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G. (1890) From N.Front west to twentyby third, twelve north of Washington. 1891 became: Glisan.

G. East Portland addition. 1891 became: E. Ankeny.

G. East Portland addition. 1891 became: E.27th.

G. Clifford addition. 1891 became: Mississippi Ave.

G. Peninsular addition. 1891 became: Endicott.

G. Riverside addition. 1891 became: Brainard.

G. Willamette addition. 1891 became: Milton.

G St. 1928 became: S.W. Dewitt St.

Gaines. (1890) From Willamette west to 21st, six south of Woods. (1891) From the river west to 2nd., 1915 (SW) from the river west to 875 2nd. Street crossings same as Abernethy. 1915 became: S.W. Gaines.

Gaines St. Albina addition. 1891 became: Gantenbein Ave.

S.W. Gaines St. (1915) From the river west to 875 2nd. (1932) 3 south of Gibbs, west from Moody to 16th. [until 1915, known as Gaines].

S.W. Gale Ave.

N. Gammans Place. (1932) 1 south of Lombard between Burrage ad Wilbur.

Gantenbein Ave. Albina addition, (1891) From Page north to. [until 1891, known as Gaines, Prescott].

N. Gantenbein Ave. (1932) 2 west of Williams, north from Hancock to Alberta.

Garden 1928 became: S.W. Canterbury St.

S.W. Garden Home Rd. (1915) From Mt. Zion southwesterly to Garden Home. (1932) Begins at Talbot & Dosch Rd., southwest through Green Hills.

Gardner 1928 became: S.E. 68th Ave.

Gardner 1928 became: S.E. 68th Ave.

S.E. Gardner Ave.. Brentwood addition, by 1915.

Garfield. Albina addition, (1891) From Fremont north to Woodlawn. [until 1891, known as Columbia Ave. & A].

Garfield 1928 became: S.W. Brugger St.

N. Garfield Ave.. (1915) From 355 Fremont north to Bryant, first west of Union Ave. N.

N.E. Garfield Ave.. (1932) 1 west of Union, from Fremont to Morgan.

S.W. Garfield St.

S.E. Garland. Ideal View addition, by 1915.

S.W. Garnet Terrace. Fulton Park addition, by 1915.

Garnett 1891 became: Borthwick.

Garnett. Albina addition. 1891 became: Borthwick.

E. Gaston Ave. (1915) South of Woodmere.

S.W. Gaston Ave. (1932) West of Council Crest, talbot and Fairmont Blvd.

N. Gay. (1915) From 157 Prescott north to Killingsworth Ave., third west of Patton Ave. 1931 became: N. Gay Ave.

N. Gay Ave. (1932) 4 east of Greeley, north from Prescott to Portland Blvd. [until 1931, known as N. Gay].

Gaymon Blvd. 1928 became: S.W. 35th Ave.

N.E. Geneva. Dudley's Acres addition, by 1915.

N. Geneva Ave. (1932) 1 east of Wall at Houghton, north from Houghton to Columbia Blvd.

N.E. George. Cook's 2d addition, (1915) From Willamette Blvd. to Revere.

S.E. George. Laurelwood addition, by 1915.

Georgia. Southern Portland addition. (1891) From Nevada south to Nebraska. (1915)not listed. [until 1891, known as Park & Oregon].

Georgia. Albina addition. 1891 became: Grove.

S.W. Georgian Place. (1932) Northwest from Patton Rd. to Vista Ave.

S.W. Gerald Ave. (1932) West from Terrace Drive at High St.

W. Gerald Ave. Portland Hts addition, by 1915.

N.W. Germantown Court

N.W. Germantown Rd.

S.E. Gerould Ave.. Tremont Place addition. by 1915.

Gertrude Ave. 1891 became: Humboldt.

Gibbs. (1890) From Willamette west to S.3rd, two south of Woods. (1891) From the river west to 3rd, 1915 (SW) from the river west to 17th, intersecting Corbett at 795. Street crossings the same as Abernethy. by 1915 became: S.W. Gibbs.

Gibbs St. Albina addition, (1873) From Russell St. to Page St. 7 west of Williams. 1891 became: Borthwick.

S.W. Gibbs St. (1915) From the river west to 17th, intersecting Corbett at 795. (1932) West from Moody to 16th. [until by 1915, known as Gibbs].

S.E. Gibson. Redlichton addition, by 1915.

S.E. Gideon. Tibbetts addition, (1915) From 530 Milwaukie southeast to Short.

Gilbert. Albina addition. 1891 became: Ainsworth Ave.

N. Gilbert. Northern Hill addition, by 1915.

N. Gilbert. South St. Johns addition. 1915 became: Seneca.

Gilbert Rd. 1928 became: S.E. Harold St.

S.E. Gilham Ave. [until 1931, known as Matteson Ave.].

N.E. Gillespie. Norton's Subdivision addition, by 1915.

S.E. Gillespie. Third Electric addition, by 1915.

Gilliam. Kennedy's addition, by 1915.

Girard. Albina addition, (1891) From Haven east to Newman. [until 1891, known as 14th]. by 1915 became: N. Girard.

N. Girard. Albina addition, (1915) From 1697 Newman west to Haven. [until by 1915, known as Girard].

Gladstone. Kenilworth addition. 1915 became: S.E. Gladstone Ave.

S.E. Gladstone Ave. by 1915. [until 1915, known as Gladstone Ave.]. 1931 became: S.E. Gladstone St.

S.E. Gladstone St. (1932) East from 22nd to 82nd. [until 1931, known as S.E. Gladstone Ave., 41st Ave. S.E. (between 42nd & 82nd)].

E. Gladys. Piggott's addition. 1915 became: Broadway.

E. Gladys. Southwest Sunnyside addition. 1915 became: E. Harrison.

S.W. Glen. Marquam Road addition, by 1915.

S.W. Glen Cullen Ave.

E. Glenhaven Ave. (1915) From Halsey north to Broadway between E.74th and E.75th.

E. Glenn Ave. (1915) From E. Salmon south to Arnold, between E.32nd and 33rd.

N. Glenn Ave. by 1915 became: N.E. Glenn Ave.

N.E. Glenn Ave. (1915) From 1 block north of Holman south to Laramie. [until by 1915, known as N. Glenn Ave.]. 1931 became: N.E. 32nd Place.

S.E. Glenwood Ave. City View Park addition, by 1915.

Glisan. (1891) From the river west to junction 24th and Cornell Rd. [until 1891, known as G].

E. Glisan by 1915 became: N.E. Glisan.

N.E. Glisan St. (1915) From 115 E.1st N, to E.82nd, fifth north of E.Burnside. (1932) East from 1st to 92nd. [until by 1915, known as Glisan].

N.W. Glisan St. (1932) West from river to Westover.

N. Gloucester Ave. (1932) North of Portsmouth, from Lombard to Hodge.

Going. Albina addition, (1891) From the river Vancouver Ave. east to E. 14th. [until 1891, known as Broadway]. by 1915 became: N. Going.

Going. Albina addition. 1891 became: Prescott.

N. Going Court. (1931) 2 south of Interstate, between Commercial and Denver. [until 1931, known as N. Going St.].

N. Going St. Albina addition, (1915) From 965 Patton Ave. east to E. 42nd. (1931) 2 south of Albert, west from Williams to Delaware. [until , known as Going (bef 1915) & North Penn St. (1931)]. 1931 became: N. Going Court.

N.E. Going St. (1931) 2 south of Alberta.

Gold 1891 became: Guild.

S.W. Golden Terrace. Fulton Park addition, by 1915.

E. Goldman Ave.. Wheatland No. 2 addition, by 1915.

Goldsmith. Albina addition, (1891) From old E.P. line northwest to Russell. by 1915 became: N.E. Goldsmith.

N.E. Goldsmith. Albina addition, (1915) From 136 Hancock north to Albina Ave. thence northwest to Russell, thence north to Knott. [until by 1915, known as Goldsmith].

S.E. Good. Bruce's addition, by 1915.

Goodrich 1928 became: S.E. 68th Av.

Gordon. Albina addition, (1891) From Madrona east to Mcclure. [until 1891, known as 5th].

Gordon 1928 became: S.W. 38th Ave.

N.W. Gordon Ave. Blyth's Wood addition, by 1915.

N.W. Gordon St.

N. Goucester. (1915) From 805 Lombard north to Hodge.

S.W. Graell Dr.

N.E. Graham Ave. (1915) From 577 Delay east to E. 82nd St. 1931 became: N.E. Graham St.

N.E. Graham Place. (1932) 1 south of N.E. Stanton at N.E. 70th.

N. Graham St. (1932) 2 north of Russell, west from Williams to Interstate.

N.E. Graham St. [until 1931, known as N.E. Graham Ave.].

Grand Ave. Fullerton addition. 1915 became: Beech.

E. Grand Ave. (1915) From 395 E. Ankeney south to Franklin, fifth east of the river. [until by 1915, known as N. Grand Ave.].

N. Grand Ave. by 1915 became: E. & S.E. Grand Ave.

N. Grand Ave. (1915) From 395 E. Ankeny north to Morgan, fifth east of the river.

N.E. Grand Ave. (1915) From 395 E. Ankeny north to Morgan, fifth east of the river. (1932) 1 east of Union north from Burnside to McClellan.

S.E. Grand Ave. (1915) From 395 E. Ankeney south to Franklin, fifth east of the river. (1932) 6 east of river at E. Morriso south from E. Ankeny to Ochoco. [until by 1915, known as N. Grand Ave.].

N.W. Grandview Ave. (1932) Running west from Hillside Dr.

Granite. Kings Hts addition, (1891) South of Edwards Ave. [until 1891, known as Fir].

Grant. (1890) From Hood west to S.7th, eight north of Woods. (1891) From Moody west to 7th, 1915 (SW) from 875 Hood west to 7th. Streets as above, but Vancouver Ave. is changed to Moody. by 1915 became: S.W. Grant.

Grant. Albina addition. 1891 became: Halleck.

Grant. HP addition. 1891 became: E. 17th.

Grant. East Portland addition. 1891 became: Hancock.

Grant 1928 became: S.W. Orchid St.

Grant Ave. 1928 became: S.W. Carolina St.

S.E. Grant Court. (1932) 4 north of Clinton, between S.E. Grant & S.E. Sherman. [until 1931, known as E. Grant St. & Arnold St.].

Grant St. Albina addition, (1873) From Russell St. to Page St. 5 west of Williams. 1891 became: Hancock.

E. Grant St. (1915) From the river east to E. 50th, seventh south of Hawthorne Ave. 1931 became: S.E. Grant Court.

S.E. Grant St. (1932) 3 north of Division, from river to 75th Ave. [until 1931, known as Mixter St.].

S.W. Grant St. (1915) From 875 Hood west to 7th. (1932) 1 south of Lincoln, west from Hood to Broadway. [until by 1915, known as Grant].

N. Gravenstein Ave. (1915) From 385 Lombard north to Baldwin. (1932) 1 east of Wabash, at Lombard.

S.E. Gray. Gray Tract addition, by 1915.

S.E. Gray. Kern Park addition, by 1915.

S.E. Gray. La Dene Park, addition, by 1915.

E. Gray Ave. Villa HIll addition, by 1915.

S.E. Gray Ave. (1915) South continuation of E.82nd.

Greeley. Albina addition, (1891) From Killingsworth north to Pippen. [until 1891, known as 8th]. by 1915 became: N. Greeley.

Greeley 1928 became: S.W. Logan St.

N. Greeley. Albina addition, (1915) From 265 Killingsworth Ave. north to Lombard. [until by 1915, known as Greeley]. 1931 became: N. Greeley Ave.

N. Greeley Ave. St. Johns addition. (1932) North from Delaware to Lombard. [until 1931, known as N. Greeley].

Green Ave. Cedar Hill addition, by 1915. 1931 became: S.W. Green Ave.

S.W. Green Ave. [until 1931, known as Green Ave.].

Green St. 1928 became: S.W. Falcon St.

Greenbaum. Albina addition. 1891 became: Morgan.

N.W. Greenbriar Terr. Kings Hts addition, (1932) From Powhaton Terr. west and south to Warrenton and Powhaton.

S.W. Greenleaf. (1932) Southwest from Patton Rd. to Talbot Rd.

S.W. Greenway Ave. Greenway addition, (1932) Southwest from Vista at Burnside to Park Ave. [until 1931, known as W. Greenway Ave].

W. Greenway Ave. Greenway addition, by 1915. 1931 became: S.W. Greenway Ave.

N. Greenwich. (1915) From Lombard one block north to Russett. 1931 became: N. Greenwich Ave.

N. Greenwich Ave. (1932) 1 west of Interstate. [until 1931, known as N. Greenwich].

E. Greenwood Ave. Belmont Park addition, by 1915.

S.E. Greenwood Ave. (1915) From Francis Ave. between E.33rd and E.34th south to Steel Ave. [until 1915, known as Gross]. 1931 became: S.E. 33rd Place.

Gresham. St. Johns addition. (1891) From Burlington east to Bucahanan. [until 1891, known as 7th]. 1915 became: N. Gresham.

N. Gresham. St. Johns addition. by 1915. [until 1915, known as Gresham].

S.W. Greylock. Streeter's Sub. bef 1915.

Griswold Ave. 1931 became: N. Skidmore Court.

N. Griswold Ave. Belmont Park addition, (1915) From west to east through Griswold Tract, crossing Lynn at 137.

N.W. Groce St. (1932) 1 north of Nicolai between St. Helens Rd. ad Sussex.

S.E. Gross. Kenilworth addition. 1915 became: Greenwood Ave.

Grove. Albina addition, (1891) From Madrona east to Oneonta., 1915 (N) from 1625 E.10th east to E.11th. [until 1891, known as Georgia]. by 1915 became: N. Grove.

N. Grove. Albina addition, (1915) From 1625 E. 10th east to E. 11th. [until by 1915, known as Grove].

Grover. (1890) From Willamette west to S.4th, one south of Woods. (1891) From the river west to 4th. by 1915 became: S.W. Grover.

S.W. Grover St. (1915) From Cotton west to 3rd, and from 9th to 17th, intersecting Corbett at 775. (1932) 1 north of Gibbs, west from Moody to 16th. [until by 1915, known as Grover].

W. Gubser Road. (1915) Westerly from Cornell Rd.

Guild. (1891) From York north to Nicolai between 23rd and 24th. [until 1891, known as Gold]. bef 1915 became: N.W. Guild.

N.W. Guild. (1915) From 775 Thurman north to Vaughn, and from York to Nicolai. [until bef 1915, known as Guild]. 1915 became: NW 23rd Place.

N.W. Gurney St. Linnton addition, by 1932.

Gusiness St. 1928 became: S.E. 115th Av.

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