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Polk's Portland (Oregon) City Directory 1930



"The Rose City"


Commission Form of Government

Area—66.86 square miles.

Altitude—100 feet average.

Assessed Valuation—$374,428,935.00, with 48.600 mill tax.

Parks number 60 with 2,292 acres, valued at $11,000,000.00.

City's bonded debt is $47,780,176.54, including improvement bonds.

Financial—21 banks, 3 trust companies, with total deposits of #362,056,125.00 and clearings of $2,653,703,000.00 for 1929.

Post Office receipts—$3,108,494.97 (1929).

Telephones in service January 1, 1930—97,779.

Church buildings—230.

Building and construction—Building permits number 7,700 with a value of $15,493,310.00.

Industry—Number of establishments 1,254, employing 55,000, exclusive of office employees, owners and managers, and having products valued at $275,000,000.00.

Trade—Territory (retail) serve 536,819 people within the trading area covering in a radius of 75 miles. Jobbing territory serves 1,850,000 people, within a radius of 350 miles.


Hotels—There are 261 hotels with a total of 15,194 rooms. Total number of commercial hotels 59 with 5,597 rooms. Newest hotel built in 1928.

City served by 5 Railroads, as follows: Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Spokane, Portland & Seattle.

Amusements—Largest theatre or auditorium seats 5,500 people. There are 62 theatres, with a total seating capacity of 55,620 people.

Hospitals—34, with 2,657 beds.

Education—Two colleges offering courses in the arts and sciences, four professional colleges, five commercial colleges, two schools of divinity. Number of schools 80, including 9 high schools, 49 parochial and diocesan schools. Number of pupils in public schools, 49,059, in private schools, 8,819. Total of all teachers is 1,700. Value of all school property, private and public, approximately $19,280,790.61.

Libraries—Public library, 509,612 volumes; Multnomah Law Library, 29,662 volumes.

City Statistics—Street mileage 1243.45 miles, with 697.38 miles paves and 103.62 macadamized. Miles of gas mains laid 1864; sewers 973.99; electric street railway 207˝. Capacity of water works, owned by the municipality, 192,000,000 gallons, daily average pump of 37,500,000 gallons, with 1129.239 miles of mains, value of plant estimated at $24,000,000.00. Fire department employs 517 men with following equipment; 13 automobiles, 25 engines, 17 (2 straight chemical) hose and chemical wagons, 8 hook and ladder trucks, 2 squad wagons, 4 commercial trucks, 3 fire boats, 36 station houses, 3 fire boat houses. Police Department has 459 men, with 4 stations and 58 pieces of motor equipment (automobiles), 2 patrol wagons and 39 motorcycles.

[source: Polk's Portland (Oregon) City Directory 1930 Vol. LXV. Portland, Oregon: R. L. Polk & Co., 1930.]