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1901 Portland City Directory


Calvary--420 E 8th. Rev. A. L. Black, pastor.

First--Taylor, s e cor 12th. Rev Alexander Blackburn, D.D., pastor. Services in Chinese at their mission, 287 Taylor.

First German--4th n e cor Mill. Rev. Jacob Kratt, pastor. Also branch church at 555 Union Av N.

First Swedish--100 12th N. Rev. Charles Asplund, pastor.

Grace--Montavilla. Rev. N. S. Holcroft, pastor.

Immanuel--Meade, s e cor 2d. Rev. S. C. Lapham, pastor.

Mt. Olivet--85 7th N. Rev. T. F. Smith, pastor.

Mt. Tabor--n s Base Line rd 3/4 mile east of city limits. Rev. C. A. Nutley, pastor.

Park Place--University Park. Rev. C. A. Nutley, pastor.

Russian--555 Union Av N.

Second--E 7th, s e cor E Ankeny. Rev. Ray Palmer, pastor.

Third--Knott, s e cor Vancouver Av., Rev. E. M. Bliss, pastor.


Calvary--Cor Powell and E 28th. Sunday school, 2 p.m.

Chinese--387 Taylor, Rev. Fung Chak, pastor. Sunday services, 7 and 9 p.m.; Thursday Services, 9 p.m.; secular school, 7:30 p.m. daily, except Saturday and Sunday.

Savier St.--n s Savier bet 21st and 22d. C. A. Lewis, Supt. Sunday school, 3 p.m.


First--Park, n e cor Columbia. Rev J. F. Ghormley, pastor.

Rodney Avenue--Rodney Av. s e cor Knott. Rev. A. D. Skaggs, pastor.

Scandinavian Church of Christ--108 14th N.

Woodlawn--Madrona, n e cor Farrell. Rev A. D. Skaggs, pastor.

Christian Science.

First Church of Christ--149 23d. Mrs. Blanche Hogue and David B. Ogden, readers.

Second Church of Christ--20 3d. Miss Lou Aldrich, reader.


First--Park, n e cor Madison. Rev. Arthur W. Ackerman, pastor.

First Willsburg--Willsburg.

German--Stanton, s w cor E 7th.

Hassalo-Street--Hassalo, n w cor E 7th. Rev. Benjamin S. Winchester, pastor.

Mississippi Avenue--Mississippi Av, n w cor Fremont. Rev. Geo. A. Taggart, pastor.

Sunnyside--E 34th, n w cor E Taylor. Rev. John J. Staub, pastor.

Swedish--Glisan, s e cor 17th. Rev. J. W. Carlson, pastor.


Front Street Sunday School--394 Front. Sunday school, 9:30 a.m.

Congregational City Missionary Society--Meets quarterly. Rev. A. W. Ackerman, Pres; Rev. John J. Staub, Sec.

Congregational Ministerial Association--First Congregational Church. Meets every Monday, except the first in the month, 2:30 p.m. Rev. B. S. Winchester, Pres; Rev. G. A. Taggart, Sec.


Rt. Rev. B. Wistar Morris, D.D.; Bishop of Oregon; res 635 Everett.

All Saints' Chapel--22d, s e cor Reed. Rev. John E. Simpson, rector; Rev. E. T. Simpson, in charge.

Chapel of the Ascension--19th, s e cor Elm.

Church of the Good Shepherd--Vancouver AV, n e cor Sellwood. Rev. E. T. Simpson, rector.

Milwaukie--Rev. P. K. Hammond, in charge.

St. Andrew's--Willis boul, n e cor Washburne.

St. David's--s s E Morrison, near E 12th. Rev. G. B. Van Waters, rector.

St. Mark's--Quimby, n e cor 19th. Rev. J. E. Simpson, rector.

St. Matthews Chapel--1st n e cor Caruthers. Rev. W. A. M. Breck, rector.

St. Paul's--Chicago Add. Rev. George B. Van Waters, rector.

St. Stephen's Chapel--18th n e cor Clay. Rev. T. N. Wilson, rector.

Sellwood--Rev. W. A. M. Breck, in charge.

Trinity--6th, n e cor Oak. Rev. A. A. Morison, rector.

Mission--188 12th N. Rev. J. E. Simpson, in charge.

Brotherhood of St. Andrew:

St. Mark's Chapter--Meets first Monday evening in vestry of St. Mark's Church.


Churches of the Evangelical Association. Rev. J. E. Smith, Presiding Elder, Portland District: res 408 E Yamhill.

Emanuel (German)--414 E Yamhill. Rev. E. D. Hornschuch, pastor.

First--E 6th, s e cor E Market. Rev. G. W. Plummer, pastor.

First (German)--10th, n e cor Clay. Rev. F. T. Harder, pastor.

Memorial--E 18th, n w cor Tibbetts. Rev. P. J. Green, pastor.

Milwaukie--Rev. E. D. Hornschuch, pastor.


Carson Heights (German)--Rev. F. T. Harder, pastor.

Mission Chapel (German)--Pettygrove, n e cor 21st. Rev. F. T. Harder, pastor.

Evangelical Reformed.

First German--94 10th. Rev. Gottleib Hafner, pastor.


Rev. C. C. Poling. Presiding Elder: res Dallas, Or.

East Yamhill (German) Mission--n s E Yamhill bet E 7th and E 8th. Rev. Peter Bittner, pastor.

First--446 E 10th. Rev. H. L. Pratt, pastor.

St. Johns--Rev. M. J. Ballantyne, pastor.

Second--Fargo, n w cor Kerby. Rev. Herbert A. Deck, pastor.


Friends--E 35th, n e cor E Main. Rev. A. M. Bray, pastor.


Note--The Jewish services are held on Friday evening and on Saturday.

Ahavi Sholom Synagogue--64 6th. Rev. R. Abramson, rabbi.

Beth Israel Congregation--12th, s w cor Main. Rev. Stephen S. Wise, rabbi.

Nowah Zedeck--348 1st. Rev. N. Mossessohn, rabbi.

Talmud Torah--Hall s e cor 6th. Rev. Mendel Cohen, rabbi.

Latter-Day Saints.

Church of Jesus Christ--400 Alisky Bldg.


Danish--e s 13th bet Glisan and Hoyt. Rev. Christian Hansen, pastor.

Immanuel (Swedish Evangelical)--428 Burnside. Rev. John W. Skans, pastor.

Our Saviour's Scandinavian Evangelical--E Grant, s w cor E 10th.

St. James' (English)--e s Jefferson bet W Park and 10th. Rev. J. A. Leas, pastor.

St. Johns--Peninsular. Rev. Christian Buechler, pastor.

St. Paul's Evangelical (German)--E 12th, n e cor Clinton. Rev August Krause, pastor.

Trinity Evangelical (German)--Chapman, s w cor Salmon. Rev. W. H. Behrens, pastor.

Zion (Swedish)--620 Rodney Av.


First United (German)--Knott, n e cor Union Av. Rev. Gustav Eichler, pastor.


Bethel A.M.E. Church--68 10th N. Rev. S. J. Collins, pastor.

First A.M.E. Zion--Main n e cor 13th. Rev. Ewing E. Swan, pastor.

Methodist Episcopal.

Rev. Earl Cranston, D.D.; Bishop of Oregon; res 215 W Park. Rev. L. E. Rockwell. Presiding Elder Portland District: res 41 E 8th.

Centenary--E. Pine, n w cor E 9th. Rev. George W. Gue, pastor.

Central--Kerby, n e cor Russell. Rev. W. T. Kerr, pastor.

Clarke--18th, s w cor Raleigh. Rev. Burton J. Hoadley, pastor.

First (Taylor-Street)--3d, s e cor Taylor. Rev. H. W. Kellogg, D.D., pastor.

First (German)--Hoyt, n e cor 15th N. Rev. Carl Jans, pastor.

First (Norwegian-Danish)--Davis, n w cor 13th. Rev. Carl Eriksen, pastor.

Grace--Taylor, n w cor 12th. Rev. J. R. T. Lathrop, pastor.

Milwaukie (German)--Rev. G. S. Roeder, pastor.

Montavilla--Rev. D. G Stephens, pastor.

Mt. Tabor--Rev. S. E. Meninger, pastor.

Patton--Michigan Av, n w cor Carpenter. Rev. Andrew Monroe, pastor.

St. Johns--St. Johns. Rev. C. E. Cline, pastor.

Second German--Rodney Av. n e cor Stanton. REv. Charles A. Priesing, pastor.

Second Norwegian-Danish--Russell, s e cor Flint. Rev. O. L. Hoein, pastor.

Sellwood--Rev. Wm J. Waitz, pastor.

Sunnyside--E. Yamhill bet E 25th and E 36th. Rev. H. B. Elworthy, pastor.

Swedish--Borthwick, n e cor Beech. Rev. K. O. Berglund, pastor.

Trinity-E Grant, n w cor E 10th. Rev. Alfred Thompson, pastor.

University Park--Rev. C. T. McPherson, pastor.

Woodlawn--Plum, n w cor E 10th. Rev. Andrew Monroe, pastor.


Chinese--111 2d. Rev. C. A. Lewis, Supt. School 7:30 every evening, except Saturday.

Japanese--393 Flanders. Rev. Y. Zekizawa, pastor.


Central--Central. Rev. H. V. Haslam, pastor.

First Free--333 E 9th. Rev. H. V. Haslam, pastor.


Wesleyan Chapel--Central. Rev. L. D. Holgate, pastor.


Calvary--N E cor 11th and Clay. Rev. Wm S. Gilbert, pastor.

First--Alder, s w cor 12th. Rev. Edgar P. Hill, D. D., pastor.

First, Sellwood--Sellwood. Rev. W. S. Wright, pastor.

Forbes--Sellwood, n w cor Gantenbein Av. Rev. W. G. Forbes, pastor.

Fourth--1st, s e cor Gibbs. Rev. M. D. McClelland, pastor.

Mizpah--Powell, n e cor E 12th. Rev. Jerome R. McGlade, pastor.

Mt. Tabor--Prettyman's Sta.

St. John's--17th, s w cor Marshall. Rev. E. W. St. Pierre, pastor.

Third--E. Oak, s w cor E 9th. Rev. Robert McLean, pastor.

Trinity Presbyterian--S s Dakota, bet Virginia and Wisconsin. Rev. A. A. Hurd, pastor.

Westminster--E 10th, s w cor Weidler. Rev. H. S. Templeton, pastor.


Arbor Lodge--Curtis, cor Bryant, Sunday school, 2 P.M.

Chinese--209 2d. Rev. W. S. Holt, Supt. Night school, 7:30, except Saturday.

Chinese Home-350 14th. Mrs. W. S. Holt, matron.

Fulton Mission--Fulton Park.

Kenilworth--Kenilworth Addition. Rev. W. T. Wardle, pastor.

Piedmont--Cleveland Av, s e cor Center.


First--E 12th, s e cor E Taylor. Rev. J. J. Dalton, D. D., pastor.


First--s s Montgomery bet 5th and 6th. Rev. Huber Ferguson, pastor.

Grand-Avenue--Grand Ave., n w cor Wasco. Rev. John H. Gibson, pastor.

Roman Catholic.

Most Rev. Alexander Christie, D. D.; Archbishop of the Diocese of Oregon; res 16th, n e cor Davis.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception--15th, s w cor Davis. Most Rev. Alexander Christie, D. D., pastor; Rev. E. E. Casey, assistant.

Church of the Holy Rosary--375 Clackamas. Rev. T. P. Henry, superior.

Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary--Williams Av, n e cor Stanton. Rev. C. J. O'Reilly, pastor; Rev. D. F. Curley, assistant pastor.

Church of the Precious Blood--Montavilla. Rev. L. A. Brosseau, pastor.

Church of the Sacred Heart--832 Milwaukie, Rev. Wm. Kramer, pastor.

Milwaukie--Services every Sunday, 10:30 A.M.

St. Francis'--E Oak, n e cor E 11th. Rev. James H. Black, pastor.

St. Joseph (German)--15th, n e cor Couce. Rev P. DeRoo, pastor.

St. Lawrence--3d, n e cor Sherman. Rev. John C. Hughes, pastor.

St. Michael's (Italian)--371 4th, Rev. Alexander Costell, pastor.

St. Patrick's--19th, s w cor Savier. Rev. E. P. Murphy, pastor.

Second Adventist.

Advent Christian--228 6th. Chas. Haffenden, elder.

Seventh Day Adventist.

Note--Services of this denomination are held on Saturday instead of Sunday.

North Pacific Conference--508 E Everett. H. W. Decker, Pres: T. H. Starbuck, Sec.

Albina (German)--585 Union Av N. Rev. Frederick Jorg, pastor.

Montavilla--H. W. Phillips, pastor.

St. Johns--E. D. Hurlburt, elder.

Seventh Day Adventist Church--E 11th, s w cor E. Everett. H. J. Schnepper and J. E. Graham, local elders.

Seventh Day Adventist Church--722 Mississippi Av. H. W. Decker, elder.


Christian Help Mission--1 4th N. W. J. Burden, Supt.

Good Health Restaurant--1 4th N.

Portland Medical Mission--1 4th N. W. J. Burden, Supt.


Portland New Church Society--A.O.U.W. Temple.


First (Church of Our Father)--Yamhill, s w cor 7th. Rev. Thos. L. Eliot, minister emeritus. Rev. Wm. R. Lord, pastor. Free reading-room open every afternoon and evening.

United Brethren.

Rev. Clinton C. Bell, presiding elder; res Philomath, Or.

First--E Morrison, n w cor E. 15th. Rev. F. E. Coulter, pastor.

Chinese Mission--213 2d. Rev. Moy Ling, pastor and suppt.

United Brethren--Radical.

Cloverdale--650 Mechanic.


First--E 8th, s e cor E Couch. Rev. Hervey H. Hoyt, pastor.

United Gospel Missions.

Berea Mission--271 2d, n w cor Jefferson. J. H. Allen, pastor.

Christians--228 6th. Rev. James Harcus, evangelist. Services Sunday, 10:45 A.M. and 7:30 P.M.; Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:30 P.M.

City Mission--354 Glisan. W. E. Parker, Jr. Supt.

Gospel Divine Healing Mission--Alisky Bldg. Rev. C. J. Sindall, pastor.

Men's Resort Gospel Mission--84 3d N. Mrs. H. C. Albee, Supt. Sunday service 3 P.M.; service Wednesday, 7:30 P.M.

Salvation Army.
Salvation Army Headquarters, 128 1st. Major and Mrs. A. E. Kimball. Divisional Officers; Mary Parker, Capt.

Corps No. 1--265 Davis. Adjt. and Mrs. Andrew Frazee, in charge. Services every evening; Sunday, knee drill, 7 A.M.; holiness meeting, 10:30 A.M.; children's service, 1:45 P.M.; free and easy, 3 P.M.; daily service 8 P.M.

Corps No. 2--Barracks E 6th, s e cor E Oak. Capt. Samuel Dupertius, Lieut. Darwent. Sunday services, 11 A.M.; 3:30 and 8 P.M.; services Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, 8 P.M.

Corps No. 4--128 1st. Staff Capt. and Mrs. Charles McAbee, in charge. Sunday services, 7 and 11 a.m., 3 and 8 p.m.; daily services, 8 p.m.

Salvation Army Rescue Home--63 4th. Miss Myra Kinney, matron.

Salvation Army Training Home--46 5th N.

Workingmen's Home--265 Davis.

Volunteers of America.

Post No. 1--26 2nd N. Mrs. Ruth Nichols, in charge.

Religious Societies.

Apostolic Christian (German) Church--e s E 22nd near E Stark. George Schwarz, chairman.

Ministers Association--Meets first Mondays in Y.M.C.A. rooms.

Multnomah County Sunday School Association--Meets annually. E. C. Bronaugh, Pres.

Oregon State Sunday School Association--Meets annually in different parts of the state. A. A. Morse, 324 Weidler, Portland, Pres.

Spiritual Society--Abington Bldg.

Universal Brotherhood--351 Washington. Meets Sundays, 7:30 p.m. F.O. Breckenridge, Sec.


State Officers--Mrs. Helen D. Harford, Newberg Pres; Mrs. R. M. Steel, Turner, Vice-Pres.; Mrs. Lillian J. Amos, Portland, Cor. Sec.; Mrs. S. M. Kern, Portland, Rec. Sec.; Mrs. H. J. Shane, Portland, Treas.

Multnomah County--107 3d. Miss Frances E. Gottshall, Pres.

Central--107 3d. Mondays, M. C. Blackwell, Pres; Miss C. W. Burns, Cor Sec.

Noon Rest--107 3d. Mrs. L. H. F. Additon, Pres; Mrs. Sarah E. Peake, matron.

East Side--N s Powell, near E 30th. First and third Thursdays. Mrs. S. M. Kern, Pres.

Albina--312 Russell; Tuesdays. Mrs. O. Phelps, Pres.

Sunnyside--First and third Thursdays. Mrs. Plympton Kelly, Pres.

University Park--Second and Fourth Tuesdays. Mrs. L. J. Pierce, Pres.


In its own building, 167 4th. Rooms open daily. Wm. M. Ladd, Pres.; A. L. Veazie, Sec.; H. W. Stone, Gen. Sec. Sunday service, 3:30 p.m.

Young People's C.T.U.--Meets Y.M.C.A. rooms.


501 to 511 Macleay Bldg--Mrs. W. J. Honeyman, Pres.; Mrs. L. J. Goodrich, Sec.; Miss A. M. Haseltine, Treas.; Miss Alma F. Hunt, Gen. Sec. Free reading and resting rooms for women. Open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Noon lunch served at lowest rate.

[source: Polk's Portland 
(Oregon) City Directory 1901. Portland, Oregon: 
R. L. Polk & Co., 1901.]