adam I)   PA
BROWN, Knight   (Sarah/Sally)   MA
BUTTERS, Simeon   (Simeon)   MA

LADUE, Oliver   (Jacob)   NY
LADD, Trueworthy   (Keziah)   NH
LANDER, Charles   (Henry)   VA
LANGMADE, Stephen   (William)   NH
LEACH, Nathan   (Oliver)   MA
LEAVENS, John   (Betsey)   CT
LEAVERTON, John Foster   (Sarah/Sallie)   MD
LILLIE, David   (Benjamin)   CT
LINDSEY, James   (James Alfred)   VA
LINTHICUM, Zacharia   (Thomas)   MD
LITSEY, Anthony   (Sarah)   VA
LITTLEFIELD, Aaron   (Thomas)   MA
LIVERMORE, Joseph   (Anna)   MA
LYON, Matthew   (Elizabeth Ann)   VT

VAN PATTEN, Sr., Nicholas   (Nicholas)  NY
VERNON, Samuel   (Amey)   RI
VIENNE, Julien   (Jacques)   LA

CAMPBELL, McDonald   (Emily (Milly))   NJ
CARLL, John   (Rhoda)   ME
CHANDLER, George   (Isaac)   PA
CHANDLER, William   (Augustus)   NH
CHASE, Berry   (Berry)   MA
CHILDS, Jr., Samuel   (Ezra)   CT
CHILDS, Timothy   (Hannah)   MA
CLAPTON, John   (John)   VA
CLARK, Andrew   (Milton)   CT
CLEMSON, James   (William)   PA
COE, Zachariah   (Persis)   NY
COMBS/COOMBS, Isaac   (Euphemea)   NJ
CONDIT, Nathaniel   (Peter)   NJ
CONSTANT, Sr., John   (Jacob)   VA
COOPER, Frederick   (Elizabeth)   NC
CORN, Jesse   (William)   VA
COX, Solomon   (Jesse)   NC
CRITTENDEN, Seymour   (Daniel)   MA
CROCKER, Abraham   (Zeno)   MA
CROCKER, Ansel   (Theophilus)   MA

MARTIN, Daniel   (Noble)   MA
MASON, Elias   (Keziah)   DE
MASON, Tilly   (Tilly)   MA
MAXWELL, Benjamin   (Sylvanus)   MA
MCCLURE, Samuel   (James)   VA
MERSHON, Andrew   (Cornelius)   NJ
MILES, Thomas   (Mary)   CT
MILLER, Henry   (Henry)   VA
MINER, Samuel   (Abiah)   NJ
MOODY, Humphrey   (Nathaniel)   MA
MOODY, Nathaniel   (Nathaniel)   MA
MORIN, Edward   (Benjamin)   VA
MOURNING, Rodger   (John)   PA/VA
MULLINS, John Wesley   (James "Dr. Jim")   VA
MURRAY, James   (William)   SC/VA

WALBRIDGE, Joshua   (Lyman)   MA/CT
WALES, William   (William)   MA
WALKER, Jacob   (Phillip)   PA
WALKER, Peter   (Peter)   MA
WARNER, Seth   (Seth)   VT
WATERMAN, William   (Julia)   CT
WELLMAN, Reuben   (Adam)   NH
WHEAT, Benjamin   (Sarah)   MA
WHITNER,Henry   (Henry)   NC
WILLIAMSON, Joseph   (James)   NH
WILSON, Ephraim   (Savannah)   PA
WISE, Joseph   (Mercy)   MA

DARBY, Caleb   (Caleb)   MD
DARLING, William   (Aaron)   MA
DAVENPORT, Oliver   (Jesse)   NY
DICKERSON, Thomas   (Joseph)   PA
DOTY, Benjamin   (John)   NJ
DUNBAR, John   (Thomas)   MA
DUNBAR, Thomas   (Elizabeth)   MA

NEELY, Edward   (Edward II)   NY
NEWCOMB, John   (Ruby)   CT

ENDICOTT, Moses   (James)   NC
ENSLEY, Andrew   (James)   NC
ESTERLY, Daniel   (John)    PA
ETTELIN, David Gottlieb   (John Phillip)   PA
EWING, William   (Jonathan)   VA

ODELL, Richard   (Almira)   NY
OLSTEAD, Justus   (Nancy)   CT
OTEY, John   (Isaac and John)   VA

YARRINGTON, William   (Daniel)   NY
YOCUM, George   (Jacob)  VA
YOCUM, Elizabeth    (George)   VA
YOUNGBLOOD, James   (Jeremiah)   NC

FINLEY, Samuel   (Williampie)   NY
FORDHAM, Benjamin   (John)   NC
FOLGER, Benjamin    (Eunice)    MA
FOSTER, Nathan    (Mary)    MA
FOSTER, Samuel   (Abijah)   NH
FRY,Sr., Nicholas   (John)   NC
FULLER, Ephraim   (Simeon)   MA

PARK, Nehemiah  (Simon)   CT
PARSONS, Andrew   (Hannah)   MA
PAYNE, James   (James)   MD
PENN, Benjamin   (Rachel)   MD
PERRINE, John, Sr.   (Enoch)   NJ
PHILLIPS, Benjamin   (Benjamin)   VA
PIERCE, Benjamin   (Nehemiah)   CT
PIERCE, Joseph   (William)   MA
PIERCE, Nehemiah   (Hannah)   CT
POLLARD, Benjamin   (Anna)   MA
POTTER, Ephraim   (Cynthia)   VT

GALLUP, Joseph   (Gurdon)   CT
GILLAM, Hinchea   (Sarah)   VA
GILSON, Zachariah   (Benjamin)   VT
GRAVELY, Joseph   (Jabez)   VA
GRAY, John   (Isaac)   VA
GRISWOLD, Daniel    (Theophilus)    CT
GRISWOLD, Theophilus   (Aurelia)   CT
GULICK, Henry  (Hendrick) (Charity)   NJ

HAMMOND, Jonathan   (Reuben)   VT
HACKETT, Ebenezer   (Moses)   NH
HACKETT, Moses   (Trueworthy)   NH
HARPER, Daniel   (Andrews)   NH
HAVENER, Dominick   (Dominick)   MD
HATCH, Elijah   (Lydia)  MA
HAYNES, Sr., Aaron   (Elizabeth)   MA
HIGGINS, Jesse   (Samuel)   CT
HILL, Frederick   PA
HILLS, Elisha   (Joel)   CT
HODGES, Samuel  (Betsey)   NJ
HODGES, Seth   (Samuel)   VT
HOISINGTON, Ebenezer   (Abisha)   VT
HOLTON, Lemuel   (Luther)   MA
HOOKER, Isreal S.   (Ira)   VT

REED, John   (Jeremiah)   PA
RICE, Adam   (Ephraim)   MA
RICH, Benjamin   (Rebeckah)   MA
RICH, David   (Adah)   VT
RICH, Jonathan   (David)   VT
RICH, Jonathan   (Joshua)   MA/VT
RICKARD, John   (Peter)   NC
RINGO, Cornelius   (Joseph)   SC/VA
ROBERTSON, James   (Andrew)   KY
ROBINSON, John   (Mary)   CT
ROBISON, George   (Edwin)   PA
ROUNDS, Lemuel   (Patience)   MA
ROYALL, Jr., Thomas   (Charles)   PA

SACKETT, Justus   (Benjamin)   CT
SANFORD, Elisha   (Mabel)   CT
SANFORD, Jonah   (Sala)   CT
SARGENT,SR., James    (Mary)   MD
SCHWONGER, Abraham    (Jacob)   PA
SHAW, James   (Robert)   PA
SHUSTER, Daniel   (Mary Margaret)   PA
SKINNER, Ebenezer   (Waitstill)   CT
SMITH, Sylvanus   (Agnes)   MA
SORNBORGER, George   (Anson)   NY
SPENCER, Taylor   (Mary)   VT
STARK, James   (Jacob)   PA
STORMS, Nicholas   (Nicholas)   NY
STORY, Benajah   (Lucy)   VT
STRANGE, Abner Alloway   (Ann)   VA
STURTEVANT, Hosea   (Church)   MA
SWANGER, Abraham   (Jacob)   PA
SWEET, Charles   (William)   RI

JENKINS, John   (John)   (PA)
JETER, Henry   (Henry)   VA
JOHNSON, Philip   (Cinderella W.)   NY
JOSSELYN, Abraham   (Eleazer)   MA
JOSSELYN, Eleazer   (Deborah)   MA
JOY, Asa   (Bennet)   MA
JOY, Samuel   (Ephraim)   MA

TALCOTT, Benjamin   (Benjamin)   CT
TEMPLE, Solomon   (Solomon)   MA
TENNEY II, William   (Luther)   MA
THOMAS, Noah    (Walter)   MA
THROCKMORTON, Job   (Morford)   NJ
THROOP, Sr., Benjamin   (Benjamin)   CT
TODD, Peter,    (Spicey)   NC
TREAUX, Pieter   (William)   NY
TREES, John   (John)   PA
TREGO, William   (Hannah)   PA
TRESCOTT, Samuel   (Samuel)   MA
TUBBS, Samuel   (Anna)   VT

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History Of "Katie Cruel"
"This song is said to date back to colonial times and was supposedly sung by American troops during the Revolutionary war. It was sung to several tempos. Troops marched to the tune, children skipped to it and women sang it.

Though the origins of the song are mysterious, the text is often linked to the Scottish songs, Licht Bob's Lassie and Aye Waukin'O. It is sometimes also considered part of the family of songs that include I Know Where I'm Going and the words have been sung to that tune."

Information and music contributed by "Popular Songs In American History," a folk music website by Lesley Nelson. A link is on our "Links" web page.

"Folk Songs of Old New England,"
by Eloise Hubbard Linscott
Dover Publications, New York, 1993
(First published in 1939)
"Ballad of America,"
by John Anthony Scott,
Grosset & Dunlap,
New York, 1967

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