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I 1891 became: Borthwick.

I. (1891) From N.4th west to N.23rd, fourteen north of Washington. 1891 became: Irving.

I. Clifford addition. 1891 became: Borthwick.

I. East Portland addition. 1891 became: E. Pine.

I. Peninsular Ave. addition. 1891 became: Seward.

I. Piedmont addition. 1891 became: Commercial.

I. Pittinger's addition. 1891 became: Fay.

I. Willamette addition. 1891 became: Killingsworth Ave.

Ida. Melinda Hts addition, -1893.

N. Ida. (1915) Boundary of City of Portland and St. Johns. 1931 became: N. Ida Ave.

N. Ida Ave. (1932) North from Willamette to Columbia Blvd. [until 1931, known as N. Ida].

Idaho. Southern Portland addition. (1893) (1915) Intersecting Corbett at 1479. 1931 became: S.W. Idaho St.

Idaho Ave. Albina addition. 1891 became: Commercial.

S.W. Idaho St. (1932) 1 south of Nebraska, west from Macadam to Corbett. [until 1931, known as Idaho].

Ide 1928 became: S.E. 64th Ave.

E. Ide. Brentwood addition, -1915.

Illinois. (1890) From 1st Ave. south to city limits, six west of Macadam road. 1891 became: Dakota.

E. Imperial Ave. Laurelhurst addition, -1915. 1931 became: N.E. Imperial Ave.

N.E. Imperial Ave. (1932) Northwest from Royal Court to Sandy Blvd. [until 1931, known as E. Imperial Ave. & N.E. Colony Place].

N.W. Imperial Terrace. Kings Hts addition, (1932) From Macleay to Verde Vista.

Indiana. Albina addition, (1891) From Madrona east to McClure., 1893 from Madrona to McClung., 1915 (N) from 1605 Madrona east to McClung. [until 1891, known as First].

N.W. Industrial St.

N.W. Ingle Ave. Linnton addition, (1932) From Fairmount south.

S.E. Insley Ave. (1915) 1 north of Harold (Midway) from 1265 Milwaukie to S. P. R. R. (1932) 3 north of Reedway, east from Milwaukie to City Limits. [until 1931, known as 54th Ave. S.E. (from 45th to east city limits)].

N. Interstate Ave. (1932) North from Broadway to Columbia Blvd.

Iowa. Southern Portland addition. (1893) (1915). 1931 became: S.W. Iowa St.

S.W. Iowa St. (1932) 3 south of Sweeney, west from Macadam to 1st. [until 1931, known as Iowa].

N. Iris Way. (1932) North from Fessenden to Swift Blvd.

Irving. (1891) From 4th west to Cornell Rd. [until 1891, known as I]. 1915 became: N.W. Irving.

Irving Ave. Albina addition. 1891 became: Knott.

Irving Ave. Wood's addition, -1915.

N.E. Irving St. (1915) From 155 Adams east to E. 77th, seventh north of E. Burnside. (1932) 1 north of Glisan, east from river to 92nd Ave.

N.W. Irving St. (1932) 2 north of Glisan, west from 5th to Westover. [until 1915, known as Irving].

Irvington. Albina addition. 1891 became: Fremont.

N.W. Isabella St. (1915) Between 23rd and 24th from Nicolai N.

S.W. Isabella St. (1932) 1 north of Patton Rd. at Vista.

Italian Way. Linnton addition. became: NW 1st, NW 2nd.

Ivanhoe. St. Johns addition. (1891) From Catlin east to Buchanan. [until 1891, known as 8th, 9th]. 1931 became: N. Ivanhoe St.

N. Ivanhoe St. (1932) West from Ida to Weyerhaeuser. [until 1931, known as Ivanhoe].

Ivon. (1891) From the river east to E. 24th. (1893). 1915 became: S.E. Ivon.

S.E. Ivon. (1915) From the river east to E. 41st, first south of Division. (1932) 1 north of Clinton, east from the river to 67th. [until 1915, known as Ivon & (1932) 26th Ave. S.E. (from S.E. 41st to S.E. 67th)].

Ivy. Albina addition, (1891) From Gantenbein Ave. east. [until 1891, known as Spruce].

N. Ivy. (1932) 1 south of Fremont, west from Williams to Gantenbein. [until 1931, known as N. E. Ivy].

S.E. Ivy. (1915) From E. 28th, 1 block east, between Holgate and Long Ave.

N.E. Ivy St. Albina addition, (1915) From E. 28th, 1 block east, between Holgate and Long Ave. (1932) 1 south of Fremont, East from Williams to 7th. [until -1915, known as Ivy]. 1931 became: N. & N. E. Ivy St.

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