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[source: Polk's Portland City Directory. 1924, Volume LIX. Portland, Oregon: R. L. Polk & Co., 1924. page 1806]

A. N. Anderson  291 Washington
D. C. Bartholomew  124 6th N.
G. E. Baughman  1883 E. Glisan
Bowie & Caldwell  Pittock Block
G. O. Burnie  724 Alberta
Ben Canter  32 3d N.
J. J. Capri  152 Park
Vasco Christy  1652 E. 13th
Ash Clark 145 3d
Columbia Billiard Parlor 107 6th
F. L. Cox 14 E. 28th N.
Buono & Garbarino DeMartini 253 Union
East Side Billiard Parlors 141 Grand
Elite Billiard Parlor basement, Morgan Building
J. M. Elskamp 125 6th N.
H. H. Estes 121 Grand Ave.
Benj. Evans 447 Washington
Gus Farschman 523 24th N.
B. I. Fenne 110 6th
A. J. Franklin 400 Glisan
L. M. French 90 5th N.
John Gantenbein 2438 Sandy Blvd.
Glover & Allen 207 N. Jersey
Hanks & Fitzgerald 5931 92d S.E.
J. F. Harris 251 1st
C. O. Hauck 694 Milwaukie
J. R. Howard 725 Powell
Ireland & Lemon 470 Washington
Alf Jensen 541 Washington
Valentine Kandutsch 87 6th N.
W. J. Kelly 268 E. 37th
J. E. McGlashan 113 4th
J. H. McNamara 135 17th
G. W. Majors 761 Thurman
R. M. Malcolm 6252 Foster rd.
Wm. Mayer 133 4th
C. E. Meinecke 366 23d N.
Rudolph Michel 566 Umatilla Ave.
C. E. Montgomery 185 Park
Fred Nonemaker 9111 Foster Rd.
M. N. Parker 1129 Albina Ave.
Penney & Finnerman 9 Grand Ave. N.
Adolph Pfeifer Multnomah, Oregon
Ignazio Piazzi 694 Powell
Pioneer Billiard Parlors 108 6th N.
P. C. Psomas 235 Burnside
Benj. Pugliese 640 4th
Radio Billiard Parlor 208 N. Jersey
Rialto Billiard Parlor 348 Alder
Frank Robbins 1015 Belmont
C. H. Snider 200 Morrison
D. F. Skokolich 226 Madison
Montano Torrejos 272 Davis
Tozier & Neece 1137 Alvina Ave.
Joseph Turk 797 Nicolai
N. J. White 808 Lombard W.
Whitehouse Billiard Parlor 163 4th
Wildman & Co. 49 6th N.
W. H. Yandell 64 6th N.
Nick Zaharopoulos 28 2nd N.