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Public Buildings listed in the 1923 Portland City Directory

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Buildings, Blocks and Halls--Public

Ablngton Building 106˝ 3d

Ainsworth Building Oak nw cor 3d

Alisky Building 147˝ 3d

Alisky Lodge Hall Building 265˝ Morrison

Ancient Order Hibernians Hall 340 Russell

Ancient & A S R Cathedral Morrison sw cor Lownsdale

Archer Place Hall 5516˝ Foster rd

Armory O N G 10th N and Couch

Artisans Building Bway nw cor Oak

Artisans Temple Lombard nw cor Portsmouth av

Auditorium Hall 205˝ 3d

Auditorium Municipal 3d and Market

Ballou & Wright Building 10th sw cor Flanders

Bank of Kenton Building Denver av nw cor Kilpatrick

Bank of Sellwood Building E 13th cor Umatilla av

Barnes Building 701˝ Hawthorne av

Bates Dock Building 180 Burnside

Bernard Building 1044 Union av N

Bickner Hall 108 E Burlington

Blake-McFall Building 46 4th

Blanchard Building 146˝ Killingsworth av

Blue Mouse Theatre Building 408 Wash

Blumauer Building 271˝ Morrison

B’Nai B'Rith Building 354 11th

Board of Trade Building 4th se cor Oak

Bayer Building 394 Yamhill

Broadway Building 345 Morrison

Breeden Block 253˝ Wash

Broadway-Yamhill Building Bway nw cor Yamhill

Buchanan Building 256˝ Wash

Bush & Lane Building Bway S se cor Alder

Cambridge Building 165˝ 3d

Carlson Building 100 13th

Cathedral Hall Davis sw cor 15th N

Central Building 132 10th

Chamber of Commerce Building ns Stark bet 3d and 4th

Chambers Building Alder se cor 3d

Chambless Building 6508 Foster rd

Christensen’s Halls 169˝ 11th

Citizens Bank Building Grand av ne cor E Alder

City Hall bet 4th and 5th Madison and Columbia

City Jail Oak nw cor 2d

Columbia Building 365 Wash

Columbia Hall 231˝ Oak

Commercial Block 242 Wash

Commercial Block 549˝ WIlliams av

Commonwealth Building 6th N nw cor An-ken y

Concord Building 242˝ Stark

Consolidated Securities Building 84 6th

Corbett Building Morrison se cor 5th

Cotillion Hall 14th and Burnside

Couch Building 109 4th

County Court house 4th 5th Salmon and Main

Cremen Building 129 4th

Crosby Block 222˝ Crosby

Currier Building 106˝ S Jersey

Customs House Building 8th N and Davis

Dania Hall 185 Russell

Dekum Building 3d sw cor

Electric Building Alder ne cor Bway

Elks’ Temple 329 Stark (new temple Alder se cor 11th)

Evening Star Grange Hall Division and E 79th

Exchange Building, 2d se cor Stark

Failing Building 3d se cor Wash

Farnsworth Building 1364˝ Hawthorne av

Federal Building Morrison Yamhill 5th and 6th

Finnish Hall 719 Montana av

First National Bank Building 6th sw cor Stark

Fitzpatrick Building 403 Oak

Flatiron Building 311 Pine

Fliedner Building Wash nw cor 10th

Forestry Building Upshur ne cor 28th N

Frances Building 1092˝ Hawthorne av

Gasco Building 5th se cor Alder

Gerlinger Building 242˝ Alder

Gevurtz Hall 192˝ Gibbs

Glisan Block 40˝ 2d

Goodnough Building 5th ne cor Yamhill

Gordon Building 283 Stark

Gospel Hall E Stark nw cor E 29th

Graphic Arts Building 9th N ne cor Couch

Healy Building 386˝ E Morrison

Heilig Theatre Building Bway nw cor Taylor

Henry Building 4th sw cor Oak

Hibernia Hall 340 Russell

Hill Block 271˝ Russell

Hippodrome Building Bway nw cor Yamhill

I O O F Halls 426˝ E Alder; 652˝ Alberta; 444 Dekum av; 912˝ Williams av; 690˝ Lombard W; 2004 E Glisan; 9201 58th av; SE Leavitt se cor S Jersey; 165˝ E 13th; 104˝ Killingsworth av 10th and Salmon

I O O F Temple (in course of construction) 10th sw cor Salmon

Italian Hall 4th sw cor Mill

Japanese Buddhist Temple 86 10th N

Jeffery Building 182 Russell

Journal Building Bway se cor Yamhill

Joiner Building 302 N Jersey

Kamm Building 207˝ Pine

Kenton Masonic Hall Denver av se cor Kilpatrick W

Kern Building 14 Grand av N

Knights of Columbus Building Taylor sw cor Park

Labbe Building 227˝ Wash

Labor Temple 4th se cor Jefferson

Lafayette Building 313˝ Wash

Lambert & Sargent Building Grand av se cor E Alder

Lents Grange Hall 5805˝ 92d SE

Lewis Building Oak ne cor 4th

Liberty Hall Meade se cor 2d

Library Building 10th and Yamhill

Liebes Building 145-151 Bway S

Linnea Hall 666 Irving

Live Stock Exchange Building N Portland

Loeb Block 293˝ Stark

Logus Block 91˝ Grand av

Lumbermens Building 5th nw cor Stark

McChesney Building 416˝ N Jersey

McKay Building 3d SE cor Stark

Maccabee Hall 3d fl Selling-Hirsch Building

Macleay Building 286 Wash

Madison Building 250˝ 3d

Majestic Building 351˝ Wash

Manchester Building 85˝ 5th

Marshall-Wells Building 53 4th

Marguerite Hail Hawthorne av sw cor Marguerite av

Masonic Building (St Johns) 113˝ Philadelphia

Medical Building Alder ne cor Park

Merchants Trust Building 326˝ Wash

Milwaukie City Hall Milw

Milwaukie Grange Hall Milw

Mississippi Av Hall 795 Mississippi av

Modern Woodmen of America Hall 82 11th N

Mohawk Building 164 3d

Montgomery Ward Building 27th and Vaughn

Moose Hall (St Johns) 113˝ Philadelphia

Moose Temple 4th nw cor Taylor

Morgan Building ss Washington from Broadway to Park

Moyer Building 153˝ Russell

Mulky Building 231˝ Morrison

Murlark Hall 42˝ 23d N

Museum of Art 5th ne cor Taylor

Myler Building 84 W Park

Neighbors of Woodcraft Building Taylor se cor 10th

Newball Building 100-104 Grand av

New Market Block 7 1st

Northwestern Bank Building Morrison from 6th to Bway

Old Odd Fellows Building 226 Alder

Oregon Building 301 Oak

Oregonian Building 6th nw cor Alder

Pacific States Hall 409 Alder

Panama Building 132 3d

Park-Yamhill Building 167 Park

Peninsula Bank Building cor Philadelphia and S Jersey

Phoenlx Building 83˝ 5th

Pittock Block Wash Stark W Park and 10th

Platt Building Park sw cor Wash

Plummer Block 260˝ 3d

Polish Library Association Hall 810 Interstate av

Porter Building 6th sw cor Oak

Postoffice Building Glisan and Bway N

Povey Building 100 6th N

Pythian Building 388 Yamhill

Rabuck & Crum Building 5509˝ 72d SE

Railway Exchange Building ss Stark bet 3d and 4th

Raleigh Building Wash nw cor 6th

Red Men Hall Hawthorne av se cor E 9th

Reidt Block 1144˝ Union av N

Richmond Building 282˝ Alder

Roseway Dance Hall Richardson rd and Sandy blvd

Royal Annex 350˝ Morrison

Royal Building 346˝ Morrison

Russel Building 165˝ 4th

Russellville Grange Hall Base Line rd and Craig rd

St. Andrews Hall basement St. Andrews Parochial Sch

St. Lawrence Hall 590 3d

Salvation Army Citadel 6th N ne cor Ankeny

Scottish Rite Cathedral 163 Lownsdale

Seiberling-Lucas Building 151 4th

Selling Building Alder sw cor 6th

Selling-Hirsch Building ss Wash bet W Park and 10th

Sheen Building 1327 Hawthorne av

Sherlock Building 3d sw cor Oak

Sokols Hall 578 Duke av

Spalding Building Wash nw cor 3d

Spokane Building 1621˝ E 13th

Stag Auditorium 381˝ E Morrison

Sterns Building 6th ne cor Morrison

Stevens Building Wash se cor W Park

Stock Exchange Building 170 3d

Strahlman’s Hall E 13th nw cor Spokane

Strowbridge Building 1st nw cor Alder

Stubbs Building 73˝ 6th

Sunnyside Masonic Hall Hawthorne av sw cor E 39th

Swetland Building 5th se cor Wash

Swiss Hall 283˝ 3d

Telephone Building Oak se cor Park

Tilford Building 407 Morrison

Times Building 287˝ Wash

Title and Trust Building 89 4th

Tourney Building 207˝ 2d

Union Block 227˝ Stark

Union Station 6th N at Hoyt

Urfers Hall Haig cor Milwaukie

US Court House (Federal Building) 5th 6th Morrison and Yamhill

US National Bank Building 6th nw cor Stark

Vincent Block Sandy blvd sw cor E 43d N

Waldo Block 245˝ Washington

Washington Building 270˝ Wash

Washington Masonic Hall 446˝ E Burn side

Waverly Hall 811˝ Clinton

Weinhard Building 4th 5th and Oak

Wilcox Building 6th se cor Wash

Wood-Lark Building Alder ne cor W Park

Woodlaw Building 128 4th

Woodlawn Hall 444 Dekum av

W O W Halls 112 E 6th 334 Russell 4515 65th SE 202 S Jersey

W O W Temple 128 11th

Worcester Building 68 3d

Yeon Building 5th ne cor Alder

YMCA Building 6th nw cor Taylor

YWCA Building Bway ne cor Taylor

[source: Polk's Portland (Oregon) City Directory 1923 Vol. LIII. Portland, Oregon: R. L. Polk & Co., 1923.]

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