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About the GenWeb Project

usgenweb(1).gif (9481 bytes) These pages are part of the USGenWeb Project.  It is modeled after a project developed and organized by a group of genealogists in March and April, 1996.  This group developed the Kentucky Comprehensive Genealogy Database to provide a single entry point and common storage for all counties in Kentucky.  Because the databases are indexed and cross-linked, an individual found in more than one county can easily be located in the index. The group located volunteers to coordinate the collection of databases and generally oversee the contents of the web pages.

In June, 1996, the project coordinators  expanded the project to include all states.  

neworgen.gif (4471 bytes)The Oregon GenWeb Project is an extension of this effort. The main components of the USGenWeb project are:

USGenWeb Archives: at one central site reside the many, many archive files of the counties in the USA.  These are accessible from the county pages.  The archives contain obituaries, birth, death, marriage records, photos, divorce records, land records, etc.

The USGenWeb master page is linked to all of the states in the project.  From there, you can also access the WorldGenWeb page. There are many other countries involved in the project.  Check back frequently, as more information and new sites are added as the project expands.

State Pages: each state in the USA has a Web site.  This site is one of the "doors" through which you can access the county pages.

County Pages: each county in the USA will have a Web site that offers a place to post your query, people to contact for help or for lookups , information about the county's history, addresses or email addresses for the various county record offices, and other information that will help you in your ancestor search.

If you can help by providing genealogical information related to Morrow County or would like to  work on a particular project, please contact the 



All information submitted to this project remains - to the extent the law allows - the property of the submitter who, by submitting it, agrees that it may be freely copied but NEVER sold or used in a commercial venture without the knowledge & permission of its rightful owner. The GenWeb Project makes no claims or estimates of the validity of the information submitted and reminds you that each new piece of information must be researched and proved or disproved by weight of evidence.