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Polk's Portland (Oregon) City Directory 1930

Hospitals and Dispensaries

Baby Hospital, 1907 Savier

Campbell Alice M., 862 Northrup

City Isolation Hospital, 94th SE and Powell Valley rd

Coffey Robert C Dr Clinic and Hospital, 611 Lovejoy

Dornbecker Memorial Hospital for Children, of the University of Oregon Medical School, Marquam Hill

East Side Clinic Hospital, 423 Pacific

Elvers Hospital, 672 Holladay ave

Emanuel Hospital, 600 Commercial

Emergency Hospital, 241 Oak R402

Englewood Convalescent & Rest Home, 1090 Simpson

Good Samaritan Hospital, south side of Marshall between 22nd N and 23nd N

Hart Ethel N Maternity & Surgical Hospital, 1095 Williams Ave

Juvenile Hospital for Girls, Baker rd RD 9 box 260

Keys Health Cottage, Base Line rd, RD 9

Lloyd Boulevard Hospital, 424 Oregon

Medical-Dental Surgeries, 308 Medical-Dental bldg

Morningside Hospital, E Stark near Craig Rd

Mountain View Sanitarium, office 213 Medical Arts bldg

Multnomah County Isolation Hospital, Powell Valley road near 96th SE

Multnomah Hospital, Marquam Hill

Porter Rest Home, 68 E 86th N

Portland Convalescent Hospital, 862 Marshall

Portland Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, 144 18th N.

Portland Maternity Hospital, 742 Overton

Portland Medical Hospital, 619 Lovejoy

Portland Open Air Sanatorium, Milwaukie, office 516 Medical Arts Building

Portland Sanitarium, E 60th, southeast corner Belmont

Portland Surgical Hospital, (see Dr Robert C. Coffey clinic), 611 Lovejoy

Public Surgery Corp, 607 Medical Arts Bldg

St Vincents Hospital, Cornell, head of Hoyt

Sellwood General Hospital, 575 Harney

Shrine Hospital for Crippled children, Sandy Blvd and E 82nd N.

Southern Oregon Hospital Association, 403 American Bank Building

U. S. Marine Hospital Service, 425 Mayer bldg

U. S. Veterans Hospital, Sam Jackson Pk.

Weatherly Building Surgical Hospital, 1012 Weatherly bldg

White Shield Home (The Salvation Army), Women's Social Service Dept, 565 Mayfair Ave.

Wilcox Memorial Hospital, 752 Marshall


Constructive Health Service, 669 Union ave N.

Derr Sanitarium and Neal Rest Home, 627 Kearney

Englewood Convalescent & Rest Home, 1090 Simpson

Glendoveer Santiarium, 2328 E Glisan

Home for Invalids, 135 Curry

Kelp Sanitarium, 1121 Union av N

Kyler's Bertha Mrs. Convalescent Home, 0735 E 57th N

Mt Tabor Sanitarium, 1174 E Stark

Oregon Sanatorium, 499 Union Ave n.

Portland Open Air Sanatorium, Milwaukie, office 516 Medical Arts Building

Portland Sanitarium, E 60th, southeast corner Belmont

Rest Haven Sanitarium, 794 Johnson

Villa Rest Home, 2005 E Burnside

Waverleigh Sanitarium, 895 Powell blvd

Willamette Boulevard Sanitarium, 467 Willamette blvd

[source: Polk's Portland (Oregon) City Directory 1930 Vol. LXV. Portland, Oregon: R. L. Polk & Co., 1930. Pages 2432-2433, 2508]