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[source: Polk's Portland City Directory. 1924, Volume LIX. Portland, Oregon: R. L. Polk & Co., 1924. page 1965]

Automobile Stage

Astoria-Portland Division, Columbia Stages Park & Yamhill
Astoria-Seaside Division, Columbia Stages Park & Yamhill
Banks-Portland Division Stage Co. 6th & Salmon
Camas Stage Co. Park & Yamhill
Columbia Stages Park & Yamhill
Dunthorpe & Rivera Stages Park & Yamhill
Estacada-Portland Stage Co. 6th & Salmon
Gresham Stage Co. Park & Yamhill
Hood River-Multnomah Falls-The Dalles Division Stages Park & Yamhill
Kelso Division, Camas Stage Co. Park & Yamhill
Linnton Transit Co. station, Linnton
Molalla-Portland Stage Line 6th & Salmon
Mt. Hood Auto Stages Park & Yamhill
Municipal Stage Terminal 300 Salmon
Newberg-McMinnville-Tillamook Stages Park & Yamhill
Oregon Auto Stage Terminal Park & Yamhill
Pickwick Stage System 122 3rd
Portland-Hillsboro-McMinnville Stage Line Park & Yamhill
Portland-Newberg-McMinnville-Tillamook Stages Park & Yamhill
Portland-Tillamook Stages Park & Yamhill
Portland-Tillamook Transit Co. 6th & Salmon
Portland-Vancouver Stage Line Park & Yamhill
Portland & Oregon City Stage Line 6th & Salmon
Reliance Mt. Hood Stages Park & Yamhill
St. Helens Division, Columbia Stages Park & Yamhill
Salem-Albany Stage Line Park Park & Yamhill
San Francisco Division, West Coast Stage Line Park & Yamhill
Silverton Stage Line Park & Yamhill
Terwilliger Boulevard Stages 6th & Salmon
Tillamook Stage Line Park & Yamhill
Vancouver Stage Line Park & Yamhill
West Coast  Stage Line Line, San Francisco Division Park & Yamhill
West Portland & Multnomah Stages Park & Yamhill

Automobile Truck Lines

Auto Freight Lines 247 Davis
William Ekstrom 247 Davis
F. O. Farney 247 Davis
Hillsboro-Portland Truck Service 247 Davis
J. Jensen 247 Davis
Oregonian Fast Express 247 Davis
Pacific Transfer & Truck Line 211 Oak
Portland-Hood River Truck Line 368 Front
W. E. Spoor 247 Davis


Arnold Auto Rail Transportation System 821 Spalding Building
Astoria Southern Railway Co. 1005 NW Bank Building
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (Traffic Dept) 508 Spalding Building
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company 53 4th
Camas Prairie Railroad Company 538 Pittock Block
Canadian National Railways 120 3d
Canadian Pacific Railway Company 55 3rd
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company 602 Yeon Building
Chicago, Great Western Railroad Company 815 Spalding Building
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway 1107 Gasco Building
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway Company 1002 Gasco Building
Chicago & Northwestern Railway 911  Spalding Building
Colorado & Southern  Railway 602 Yeon Building
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Company 415 Failing Building
Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway 55 3rd
Fort Worth & Denver City Railway 602 Yeon Building
Gales Creek & Wilson River Railroad Company freight depot: 11th N, northwest corner of Hoyt
Grand Trunk Railway & Steamship company 120 3rd
Great Northern Railway Company (freight & passenger dept.) 201 Morgan Building
Great Southern Railroad Company 511 Corbett Building
Illinois Central Railroad Company 520 Spalding Building
Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Sault Ste. Marie Railway (Soo Line) 55 3rd
Missouri Pacific Railroad Company 209 Railway Exchange
North Coast Power Company 470 Pittock Building
Northern Pacific Terminal Company 15-18 Union Station
Oregon Electric Railway Co. 9th floor, Chamber of Commerce Building
Oregon Trunk Railway 9th floor, Chamber of Commerce Building
Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Company headquarters, Pittock Building
Pacific Fruit Express Company 525 Yeon Building
Portland Southern Railway 1124 Board of Trade Building
Portland & Southeastern Railroad Company 701 Couch Building
Pullman Company 25 Union Station
Soo Line (Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste Marie Railway) 55 3rd
Southern Pacific Company general offices: Yeon Building
ticket office: 4th, southwest corner of Stark
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway Company 8th and 9th floors, Chamber of Commerce Building
Sutherlin, Coos Bay & Eastern Railway Company 406 NW Bank Building
Union Pacific System headquarters, Pittock Block
United Railways System 9th floor, Chamber of Commerce Building
Valley & Siletz Railroad 705 NW Bank Building
Western Pacific Railroad Company 415 Failing Building
Willamina & Grande Ronde Railway 510  NW Bank Building

Steamship Companies

Steamship Companies  
Admiral Line 101 3rd
Admiral Oriental Line 424 Railway Exchange
Alaska Steamship Company 308 Concord Building
Babbidge & Holt River Transportation Company foot of Main
Bollam Steamship Agency 122 3rd
Canadian Pacific Steamships, Ltd. 55 3rd
Chalmers & Cartwright Inc. 901 Porter Building
Clatskanie Transportation Company foot of Couch
Columbia Pacific Shipping co. 810 Porter Building
Cunard Steamship Co. Ltd. 105 3rd
French Line 105 3rd
General Steamship Corp. 212 Porter Building
Grand Trunk Railway & Steamship Company 120 3rd
Greyhound Transportation Co. foot of Taylor
Hamburg-American Lines 105 3rd
Harkins Transportation Co. foot of Alder
Hosford Transportation Co. 181 Oak
Isthmian Steamship Lines 400 Yeon Building
Johnson Line 105 3rd
K Line 914 Lewis Building
Luckenbach Steamship Co. Inc. 708 Spalding Building
McCormmick Steamship Company 181 Burnside
Matson Navigation Co. 105 3rd
Nelson Steamship Company Albers Dock No. 3
Nippon Usen-Kaisha 105 3rd
North German Lloyd Steamship Company 105 3rd
Oregon Fir Inc. 625 Railway Exchange
Oregon Pine Inc. 625 Railway Exchange
Pacific Steamship Co. 101 3rd
Royal Mail Steam Packet 105 3rd
San Francisco & Portland Steamship Company Ainsworth dock
headquarters: Pittock Block
Scandinavian-American Line 105 3rd
Shaver Transportation Co. foot of Davis
Swedish-American Line 105 3rd
Transmarine Corp. 203 Wilcox Building
United American Lines 810 Porter Building
United States Lines 105 3rd
Waterhouse Frank Inc. 611 Lewis Building
West Coast Navigation Co. 909 Board of Trade Building
Western Transportation Co. 654 Pittock Block
White Star Line 105 3rd
Yamashita Co. Inc. 1109 Porter Building

Street Railways

Kenton Traction Co. N. Portland
Portland Electric Power Co. Electric Building