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D. (1890) From N. Front west to N.18th, nine north of Washington. 1891 became: Davis.

D. East Portland addition. 1891 became: E. Davis.

D. Burrage tract addition. 1891 became: Lyman.

D. John Irving's addition. 1891 became: E. 19th.

D. McMillen's addition. 1891 became: Clackamas.

D. Patton's addition. 1891 became: Minnesota Ave.

D. Peninsular No. 2 addition. 1891 became: Foster.

D. Piedmont addition. 1891 became: Cleveland Ave.

D. Riverside addition. 1891 became: Webster.

D St. 1928 became: S.W. Bertha Blvd.

Dakota. (1891) From Lowell Ave., south to Seymour Ave. [until 1891, known as Illinois].

Dakota. Albina addition. 1891 became: E. 9th.

S.W. Dakota St. (1915) From 1425 Macadam west to 13th. (1932) 1 north of Nebraska, west from Macadam to Corbett.

Dale 1928 became: S.E. Malden Ct.

N. Dana. (1915) From 605 Winchell north to Newark. 1931 became: N. Dana Ave.

N. Dana Ave. (1932) 2 east of Dwight, north from Winchell to Columbia Blvd. [until , known as N. Dana].

S.E. Daniels. Tremont Place addition. -1915.

Dartmouth. Albina addition. 1891 became: E.9th.

N. Dartmouth 1915 became: N. Rutledge.

Davenport. Grover's addition, (1890) An extension of Patton Road in Grover's Addition. (1891) On the Heights, from Jasper winding northerly to opposite head of 14th. 1931 became: S.W. Davenport St.

S.W. Davenport St. (1932) East from Patton near 17th to 7th St. [until 1931, known as Davenport].

Davis. (1890) From Willamette west to S. First, five south of Woods., 1891 name changed from D; from the river west to 19th. , 1915 (NW). [until 1891, known as]. 1931 became: N.W. Davis St.

Davis. (1890) From river west to 2nd, 5 south of Woods. 1891 became: Pennoyer.

Davis. (1891) Upshur North to Sherlock Ave. (1890) From Sherlock Ave. South to W, between N.18th and N.19th. 1891 became: Watson.

E. Davis. East Portland addition. (1891) From the river east to E.23rd. [until 1891, known as D]. 1931 became: N.E. Davis St.

Davis Ave. Albina addition. 1891 became: Jarrett.

Davis St. Albina addition, (1873) from Page street to Russell St., 4 west of Williams. 1891 became: Commercial St.

N.E. Davis St. (1932) 3 south of Glisan, east from river to 90th. [until 1931, known as E. Davis].

N.W. Davis St. (1932) 2 north of Burnside, west from river to 22nd. [until 1931, known as Davis].

Dawson. St. Johns addition. (1891) From McKenna Ave. east to Newman. 1915 became: N. Dawson.

N. Dawson 1915 became: N. Lombard.

N. Dawson. St. Johns addition. [until 1915, known as Dawson].

Dayton. Albina addition, (1891) From Modoc north to Depot. [until 1891, known as 6th].

De Pauw. (1891) From McKenna Ave. east to Newman. 1915 became: N. Depauw.

S.W. De Roo Ave. Capitol Hill addition, -1915.

Dean 1928 became: S.E. 67th Ave.

S.E. Dean Ave. Brentwood addition, -1915.

N.E. Dean St. Woodlawn addition, (1932) Northeast from Durham to 13th.

Dearborn Ave. 7th St. Terrace addition, (1891) From Alpine Ave. east to Chelmsford Ave. [until 1891, known as Terrace Ave.]. 1931 became: S.W. Dearborn St.

S.W. Dearborn St.

S.E. Deardorf Rd. (1932) To Mt. Scott cemetery.

Deardorff Rd. 1928 became: Mt. Scott Blvd.

Decatur. St. Johns addition. (1891) From Fessenden southeast to Buchanan. [until 1891, known as 4th]. 1931 became: N. Decatur St.

N. Decatur St. (1932) West from Pierce to Catlin. [until 1931, known as Decatur].

Dekum Ave. Albina addition, (1891) From Vancouver Ave. east to E.13th., 1915 (N) from 1421 Patton Ave. east to line of E 21st, 5th north of Killingsworth. [until 1891, known as Columbia Ave., Belmont Ave.]. 1915 became: N. Dekum Ave.

N. Dekum Ave. Albina addition, (1915) From 1421 Patton Ave. east to line of E 21st, 5th north of Killingsworth. [until 1891, known as Columbia Ave., Belmont Ave.]. 1915 became: N. Dekum Ave.

E. Delano. (1915) From E. 80th to E. 84th between E.Taylor and E. Salmon. 1931 became: S.E. Taylor Court.

Delaware Ave. Albina addition, (1891) From Prescott north to City Boundary. [until 1891, known as River, E. A, & 11th]. 1915 became: N. Delaware Ave.

N. Delaware Ave. (1915) From Prescott north to Newark, fourth west of Patton Ave. (1932) 3 east of Greeley north from Going and Greeley to 6th. [until 1915, known as Delaware Ave.].

Delay. Albina addition, (1891) From Russell north to Cook Ave. [until 1891, known as Helm]. 1915 became: N.E. Delay.

N.E. Delay. (1915) From 488 Goldsmith north to Cook Ave. [until 1915, known as Delay].

S.W. Dement St. (1932) At Spring Garden St.

N. Dennis 1915 became: E. 12th.

S.E. Dent. Tibbetts addition, -1915.

Denver Ave. Albina addition, (1891) From Fay north to Pippen. [until 1891, known as State, East Ave., & 16th]. 1915 became: N. Denver Ave.

N. Denver Ave. (1915) From 101 Going north to Lombard, second west of Patton Ave. (1932) 5 west of Interstate, north from Prescott ot Interstate Bridge. [until 1915, known as Denver Ave.].

Deodora 1928 became: S.E. 120th Av.

N. Depauw St. (1915) From 1567 Haven west to McKenna Ave. (1932) West from Stafford to Westanna. [until 1915, known as De Pauw].

Depot. St. Johns addition. (1891) From Charleston east to Bucahan, 1915 (N) St. Johns. [until 1891, known as Depot Ave.]. 1915 became: N. Depot.

N. Depot. St. Johns addition. [until 1915, known as Depot].

Depot Ave. St. Johns addition. 1891 became: Depot.

S.W. Depot Ave. Capitol Hill addition, -1915.

N. Derby. (1915) (N) From Lombard north to Argyle, sixth west of Patton Ave.

Detroit Ave. Albina addition, (1891) From Killingsworth Ave. north to Portland Blvd, 1915 (N) from 125 Killingsworth Ave. north to Portland Blvd. [until 1891, known as West Ave.]. 1915 became: N. Detroit Ave.

N. Detroit Ave. Albina addition, (1915) From 125 Killingsworth Ave. north to Portland Blvd. (1932) 6 west of Interstate north from Skidmore Court to Colonial. [until 1915, known as Detroit Ave.].

Dewar Ave.. Wood's addition, -1915. 1931 became: S.W. Dewar Ave.

S.W. Dewar Ave.. (1932) South of Barnes Rd. [until 1931, known as Dewar Ave.].

S.E. Dewitt Ave. Brentwood addition, -1915.

S.W. Dewitt Way. (1932) South of Bertha-Beaverton Hwy at Fairvale.

S.W. Diamond Terrace. Fulton Park addition, -1915.

N. Dickens St. St. Johns addition. (1932) Between John and Charleston, 4 north of Lombard.

Dillard Ave. 1928 became: S.W. 51st Ave.

N.W. Dinwiddie Terrace

Division. (1891) From the river east to. 1915 became: S.E. Division St.

Division. Albina addition. 1891 became: Killingsworth Ave.

Division 1928 became: S.W. 46th Ave.

Division 1928 became: S.W. 62nd Ave.

E. Division. East Fairlawn addition, -1915.

S.E. Division St. (1915) From 479 E. 3rd to City Boundary line, tenth south of Hawthorne Ave. (1932) 2 north of Clinton, east from river to 82nd. [until 1915, known as Division].

S.E. Division St. [until , known as Section Line Rd].

Dixon. (1891) From Goldsmith northeast to Wheeler. 1915 became: N. Dixon St.

N. Dixon St. (1915) 1 north of Broadway, east from Interstate to Wheeler. [until 1915, known as Dixon].

N.W. Doane St.

Dodge. Albina addition. 1891 became: Hodge.

S.E. Dodson. Berkeley addition, -1915.

S.W. Dolph Court. (1932) Between S.W. 14th & S.W. 19th.

S.W. Dolph St. (1915) From 6th to 10th, 100 feet north of south city limits. (1932) Carson Hts.

Donald 1928 became: S.W. Miles St.

Donald 1928 became: S.W. Texas Ave.

S.W. Donner Way. (1932) From Fairmont Blvd. to Bertha Ave.

E. Donohoe. South West Sunnyside addition. 1915 became: E.Grant.

Dorchester 1928 became: S.E. Tenino Dr.

S.E. Dorchester. (1915) n of Errol Station.

S.W. Dosch Rd.

E. Douglas Ave. Myrtle Park addition, -1915.

S.W. Douglas Place. (1932) 2 west of Vista at Park Ave. [until 1931, known as W. Douglas Place].

W. Douglas Place. (1915) 2 west Ford from Park Ave. south. 1931 became: S.W. Douglas Place.

Dover. (1891) From Thurman north to Vaughn. [until 1891, known as N. 25th]. 1915 became: N.W. Dover.

N.W. Dover. -1915. [until 1915, known as Dover].

S.E. Dover. Brentwood addition, -1915.

Dow 1928 became: S.E. 65th Ave.

S.E. Dow Ave. Brentwood addition, -1915.

Drew. Albina addition, (1891) From Druid east to Newman. [until 1891, known as 15th]. 1915 became: N. Drew.

N. Drew St. (1915) From 703 north to Trenton. (1932) Northwest from Newman to Haven. [until 1915, known as Drew].

E. Drive. Carter's addition. 1891 became: Market Street Drive.

N. Druid. (1915) From 703 Newman north to Trenton. 1931 became: N. Druid Ave.

N. Druid Ave. (1932) 4 west of Dwight at Willis Blvd, north from Drew to Trenton. [until , known as N. Druid].

Drummond. Albina addition, (1891) From McPherson north to City Boundary. [until 1891, known as E]. 1915 became: N. Drummond.

N. Drummond. (1915) 331 Lombard north to Columbia Blvd. 1931 became: N. Drummond Ave.

N. Drummond Ave. (1932) 2 west of Peninsular, north from Lombard to Columbia Blvd. [until 1931, known as N. Drummond].

N.E. Duddleston St. (1932) East of 82nd and South of Fremont.

Duke Ave. City View Park addition, (1915) From City View Park east to line of E.72nd forming Southern Boundary of city. 1931 became: S.E. Duke St.

S.E. Duke St. (1932) 3 north of Bybee, east from 14th to city limits (102nd). [until 1931, known as Duke Ave., 65th Ave. S.E. (from 41st to 102nd)].

N.E. Dunckley St. Alameda Park addition, (1915) (1932) Southeast from 24th at Mason, to 33rd.

Dupont. (1891) From Goldsmith northeast to Benton, 1915 (NE) from 435 Larrabee northeast to Ross.

Durham. Fulton addition. 1928 became: S.W. 15th Ave.

Durham Ave. Albina addition, (1891) From Riggen north to Madrona. [until 1891, known as Willamette Ave.]. 1915 became: N. Durham Ave.

N. Durham Ave. (1915) In Woodlawn, from 1400 Madrona southeast to Holman. [until 1915, known as Durham Ave.]. 1931 became: N.E. Durham St.

N.E. Durham St. (1932) Southeast from Madrona to Holman. [until 1931, known as N. Durham Ave.].

N. Dwight. (1915) From 655 Lombard north to Columbia Blvd. 1931 became: N. Dwight Ave.

N. Dwight Ave. (1932) North from Syracuse to Columbia Blvd. [until 1931, known as N. Dwight].

N.E. Dyer St. (1932) Beyond 82nd & Sandy.

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