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1901 Portland City Directory

Albina Hotel, 450 Goldsmith.

Barr Hotel, 310 Glisan.

Belvedere Hotel The, 134 4th.

Brooklyn Hotel, 460 Grand av.

Brown The (Family Hotel), 271 Grand av.

Burnside Hotel, 233 Burnside.

Chicago Hotel 306 E Washington.

City View Hotel, 293 Union av.

Cosmopolitan Hotel, 321-323 1st.

Cosmos The, 268 Morrison and 166 4th.

Delmonico Hotel, 382 E Clay

Depot Hotel, 334 Glisan.

Enterprise Hotel, 522 Savier.

Esmond Hotel, Front ne cor Morrison.

Garfield Hotel, 350 14th N.

Germania Hotel, 362 Front.

Gilman Hotel, 142 1st.

Hotel McCauley, 210 Morrison.

Hotel Perkins, 295 Washington.

Hotel Rhein, 232-234 Front.

Hotel Zur Rheinpfalz, 253 Front.

Imperial Hotel, 333 Washington.

International Hotel, 72 3d N.

Key City Hotel, 500 Loring.

Lake Charles Hotel, 89 5th N.

Macadam House, 1435 Macadam.

Merchant Hotel, 52-54 3d N.

Metropolis Hotel, 240 1st.

Mikado Hotel, 101 6th

Montavilla Hotel, Montavilla.

National Hotel, 172-174 Front.

New Grand Central Hotel, 92-94 3d.

Northwest Hotel 390 Glisan.

Osborn Hotel, 35 1st N.

Pacific Hotel, 491 Railroad and 315 10th N.

Phoenix Hotel, 521 Savier.

Portland Hotel, bet 6th, 7th, Morrison and Yamhill.

Quimby House, 29-31 4th N.

Riverside Hotel, 345 E Oak.

St Charles Hotel, 204 Morrison.

St John's Hotel, 315 14th N.

St Paul House, 24-26 3d N.

Spaulding The H F, 350 Alder.

Svea Hotel, 367 16th N.

Terminus Hotel, 96 Knott.

Transcontinental House, 772 Savier.

Tremont House, 341 Everett.

Union Hotel, 81 6th N.

Villard Hotel, 575 Front N.

Washington Hotel, 100 3d N.

Wisconsin House, 545 Hood.

[source: Polk's Portland (Oregon) City Directory 1901. Portland, Oregon: R. L. Polk & Co., 1901.]