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Public Buildings listed in the 1916 Portland City Directory

Abington Building, 106 3d

Acheson Building, 148 5th

Acorn Building, 73 6th

Ainsworth Building, 267 Oak

Alisky Building, 245 Morrison

Ancient Order Hibernians Hall, 340 Russell

AOUW Hall, 129 4th

Arbuckle Building, 245 Morrison

Arcanum Hall, 109 13th

Arion Hall, 231 Oak

Armory ONG, between 10th N & 11th N and Couch & Davis

Artisan Hall, Portsmouth Ave near northwest corner of Lombard W

Assembly Hall, 325 Morgan Bldg

Auditorium Building and Hall, 208 3d

Baker Building, 1163 Albina Ave

Ballou & Wright Building, Derby at northwest corner Kilpatrick

Bates Dock Building, 180 Burnside

Beck Building, Broadway S at northwest corner of Oak

Behnke-Walker Building, 4th at northwest corner of Yamhill

BPOE Building and Hall, Stark and northeast corner of Broadway S

Benson Building, 291 Morrison

Bernard Block, 1044 Union Ave N

Blake McFall Building, 45 4th

Blanchard Building, 146 Killlngsworth

Blumauer Building, 271 Morrison

B'nai Brith Building, 354 13th

Board of Trade Building, 4th at southeast corner of Oak

Bohemian Club Hall, 588 Duke Ave

Boyer Recital Hall, 5050 Tiford Bldg

Breeden Building, 253 Washington

Brewer Building, 671 Alberta

Breyman Block, E Washington at northwest corner of Union

Broadway Building, 345 Morrison

Brook Building, 345 Washington

Brownewell Block, 230 Russell

Bickner Building, N Jersey at northeast corner of E Burlington, St. Johns

Bickner Hall, 108 E Burlington, St. Johns

Buchanan Building, 286 Washington

Cambridge Building, 165 3rd

Carpenters Union Hall, 406 E Pine

Carter Hall, Peninsular Ave at  northeast corner of Lombard W

Cathedral Hall, Davis at southwest corner of 15th N

Central Building, 132 10th

Chamber of Commerce Building, north side of Stark between 3rd and 4th

Chambers Building, 250 Alder

Chambless Building, 6510 Foster rd

Christensen's Halls, 169 11th

Citizens Bank Building, 120 Grand Ave

City Hall, 4th & 5th and Madison & Jefferson

City Hall, Milwaukie

City Jail, Oak at northwest corner of 3d

Coleman Building, 311 Stark

Columbia Building, 345 Washington

Commercial Block, 549 Williams Ave.

Commercial Block, Washington at southwest corner of 2d

Commercial Club Building, Oak at northwest corner of 5th

Commonwealth Building, west side of 6th between Ankeny and Burnside

Concord Building, 242 Stark

Connerton Building, Glisan at northeast corner of 14th

Corbett Building, Morrison at southeast corner of 5th

Couch Building, 109 4th

County Court House, between 4th & 5th and Salmon & Main

Dammeier Building, 129 4th

Dania Hall, 185 Russell

Darlington Building, 52nd SE at southeast corner of Sterling

Davis Block, 129 Russell

Dawley's Hall, 1025 E Yamhill

Dekum Building, 3rd at southwest corner of Washington

Douglas Building, Morrison, at the northeast corner of Park

Dupuy  Building, Derby at the northeast corner of Kilpatrick W

Eagles Hall, 266 Madison

Eckenburger Building, E Morrison at southeast corner of E 1st

Ellers  Building, Broadway at southeast corner of Alder

Electric Building, Alder at northeast corner of Broadway

Elks Temple, 329 Stark

Empress Theatre Building, Broadway at southwest corner Stark

Evening Star Grange Hall, south side of Division 2 blocks west of 82nd SE

Failing Building, 3rd southeast corner of Washington

Farnsworth Building, 1364 Hawthorne

Farrell Block, Knott northeast corner Mississippi

Fenton Building, 84 6th

Finnish Workers Association Hall, 719 Mountain Ave

First National Bank Building, 5th at southwest corner of Stark

First National Bank of St Johns Portland Oregon Building, 108 S Jersey, St. Johns

Fliedner Building, 407 Washington

Foresters Hall, 4th floor, 129 4th

Forestry Building, Lewis & Clark Fair Grounds

Fragmeier  Building, 135 Killingsworth

Frances Building, 1092 Hawthorne Ave

FOE Hall, 113 W Philadelphia, St. Johns

Gerlinger Building, 242 Alder

Gevurtz Hall, 192 Gibbs

Glisan Block, 43 1st and 40 2d

Globe Building, 408 Washington

Goodnough Building, 5 northeast corner Yamhill

Gospel Hall, 46 E 8th

Gospel Hall, 873 E Stark

Grainhandlers Union Hall, 499 Albina Ave

Grand Central Station, 6th N and Hoyt

Grant Building, 4th at northwest corner of Yamhill

Greene Building & Hall, 444-446 Dekum

Gregory Hall, north side of Center, between E 11th and Milwaukie

Griessen Building, 1621 E 13th

Healy Building, E Morrison at the southwest corner of Grand

Heller Block, 280 Grand Ave

Hellig  Building, Broadway S at the northwest corner of Taylor

Henry Building, 4th southwest corner Oak

Hill Block, 271 Russell

Hill Hall, 271 Russell

Holbrook Block, 103-113 W Philadelphia, St. Johns

IOGT Hall, 227 Yamhill

IOOF Hall, 226 Alder, 426 E Alder, 690 Lombard W, 912 Williams Ave, 2004 E Glisan, and 92nd SE at corner of 58th Ave SE.

IOOF Temple, 226 Alder

IWW Hall, 125 5th N

Italian Hall, 4th at southwest corner of Mill

Journal Building, Broadway at southeast corner of Yamhill

Jower Building, 302 N Broadway

Kamm Building, north side of Pine, between from Front to 1st

Kenilworth Hall, Gladstone Ave, on the southwest corner of E 29th

[source: Polk's Portland (Oregon) City Directory 1916 Vol. LIII. Portland, Oregon: R. L. Polk & Co., 1916.]

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