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Christian Science Monitor, 735 NW Bank bldg

Commercial Recorder, 602 Blake McFall bldg

Daily Bulletin, 235 Worcester bldg

Evening Telegram, Washington, northwest corner W Park (ad page 36)

Fuller's Daily Report, 26 Ainsworth bldg

Oregon Building Record, 66 1st

Oregon Deutsch Zeitung, 212 1st

Oregon Journal, Journal Bldg

Oregon News, 320 Davis

The Oregonian, 135 6th

Portland Daily Abstract, 90 1st

Portland News, 325 5th


The Guide, 317 Worcester Bldg.

Portland Livestock Reporter, North Portland


The Advocate, 520 E 24th N

Automobile Record, 326 Mohawk Bldg

Catholic Sentinel, 211 Labbe Bldg

Chamber of Commerce News, Commercial Club Bldg.

Civil Service, 521 Yeon Bldg

Commercial Review, 165 Sherlock Bldg.

Deutsch Zeitung, 212 1st

Italian Tribune / La Tribuna Italiana, 403 Stock Exchange Bldg.

Jewish Tribune, 716 Chamber of Commerce Bldg.

The Lantern, 122 Front

L'Italico, 394 E Clay

The Marketer, 315 Broadway Bldg.

Mt. Scott Herald, 5812 92nd SE

Nachrichten, 212 1st

North Portland Times, 140 Killingsworth Ave.

Northwest Hotel News, 604 Buchanan Bldg.

Northwest Pacific Farmer, 229 Lumber Exchange

Oregon Journal, Journal Bldg

Oregon Labor Press, 301-2-3 Oregonian Bldg.

Oregon Posten, 423 Lumber Exchange

The Oregon Voter, 223 Worcester Bldg.

The Oregonian, 135 6th

Oregon Labor Pr

Oregon Journal, Journal Bldg

Pacific Banker, 309 McKay Bldg

Pacific Baptist, 207 Stock Exchange Bldg

Pacific Builder and Engineer, 26 Ainsworth Bldg.

Pacific Christian Advocate, 209 Platt Bldg

The Pacific Homestead, 701 Spalding Bldg

Pacific Northwest, 215 Oregonian Bldg

Pacific Skandinaven, 112 1st

Peninsula Review, 117 W Philadelphia, St. Johns

"Quest," Reed College

Rural Spirit, 373 Yamhill

Saturday Evening Post, 270 4th

Sellwood Bee, 1650 E 13th

The Spectator, 300-304 Chamber of Commerce Building

Sunday Mercury, 1 Ainsworth Bldg.

Sunday Welcome, 425 Mohawk Bldg

Sunnyside Gazette, 1003 Belmont

Worlds Advance Thought, 511 Yamhill


California Farmer, 410 Stock Exchange Bldg

Idaho Farmer, 410 Stock Exchange Bldg

Oregon Farmer, 410 Stock Exchange Bldg

Pacific Sempahore, Wells Fargo & Co. Bldg

Washington Farmer, 410 Stock Exchange Bldg

Western Farmer, 800 Oregonian Bldg


American Telegrapher, 1822 E Morrison

Angora Journal, 310 Stock Exchange Bldg

The Apostolic Faith, 16 Front N

The Artisan, 608 Beck Bldg

The Boatman, 502 Selling Bldg

Bundes Wacht, 202 Stock Exchange Bldg

Catholic Monthly Magazine, 327 Corbett bldg

Commons Voice, 22 Front N

The Gavel, 411 Swetland Bldg

Hardware World Plumbing and Heating, 805 NW Bank Bldg

Harness and Saddlery Record, 805 NW Bank Bldg

Implement and Vehicle Record, 805 NW Bank Bldg

Medical Sentinel, 516 Selling Bldg

Motoroad, 142 2nd

National Real Estate Journal, 525-528 Beck Bldg

Northwest Insurance News, 315 Lewis Bldg

Northwest Poultry Journal, 701 Spalding Bldg

The Orderly, 821 Marshall

The Oregon Country, 716 Chamber of Commerce Bldg

Oregon Merchants Magazine, 414 Commercial Club Bldg

Oregon Mining and Timber Journal, 402 Panama Bldg

Oregon Retailers Journal, 416 Commercial Club Bldg

Oregon Sportsman, 516 Pittock block

Oregon Teachers Monthly, 701 Spalding Bldg

Pacific Coast Manufacturer, 215 Oregonian Bldg

Pacific Coast Trade Reporter, 314 Selling Bldg

Pacific Drug Review, 511 Stock Exchange Bldg

Pacific Homestead, 701 Spalding Bldg

The Pacific Northwest, 215 Oregonian Bldg

Pacific Odd Fellow, 1009 E 24th N

Poultry Life, 373 Yamhill

Royal Arcanum Herald, 1115 NW Bank Bldg

Shoe Findings and Leather Record, 805 NW Bank Bldg

The Timberman, 6th floor, Rothchild Bldg

Travelers Protective Assn Pocket Guide, 310 Morgan Bldg

The Valve World, 707 E 58th N

Western Furniture Review, 409 Abington Bldg

White Ribbon Review, 607 Dekum Bldg

[source: Polk's Portland (Oregon) City Directory 1916 Vol. LIII. Portland, Oregon: R. L. Polk & Co., 1916. Pages 1456-1457]

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