Fern Ridge Cemetery, Seal Rock

Deeded 1901 by Charles S. & Minnie M. Bond for $1.00, one acre to "Fern Prairie" Cemetery Association of Beaver Creek Deed Roll 6 pg 616 and commonly known as Fern Ridge Cemetery. The Cemetery is on private property and taken care of by the owner. It is on a gravel road two miles east of Hwy 101 on Cross Street in Seal Rock, OR.

Some nformation on this page is from At Rest in Lincoln County (ARLC), 1976, by E. Parry.  Copyright is held by Lincoln County Historical Society, Newport, Oregon.

Indexed and mapped by the Alsi Historical and Genealogical Society (AHGS), June 2002. The map can be found at the Waldport Heritage Museum, PO Box 822, Grant and Broadway, Waldport, OR 97394.

Colleen Nickerson, President, AHGS.

The following are from headstones:
Adolph, Kenneth Eric 5 Sep 1956-18 Apr 1975 (7-K)
Adolph, Robert Eugene 1926-1986 (6-K)
Baby #1 (19-G) in Lyons-Hanlon fenced plot
Baby #2 (19-G) in Lyons-Hanlon fenced plot
Baldwin, Archie Co 14 Wis. Cav Civil War (15-B)
Barclay, Mable Sagendorf 1889-1913/18, wife of Clarence Barclay (28-F)
Barnard, ? no name on wood maker in Barnard section
Barnard, Bonnie living (61-I) stone with Michael
Barnard, Darlene 1948 (52-J)
Barnard, Evelyn A. 1872-1953 (55-H)
Barnard, Frank 1944 (53-J)
Barnard, Frieda M. 1915-1991 (58-I) on stone with Lloyd
Barnard, James O. 1865-1935 (54-H)
Barnard, James Owen 1912-1978 (56-I)
Barnard, John Owen 25 Jun 1892-12 Nov 1958 (52-I)
Barnard, Lisa Marie 21 Jul 1969-14 Dec 1978 ( 55-J)
Barnard, Lloyd L. 1908-1990 (57-I) stone with Frieda
Barnard, Lola Jean (Baby) 1972-1972 (55-I)
Barnard, Michael L. (62-I) 1942-1998 on stone with Bonnie(living), md. 21 may 1964
Barnard, Paul Allan (Baby) 1969-1970 (54-I)
Barnard, Terry Alan 7 Oct 1968-16 Apr 1996 (56-J)
Braxling, Garry E. 1960-1981 (43-I)
Byrne, Effie 1877-1948 (32-B)
Cluer, Elizabeth A. (Krutzfeldt) 8 Oct 1889-11 Apr 1989 (66-I)
Collins, Annie (Clark) 1875-1974, on stone with husband(26-B)
Collins, Wilbur L. 1900-1944 (27-A)
Collins, William David 1874-1942, on stone with wife (26-B)
Cook, Elmer P. 5 Jul 1889-4 Aug 1975 (50-I)
Cook, Eugene V. 1901-1967 (63-G)
Cook, Hiram C. 1855-1931 (47-H)
Cook, John A. 18801894 (17-E)
Cook, Martha C. 1 Dec 1996 age 81 (ashes 65-G)
Cook, Nettie A. 1863-1947 (48-H)
Cook, R. G. 31 Aug 1904-22 Jul 1987 (18-J)
Cook, William Patrick 28 Jan 1936 (62-G) son of Eugene & Martha
Coovert, John Ross 1880-1929 (8-H)
Cristler, Ellsworth 1912-1986 (50-K)
Cristler, Rose Allie Oct 1918-Nov 1989 age 71 Bateman F.M. (52-K)
Dowell, Walter Cluer 5 Oct 1927-22 Mar 1972 (67-I)
Fanno, Jennie 1842-1884 (10-A)
Gatens, I.W. Billy 1948-1991 (23-K)
Gatens, James F. 1889-1979 (10-F)
Gatens, James J. 1850-1938 (8-G)
Gatens, John A. 18 Dec 1894-31 May 1910 (10-G)
Gatens, Johnny Marcus 6 Dec 1957-31 may 1995 (22-K)
Gatens, Lena M. 1868-1940 (9-G)
Gatens, Patrick Nov 18, 1894 age 107 (10-E)
Gosso, Lucille Marshal 25 Apr 1925-15 Feb 1995 (65-H)
Gray, Mary F. 21 Apr 1824-7 Apr 1916 (51-G)
Grubb, John P. 1894-1971 (7-H)
Guilliams, John L. 1833- 2 Jul 1917 (8-D)
Guilliams, Marcus 1880-1932 (7-C)
Guilliams, Martin 1828-1896 (10-D)
Guilliams, Newton L. 1866-1932 (10-C)
Guilliams, Rachel 1840-1923 (7-D)
Guilliams, Rufus 25 Dec 1862-28 Oct 1894 (11-D) son of Rachel & John
Haddock, Baby boy 20 Apr 1920-20 Apr 1920 (29-A)
Haddock, Mrs. Martha Bettie Cecelia 8 Jan 1882-30 Apr 1920, (28-A)on stone with baby
Hallowell, Della 1913-1998 (44-G)
Hallowell, Elice 1825-1900 (11-A)
Hallowell, Harvey A. 1909-1989 (43-G)
Hallowell, Herbert 1859-1933 (12-A)
Hallowell, Jennie E. 19 Jan 1903-8 Oct 2000 (12-A)
Hallowell, Martha 1871-1909 (12-A)
Hallowell, William N. 1954-1979 (42-G)
Hammond, Catherine 21 Jun 1801-29 Nov 1895 (15-D)
Hanlon, Gracia E. 27 Mar 1896-12 Nov 1918 (15-G)
Hanlon, J. T. (16-G)
Hanlon, John R. 13 Jun 1918-19 Jan 1979 (33-G)
Hanlon, John Thomas 30 Jul 1888-19 Jun1950 (32-G)
Hanlon, Rebecca J. 33 Oct 1896 age 52y 3m 19d, wife of J. T., foot stone R.J.H.
Hanlon, William Francis 18 Mar 1906-13 Jan 1910, son of WE & EP, foot stone Willie
Hansen, Theadore R. 1908-1974 (36-37-B), stone with wife
Hansen, Virginia E. 1910-1983 (36-37-B), stone with husband
Hill, Harriet E. 1847-1931 (10-H)
Hill, John W. 18 Jun 1874-22 Feb 1913 (28-C)
Hill, Samuel 1839-1916 (11-H)
Howe, Lucy Ellen 20 Sep 1863-20 Apr 1920 (38-G)
Hubble, Carmie "Tye" 1907-1997 (33-B)
Hubble, Mamie (30-B)
Hunter or Heater, Anthony 31 Jan 1941 age 84 (46-I) Harry Sterns F. M. Oakland, OR
Johnson, David Lloyd Jr. 28 Jun1985-1 Jul 1985 (1-E)
Lechner, Julia Jane 1928-1988 (43-F)
Lechner, Philip D. 12 Apr 1948-13 May 1981 (42-F)
Linder, Evalena "Babe" 1894-1977 (7-G)
Linder, Floyd C. 5 May 1894-11 Jul 1958 (6-G)
Lyons, Bessie Mable 19 Aug 1891-14 Feb 1905 (21-G)
Lyons, General P. 1861-1951 (23-G)
Lyons, Hattie L. 1869-1933 (22-G)
Marshall, Milby J. 1889-1971 (67-H)
Marshall, 1889-1971 (66-H)
McGhee, Juanita R. 11 Nov 1913-8 Oct 1998 (51-I)
McKinney, Emily Ruud 1910-1985 (27-H)
Mechller, A. P. 11 Jan 1857-30 Jan 1941 (48-I) md. 63 yrs
Mechller, Eldah 5 Jan 1941 age 80 on stone with husband
Nickelson, Jennie Agnes 1895- 1933 (50-H) stone with Lewis
Nickelson, Lewis Harry 1885-1936 (51-H) stone with Jennie
Nickelson, William 30 Jun 1914-22 Oct 1914 (16-E)
Olson, Edwin "D" James 22 Aug 1962-1 Dec 1999 age 37 (3-J)
Olson, Ocie Will 31 Dec 1919-29 May 1996 age 62 (5-H)
Phelps, Alice Mildred 1869-1939 (66-G)
Phelps, Asa Henry 1860-1950 (67-G)
Rekow, Fred A. 4 Jul 1919-31 may 1991 (41-L)
Rogers, Hester Hill 1887-1966 ((9-H)
Ruud, Albin W. 1908-1978 (26-H)
Ruud, Cora S. 1883-1969 (29-H)
Ruud, Lawrence R. 1912-1926 (29-H) stone with Lester
Ruud, Lester L. 1918-1941 (28-H)
Ryan, C. B. 1862-1952 (33-H) stone with M.A.
Ryan, M. A. 1866-1927 (32-H) on stone with C.B.
Sagendorf, Mary Ann 1856-1936 (28-D)
Sagendorf, Sherrill 21 May 1850-15 Aug 1913 (29-D)
Simonsen, Andrew V. 1891-1978 (36-27-A), discarred?
Simonsen, Andrew V. 1891-1979 (60-G) on stone with wife in fenced area
Simonsen, Anna 1856-1938 (54-G)
Simonsen, Emma 1894-1964 (57-G)
Simonsen, Hans 1845-1932 (53-G)
Simonsen, Harold E. 1932-1940 (58-G)
Simonsen, Ruby M. 1896-1978 (59-G)on stone with husband in fenced area
Simonsen, Ruby M. 1897- (36-37-A), discarred?
Simonsen, Sarah Violet, 13 Dec 1882-28 May1914 (56-G) wife of Spud Garrett
Stephens, Anna 1876-1961 (43-H)
Stephens, George W. 14 Jun 1869-25 Jan 1924 (42-H)
Stephens, Josephine A. 16 Dec 1905-28 Nov 1979 (45-H)
Stephens,Wilford M. 22 Jun 1902-23 Jul 1951
Trevillian, Issac 27 May 2002 (60-B)
Tullock, Agnes E. 1893-1973 (21-J)
Tullock, Albert 1855-1940 (19-I) stone with William
Tullock, P. Llewellyn 1881-1951 (20-J)
Tullock, William 1853-1923 (19-I) stone with Albert
Twombly, James 1822-1914 (11-A)
Twombly, Elice 1825-1900 (11-A)
Twombly, Herbert 1859-1933 (11-A)
Twombly, Martha 1871-1909 (11-A)
Unreable stone (19-B)
Unreadable (17-A)
Wink, Ana A. 1872-1922 (9-C)
Wooden cross (5-A)
Wood, George H. 5 Jan 1930-11 Aug 1989 (32-C)

The following are from At Rest in Lincoln County by E. Parry, copyright 1976. There are many unmarked graves in Fern Ridge Cemetery which are being researched and have not yet been proved by obits, funeral records, the Oregon death index or family bibles. A corrected list will follow by the owner of the cemetery or AHGS at a later date.
Anderson, Clarence Elmore 1945-5-23 age 27y    (ARLC by Parry)
Anderson, John (ARLC by Parry)
Anderson, Mrs 1945 (Leader) ARLC by Parry
Barnard, John Q. son (ARLC by Parry)
Brown, Harry Nicholas -1914-10-30 inf son Thos of Poole Slough Leader obit (ARLC by Parry)
Byrne, Peter (ARLC by Parry)
Clark, Lydia wife (ARLC by Parry)
Clark, Oren D. hus (ARLC by Parry)
Collins, Easter dau (ARLC by Parry)
Collins, George W. ca 1823-ca 1891 (ARLC by Parry)
Collins, William D. 2-23-1870-1942-6-10 son of George W. Leader obit (ARLC by Parry)
Collins, Wilma & Thelma twins (ARLC by Parry)
Colvin, Claude infant -1878 son of Oliver & Clara (ARLC by Parry)
Doty, Henry Clarence -1964 age 84 (ARLC by Parry)
Dunsmore, several said to be buried on Hallowell place? (ARLC by Parry)
Evens, Vic (ARLC by Parry)
Fanno, Lucy beside mother? (ARLC by Parry)
Fanno, Mr. first settlers (ARLC by Parry)
Fanno, Mrs bur beside road near Ryan house (ARLC by Parry)
Gallagher, Andrew -1916-3-23 b. Ireland (ARLC by Parry)
Garrett, "Speed" of Bayview 1875-1933bur? (ARLC by Parry)
Garrett, Sarah V. (Simonson) 1882-1914 w of "Speed" (ARLC by Parry)
Gatens, Berniece -1956 age I day (ARLC by Parry)
Gatens, John Marcus inf son Wm. & Jimalee (ARLC by Parry)
Gray, John (ARLC by Parry)
Guilliams, Baby 1882 (ARLC by Parry)
Guilliams, Elgene 1874-1897 (ARLC by Parry)
Guilliams, Irene F. 4-10-1876-before 1917 (ARLC by Parry)
Guilliams, Isabell infant moved to cem. Not Guilliam, living with family? (ARLC by Parry)
Guilliams, M. (or John M.) (ARLC by Parry)
Guilliams, Martin A. 1870-1875 (ARLC by Parry)
Guilliams, Sophia L. 1860-61 died in Iowa (ARLC by Parry)
Hall, Belle Baby -1913 (ARLC by Parry)
Hall, Jesse -1917-5 son of John & Belle (ARLC by Parry)
Hall, John W. -1913-2-2 son of William age 41 (ARLC by Parry)
Hall, Viola Belle (Miller) -1913 dau of Jack Miller (ARLC by Parry)
Hall, William father after 1913 (ARLC by Parry)
Hammond, Catherine 1801-1895 sis to Mrs. Manning (ARLC by Parry)
Hunter, Kathleen dau of George & Ilene(Gatens) (ARLC by Parry)
Jensen, Albert E. 1889-1952 (ARLC by Parry)
Magnusson, Knute (ARLC by Parry)
Manning, Edward (ARLC by Parry)
Manning, Nancy (ARLC by Parry)
McGhee, Jack F. 1900-1971 Leader obit (ARLC by Parry)
Olson, John (ARLC by Parry)
Patterson, Corlis "Ike" brother to Harriet Hill, d ca 1883, first burial Ona? (ARLC by Parry)
Rogers, Jack bn Italy (ARLC by Parry)
Rowen, Cordelia (Lucy) 1842-1914 (ARLC by Parry)
Rowen, Robert -1907 age 70y 5m 16 d (ARLC by Parry)
Rowen, Sid (ARLC by Parry)
Rowin, Archie -1943 Dec Leader obit age 69y 7m (ARLC by Parry)
Rowin, Mima (Huntsucker) buried Coon place wife of Archibald (ARLC by Parry)
Rowin, Willard Earl -1922-1- age 18y 10m 18d bn Ona (ARLC by Parry)
Ruud, Ole (ARLC by Parry) bur Vale plans to move here?
Ryan Ike(ARLC by Parry)
Ryan, George 1862-1952 (ARLC by Parry)
Satterly, Julie May 1867-1910 (ARLC by Parry)
Satterly, Westly (ARLC by Parry)
Smith, Cyrus -1912 Mar 15 Leader obit (ARLC by Parry)
Taylor, James B. 1910-1963 (ARLC by Parry)
Thompson, Conrad A. 5-13-1894-1925-11-25 (ARLC by Parry)
Thompson, Louis T. 1861-1925 (ARLC by Parry)
Walker, John 1909-1964 Jan Drowned (ARLC by Parry)
Walker, John R. 1852-1940 b. Mo d Bayview, OR (ARLC by Parry)
Walker, Minnie wife (ARLC by Parry)

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