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Much of the information given in City Directories is abbreviated. There are abbreviations for names and places, for direction, for occupation, and for corporations. All but the last remain fairly consistent from year-to-year. The first three category of abbreviations are given here, but not the last. If you need help with a company abbreviation, please email me.

names and places

Abr Abraham
Albt Albert
Alex Alexander
Alf Alfred
Andw Andrew
Arch Archibald
Art Arthur
Aug Augustus
Benj Benjamin
Cath Catherine
Chas Charles
Danl Daniel
Edw Edward
Eliz Elizabeth
Eug Eugene
Fredk Frederick
Geo George
Jas James
Jno John
Jos Joseph
Kath Katherine
Margt Margaret
Michl Michael
Milw Milwaukie
Or Oregon
P C Pacific Coast
Pac Pacific
Patk Patrick
Port Portland
Rev Reverend
Richd Richard
Robt Robert
Saml Samuel
Slwd Sellwood
Sol Solomon
Steph Stephen
Theo Theodore
Thos Thomas
Wash Washington
Wm William


acct accountant
agri agricultural
agt agent
Am American
appr apprentice
archt architect
assn association
assst assistant
auto automobile
bgmn baggageman
bkbndr bookbinder
bkpr bookkeeper
blksmth blacksmith
brklyr bricklayer
brkman brakeman
brtndr bartender
carp carpenter
cashr cashier
cbtmkr cabinetmaker
chauf chauffeur
CS prac Christian Science practitioner
civ eng civil engineer
clk clerk
clnr cleaner
coll college
colr collector
comm commission
comnr commissioner
comp compositor
cond conductor
conf confectioner
Cong Congregational
cons eng consulting engineer
contg contracting
contr contractor
corres correspondent
ctr cutter
dep deputy
dept department
dftsmn draftsman
dlr dealer
drsmkr dressmaker
elec electric or electrician
electro electrotyper
elev elevator
emp employee
eng engine or engineer
engr engraver
Epis Episcopal
est Estate
Exch Exchange
exp expressman
frmn foreman
frt freight
ftr fitter
furn furniture
furngs furnishings
gen general
gds goods
hdwe hardware
hlpr helper
hndlr handler
Hosp Hospital
impts implements
inc incorporated
ins insurance
inspr inspector
lab laborer
lbr lumber
lithogr lithographer
lndy laundry
Luth Lutheran
lyr layer
mach machinist
mdse merchandise
M.E. Methodist Episcopal
mech mechanic
mfg manufacturing
mfr manufacturer
mgr manager
mkr maker
mkt market
mldr moulder
mlnr milliner
msgr messenger
mus music
mut mutual
Natl National
opr operator
pdlr peddler
photgr photographer
phys physician
pkr packer
plmbr plumber
plstr plasterer
pntr painter
PO post office
pres president
Presby Presbyterian
prin principal
prop proprietor
prsfdr pressfeeder
prsmn pressman
ptnmkr patternmaker
publr publisher
R C Roman Catholic
rep representative
repr repairer
restr restaurant
slsm salesman
Sch School
sec secretary
smstrs seamstress
solr solicitor
spl special
stengr stenographer
stereo stereotyper
stmr steamer
supt superintendent
surg surgeon
surv surveyor
tchr teacher
tel telephone
telg telegraph
tmkpr timekeeper
tmstr teamster
tndr tender
trav traveling
treas treasurer
trmr trimmer
undtkr undertaker
uphlstr upholsterer
vet veterinary
whol wholesale
whsmn warehouseman
wid widow
wkr worker
wks works


add addition
apts apartments
av avenue
bet between
bldg building
blk block
boul boulevard
cor corner
ct court
dist district
div division
dr drive
E or e east
elev elevator
es east side
fl floor
ft foot
furn rms furnished rooms
h house
hosp hospital
m mile
N or n north
ne northeast
nr near
ns north side
nw northwest
opp opposite
pk park
pl place
PO postoffice
r rooms
RFD rural free delivery
RMS railway mail service
rd read
S or s south
se southeast
ss south side
sta station
stmr steamer
sw southwest
ter terrace
W or w west
ws west side