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Members of First Presbyterian Church

Portland, Oregon

Members roster as listed in the History and Directory of the First Presbyterian Church, published in April 1889. This church is located on the Corner of Alder and Tenth Streets in Portland Oregon. [for a postcard image of this church, follow this link] This list included the members at the first of the year, as those added during the year are found elsewhere in the book. The list is not in alphabetical order within each letter of the alphabet. It is not known whether there is any significance to the order, so it is presented in the original order

member address
Mrs. Sarah L. Abrams   361 7th
Ho Ah   14 S. Front
Robt. Alexander   8 Sherman
Mrs. M. R. Andrews   sw cor. Main and W. Park
Miss Ellen A. Arbuckle   426 3d
Mrs. Euphemia Ainslie   nw cor. 6th and Columbia
Mrs. E. L. Blossom   427 Third
Mrs. R. A. Burton   se cor. 9th and B
Miss Helen M. Burton   se cor. 9th and B
Mrs. A. Bloomfield   nw cor. 9th and Yamhill
Wm. Bond   67 N. W. Park  
Mrs. L. A. Bond   67 N. W. Park
Miss E. E. Bond   67 N. W. Park
Wm. T. Brunker Eagle Cliff, Washington
Mrs. E. G. Barber   307 Yamhill
B. M. Behrenz   206 Hall
Mrs. A. A. Behrenz   206 Hall
A. E. Borthwick   195 7th
Mrs. A. E. Borthwick   195 7th
Mrs. Cath Borthwick   91 N. 8th
Mrs. Helen M. Bradley   73 Front
Mrs. Nellie B. Bradley   Riverdale
Mrs. B. B. Boot   sw cor K and 21st
Mrs. E. G. Butterfield   167 E. Park
Mrs. Mary Barcroft   East Portland
Mrs. L. M. Bates   nw cor 21st and I
M. Beno   nw cor   2d and Salmon  
Mrs. Jennie Esther Brownlie   Portland Heights
Mrs. Arthur J. Brown   254 Alder
Miss Lizzie L. Brown   254 Alder
Dr. S. A. Brown   169 1st
Miss Sarah Buell   250 Market
Miss Wealthy A. Barrett   230 I
Mrs. Catharine I. Barrett   230 I
Mrs. A. Borchers   se cor 1st and Market
Miss Sophia Baumgarten   San Francisco
David Black   East Portland
Wm. Ballis   215 D.
Mrs. Lucy Clarke   cor 12th and Mill
Mrs. Sarah Caffrey   wife of Rev. P. S
Mrs. E. H. Congle   230 Yamhill
H. W. Corbett   sw cor 5th and Taylor
Mrs. E. L. Corbett   sw cor 5th and Taylor
C. B. Comstock   149 Alder
Mrs. M. J. Comstock   149 Alder
Miss Ida Comstock   149 Alder
Miss L. M. Comstock 149 Alder
Miss Dora Chapman   369 10th
Mrs. T. A. Catlin   221 8th
Miss A. R. Catlin   221 8th
Miss Blanche Catlin   221 8th
Robert Catlin   221 8th
Mrs. M. A. Cooper   248 11th
Miss Myra Cooper   248 11th
Miss Bertha Cooper   248 11th
Martin L. Cooper   248 11th
Fred E. Cooper   248 11th
Mrs. A. B. Cooper   210 12th
Angus Campbell   69 Montgomery
Mrs. Mary Campbell   69 Montgomery
H. C. Campbell   353 E
Mrs. H. C. Campbell   353 E
Mrs. L. A. Chase   54 N. 15th
Dr. J. M. P. Chalmers   169 9th
A. M. Cornelius   304 Montgomery
Mrs. A. M. Cornelius   304 Montgomery
Miss Emma V. Cornelius   304 Montgomery
Miss Lilly Cornelius   304 Montgomery
Miss Nora Cornelius   304 Montgomery
F. D. Chamberlain   253 6th
Mrs. Anna Eliza Crothers   188 G
Dr. M. M. Chipman   404 Turk St. S.F. Cal.
Miss Eliza Crockatt   31 N. 15th
Mrs. C. Cole Room   18 Reid's Block
Miss Violet T. Calder   205 6th.
Christian Christianson   103 C
Mrs. J. R. Cardwell   Summit Station
John W. Curran   450 4th
Mrs. J. W. Curran   450 4th
Miss O. V. DeWitt   499 E
H. E. Dosch   193 W. Park
Mrs. M. L. Dosch   193 W. Park
Mrs. M. G. DeFrance   388 7th
Wm. H. Dunckley   48 Grant
Mrs. F. W. Dunckley   48 Grant
A. C. Deupree   384 9th
Mrs. Nora Deupree   384 9th
Mrs. Agnes Dunbar   271 Alder
Miss Elsie Dehon   10 Hall
Mrs. L. M. Downing   423 Fifth
Alex. Drysdale   East Portland
Jas. M. Dinsmore   Amboy, Washington
Christian Delits   sw cor 3d and Oak
R. W. Derickson   Tacoma, Washington
Faiy Dong   14 S. Front
Chas. F. Edwards   71 Pine
Miss Hannah Fairfowl   nw cor 19th and F
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Foster   se cor Taylor and W. Park
Mrs. Margaret Forsythe   446 5th
Mrs. Alice J. Farwell   446 5th
Dr. Frank E. Ferris   235 5th
Miss Hattie Finlay   131 Washington
John C. Finlay   131 Washington
Philip K. Fretz   No. 8, 3d floor Abington Building
Mrs. M. M. Giltner   334 1st
Wm. B. Gilbert   149 11th
Mrs. W. B. Gilbert   149 11th
Harold. L. Gilbert   149 11th
Julia Grace Gilbert   149 11th
Katharine B. Gilbert   149 11th
Mrs. Mary Glasco   115 S. 5th
Mrs. Harriet L. Glasco   115 S. 5th
Wm. M. Gregory   286 11th
Miss Mary W. Gaston   King bet Salmon and W. Main
Miss V. F. Goodwin   221 11th
Mrs. Martha Glover   71 Morrison
John Gebbie   289 Montgomery
Mrs. Annie E. Gebbie   289 Montgomery
Robt. T. Graham   103 N. 12th
Mrs. Susan Graham   103 N. 12th
Henry T. Gibson   ne cor 17th and Q
Mrs. Henry T. Gibson   ne cor 17th and Q
James Gibson   Ogallala, Nneb.
Mrs. James Gibson   Ogallala, Neb.
Chas. L. Gallien   269 N. 11th
Mrs. Mary E. Godard   Lewiston, Idaho
Robt. F. Hall   se cor. W. Main and Stout
Mrs. Aletta T. L. Hall   se cor W. Main and Stout
Wm. J. Hall   300 Montgomery
Mrs. S. C. Hall   300 Montgomery
Dr. Jerome H. Hall   229 1st
Mrs. F. M. Hansen   720 I, E. Portland
Mrs. M. J. Hensill   428 3d
Rachel H. Holman   201 Lownsdale
Miss Frances A. Holman   201 Lownsdale
Miss Kate S. Holman   201 Lownsdale
Mrs. Mary H. Holbrook   108 Solmon
Mrs. Charlotte I. Hood   144 7th
Mrs. Mary L. Hoyt   133 7th
Mrs. R. H. Hoyt   525 H
Miss E. E. Hoyt   525 H
Mrs. S. L. Hogue   nw cor 12th and Washington
Harry W. Hogue   nw cor 12th and Washington
Wm. L. Higgins   se cor 9th and Main
Mrs. Mary E. Higgins   se cor 9th and Main
Miss Alice Higgins   sw cor 9th and Main
Mrs. Harriet Hawes   167 First
Mrs. Delia Hollabaugh   175 8th
Mrs. E. P. Hollabaugh   175 8th
Mrs. Sarah Harker   453 10th
Miss Cassie Harker   453 10th
Miss Caroline Harker   453 10th
Miss Sarah D. Harker   453 10th
Thomas Hampton   92 Lincoln
Mrs. A. M. Hampton   92 Lincoln
Miss May B. Hampton   92 Lincoln
Miss M. J. Hawthorne   255 9th
Miss Sarah B. Hill   355 W. Park
Mrs. Beulah Holman   Molalla
Adolph Haberly   Theological Seminary, San Francisco
Mrs. Anna Hutz   7 S. 5th
Mrs. Margaret Hursh   Garden Home
Mrs. Mary B. Henderson   nw cor 8th and Stark
Miss G. Holmes   nw cor. 8th and Stark
Mrs. Helen Hendrie   95 Lincoln
Mrs. A. M. Hunsaker   9 S. 5th
F. F. Hardon   274 Columbia
Mrs. F. F. Hardon   274 Columbia
Mrs. Benj L. Hand   225 Taylor
Wm. Harper   Gale's Creek
Robert F. Hill   32 Stark
James Hislop   Ellensburg, W. T.
S. E. Hunter   Mount Tabor
David Hamilton   Chicago
Miss Nellie M. Imbrie   263 9th
Mrs. Anna Johnstone   415 3rd
Miss J. L. Johnstone   415 3rd
Mrs. Mary C. Johnson   Carlton, Ogn.
J. A. Jamieson   1414 12th, East Portland
Jacob Kamm   sw cor. 12th and Main
Mrs. C. A. Kamm   sw cor. 12th and Main
Charles T. Kamm   sw cor. 12th and Main
Mrs. Josephine Klosterman   sw cor. 2nd and Hall
Mrs. Julia H. Kerron   215 Yamhill
Jas. Kennard   ne cor Main and 9th
S. M. Karrick   107 5th
Miss Annie Kesling   nw cor. 17th and L.
Wm. S. Ladd   293 6th
Mrs. Caroline A. Ladd   293 6th
Wm. M. Ladd   sw cor. Main and W. Park
Mrs. Mary L. Ladd   sw cor. Main and W. Park
Stephen P. Lee   290 11th
Mrs. Mary V. Lee   290 11th
Charles H. Lee   4th and Townsend, S.F.
Harry D. Lee   290 11th
Mrs. Julia W. Lindsley   Oakland, Cal.
Miss Emily M. Lindsley   Oakland, Cal.
Carleton T. Lindsley   Oakland, Cal.
Mrs. Louise E. Labbe   15 N. 11th
Mrs. E. T. Labbe   215 D.
Edward B. Labbe   215 D.
Paul Labbe   21 N. W. Park
Mrs. Marie Augusta Labbe   21 N. W. Park
Mrs. Delia B. Lamberson   250 Market
Miss Mary K. Lamberson   250 Market
Lewis H. Lamberson   250 Market
Miss Cornelia Lamberson   250 Market
Miss Sarah A. La Rue   308 East Park
Mrs. R. L. Loutitt   209 N. 14th
Robert Livingstone   46 N. 20th
Mrs. B. Livingstone   46 N. 20th
August Lane   230 I
Mrs. Harriet Newell Morse   211 12th
Miss Eugenia Morse   211 12th
Miss Emma C. Morse   211 12th
Mrs. Mary Millard   211 12th
Mrs. Jessie Millard   ne cor. 7th and Harrison
Mrs. Anna M. E. Mann   441 3rd
Erasmus Mann   30 N. 7th
Mrs. Clara A. Mann   30 N. 7th
Thomas Mann   30 S. Front
Donald Macleay   189 Lownsdale
Kenneth Macleay   187 Yamhill
G. A. Mooney   347 9th
Miss E. H. Mooney   347 9th
Mrs. Anna B. Mallory   sw cor Main and Stout
Miss Celia Maclincy   105 Washington
H. F. Murton   83 N. 13th
Clarence C. Murton   83 N. 13th
Geo. T. Murton   83 N. 13th
Miss Jessie Murch   189 Pacific
Miss Lucy D. Murch   189 Pacific
Dr. H. McKinnell   84 Main
Mrs. Lucy S. Merwin   71 N. 19th
Wm. Morrow   Sellwood
Mrs. Rosetta Morrow   Sellwood
Wm. MacBeth   263 9th
Mrs. J. MacBeth   263 9th
Miss Susan L. MacBeth   Mt. Idaho, I.T.
Miss Christina MacConnell   155 N. 15th
S. B. McBride   Portland Heights
Mrs. A. J. McBride   Portland Heights
Miss Ella E. McBride   Portland Heights
Mrs. S. P. McFall   515 F
Miss S. B. McFall   515 F
A. MacKenzie   Hubbard, Ogn.
Archibald McKenzie   87 N. 13th
Mrs. A. McKenzie   87 N. 13th
Wm. R. MacKenzie   329 H.
Mrs. R. Mackenzie   329 H.
Mrs. Clara Monteith   49 N. 13th
Amos A. Morse   cor 2d and Weidler, East Portland
Edward P. Macdonald   Pullman Palace Car Co., Ash St. Dock
Charles A. McKean   230 I
Wm Macmaster   40 2nd
Miss Annie Milne   46 N. 20th
Mrs. T. A. Mauzey   246 3d
Finlay McNeill   161 Yamhill
Miss Alice McNeill   161 Yamhill
Miss Anna McNeill   161 Yamhill
Donald McDonald   151 3rd
Peter Morrison   Fisher's Landing, W. T.
Mrs. Mary Nevison   sw cor. 6th and Montgomery
Miss Mary Nevison   sw cor 6th and Montgomery
Mrs. Mary Ann Nicol   107 N. W. Park
Dr. A. S. Nichols   233 8th
Geo. T. Newman   181 E. Park
Mrs. A. Newbury   275 Montgomery
Mrs. E. C. Oakley   nw cor N. 10th and Stark
H. M. Ogden   34 S. First
Mrs. H. M. Ogden   34 S. First
Chas. M. Olsen   94 N. E. Park
Mrs. Chas. M. Olsen   94 N. E. Park
Miss Josie L. Parrott   cor 2nd and Mill
Mrs. Kate D. Protzman   sw cor B. and W. Park
Miss Eva Protzman   sw cor. B and W. Park
Percival Platt   Port Townsend, W. T.
Dr. C. T. Prehn   666 I, East Portland
Claire Phipps   105 Washington
August Ploegstra   144 Pacific
Miss Frances J. Peshall   33 N. W. Park
Miss Mary Peshall   7 C
David Phillips   sw cor 6th and Columbia
Geo. H. Plummer   Portland Academy
Olaf Pihl   Cascade Locks
Edward Quackenbush   249 11th
Mrs. Anna C. Quackenbush   249 11th
Edward H. Quackenbush   249 11th
Miss M. E. Quigley   New York
Mrs. Walter A. Reid   115 C
Mrs. Agnes Reid   31 N. 15th
Bamford Robb   261 11th
Miss Abbie L. Robb   261 11th
Bamford A. Robb   261 11th
J. D. Robb   195 7th
Mrs. J. D. Robb   195 7th
Lewis Russell   Oak Club
Mrs. Amy Randall   253 6th
Miss Minnie G. Randall   253 6th
Miss Kate W. Randall   253 6th
J. Thorburn Ross   250 Market
Samuel Rogers Gaines   near S. 10th
Walter Rogers Gaines   near S. 10th
James Rogers Gaines   near S. 10th
Mrs. Delia Rupert   sw cor. 6th and Alder, Room 27
Andrew Robertson   149 5th
Wm. B. Rush   se cor. Front and Sherman
Thos. Robertson   53 Pine
Edward J. Reuter   230 I
Fred H. Richards   Albina
Mrs. Mary I. Roycroft   9th near K, E. P.
Mrs. John Smith   305 First
Mrs. G. M. Stephenson   Vancouver, Wash.
Thos. N. Strong   189 Pacific
Mrs. Mary E. Strong   189 Pacific
Mrs. Lucy S. Schuyler   45 King
Miss Genevieve Schuyler   45 King
Mrs. A. J. Stroud   720 I, East Portland
Miss Gertrude Stroud   720 I, East Portland
Miss Beneta Stroud   720 I, East Portland
Wm. Strange   Clackamas
Mrs. Wm. Strange   Clackamas
Geo Stowell   ne cor Corbett and Curry
Mrs. Jeanette Stowell   ne cor Corbett and Curry
Ben LeRoy Stowell   ne cor Corbett and Curry
A. W. Stowell   275 Clay
Mrs. E. B. Stowell   275 Clay
Blandina E. Stowell   275 Clay
John A. Stowell   336 12th
Miss Margaret Stowell   336 12th
Miss Lethe Stowell   336 12th
Wm. C. Stokes   212 7th
J. R. Swinton   363 11th
Mrs. S. M. Swinton   363 11th
Chas. F. Seal   sw cor Montgomery and W. Park
Chas. B. Simms   333 10th
Mrs. Hannah M. Smith   101 10th
Mrs. Anna N. Straugh   ne cor 1st and Harrison
Miss Celia Swigert   353 E
Mrs. David Stephenson   se cor 21st and I
Otto H. Schwichtenberg   312 Jefferson
Hugo E. L. Schwichtenberg 312 Jefferson
W. J. Snodgrass   nw cor Main and 11th
Mrs. W. J. Snodgrass   nw cor Main and 11th
Dr. Jas E. Stevens   88 Washington
Jas. Slater   Quimby House
Mrs. Flora T. Stump   cor. Clay and Victoria, East Portland
Mrs. Henrietta Thurston   Springfield, Or
J. B. Thompson   346 11th
Mrs. M. L. Thompson   346 11th
Mrs. Mildred E. Thayer   ne cor. 1st and Pine, upstairs
Mrs. Sarah Taylor   275 Montgomery
Thos Tyndall   Good Samaritan Hospital
Mrs. Gertrude M. Tuttle   se cor 17th and D
Jas. M. Thompson   Brookfield, W. T.
Miss L. F. Tinkham   Quimby House
J. H. Valentine   ne cor 20th and J
Mrs. Blandina F. L. Valentine   ne cor 20th and J
Geo. W. Vollum   East Portland
Mrs. Frances Vollum   East Portland
John Williamson   83 N. 13th
Mrs. S. Williamson   83 N. 13th
Mrs. M. Weatherford   423 5th
J. R. Witherell   114 Madison
Mrs. M. J. Witherell   114 Madison
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Wilson   201 12th
J. D. Whiting   nw cor. 4th and Madison
Miss Virginia Whiting   nw cor. 4th and Madison
A. S. Whiting   208 13th
R. M. Wilbur   58 N. 19th
Mrs. F. M. Wilbur   58 N. 19th
R K. Warren   134 Montgomery
Mrs. A. L. Warren   134 Montgomery
Miss Lydia Warren   134 Montgomery
Mrs. Ellen M. Woodward   175 Alder
Dr. G. M. Wells   221 11th
Miss Florence Wells   221 11th
Miss Emma L. Wells   221 11th
W. Bittle Wells   221 11th
Frank M. Wells   221 11th
John M. Wells   221 11th
Mrs. Alice L. Wells   407 3rd
Miss Alice A. Wells   407 3rd
Mrs. M. B. Witherell   369 10th
Jessie C. Witherell   369 10th
J. G. Warner   cor 17th and T, East Portland
Mrs. Flora Warner   cor 17th and T, East Portland
Mrs. Josie D. Wheeler   205 6th.
Mrs. Josie Waddell   Buchanan
Robert Watt   East Portland
G. P. F. Woods   Children's Home
Mrs. Mary A. Woods   Children's Home
Miss Edith J. Young   157 N. 15th