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K. (1890) From N.7th west to N.22nd, sixteen north of Washington. 1891 became: Kearney.

K. Central Albina addition. 1891 became: Congress.

K. East Portland addition. 1891 became: E. Stark.

K. Peninsular addition. 1891 became: Washburne.

Kallech. (1891) From Harrison Ave east to E 22nd. 1893 Harrison Ave. crossby street is now McClung.

Kalleck. Columbia Hts addition, by 1915.

N. Kalmar St. (1932) Between Pier Park and Todd.

N. Kanan St. (1932) North of Hoffman Rd. on Cameron.

Kankakee. 1893 from Killingsworth Ave. north to Mechanic. by 1915 became: E. 7th.

Karl. (1891) From E. 11th to E 20th. (1893) from Milwaukie to E. 20th. (1915) From 674 Milwaukie east to E.50th.

Kearney. (1890) From Davenport west, three south of Spring, in Grover's Addition., 1891 on Portland Heights, from Davenport west to Terrace Drive. by 1915 became: S.W. Kearney.

Kearney. 1891 name changed from K. from Park west to Cornell Road. [until 1891, known as KK]. by 1915 became: N.W. Kearney.

S.W. Kearney. by 1915. [until by 1915, known as Kearney].

N.W. Kearney St. (1915) From 9th to Cornell Road. (1932) 4 north of Glisan, west from 12th to 25th. [until by 1915, known as Kearney].

Kelland 1928 became: S.E. 87th Ave.

S.W. Keller. Carson Hts addition, by 1915.

Kellogg. Albina addition, (1891) From Leavitt east to Bucahanan. 1893 from Burlington east to Buchanan. [until 1891, known as 11th].

S.W. Kellogg. Fulton Park addition, by 1915.

N. Kellogg St. St. Johns addition. (1915) (1932) West from Ida to Bruce.

Kelly. (1890) From Woods south to city limits, three west of Willamette., 1891, from Woods south to Seymour Ave., 1915 (SW) from 135 Woods south to Canby. Continued on past Seymour Ave. by 1915 became: S.W. Kelly.

Kelly. Greenwood addition, by 1915.

S.W. Kelly. (1915) From 135 Woods south to Canby. [until by 1915, known as Kelly]. 1931 became: S.W. Kelly Ave.

Kelly Ave. (1893) Southeast part of city, from Oatman ave. southeast to center section 13, thence east. 1915 became: Steele Ave.

S.W. Kelly Ave. (1932) 4 east of 1st, south of Woods to Canby. [until 1931, known as S.W. Kelly].

S.W. Kelly Court. (1932) South of west end of Ross Island Bridge.

Kelly St. Albina addition, (1873) From River St. to Goldsmith St. 1891 became: Lewis.

S.E. Kelly St. Waverly addition, (1932) 4 south of Clinton east from Milwaukie. [until , known as 32nd Ave. S.E. (from SE 45th to SE 69th)]. 1915 became: E. Kelly.

S.E. Kelton St. (1915) From E.26th at Powell southby easterly to Kenilworth Ave. (1932) Southeast from Powell at 26th.

S.E. Kenilworth Ave. (1915) From 875 Division south to one block south of Long Ave. 1931 became: S.E. 28th Place.

Kennedy Rd. (1915) From Base Line Rd. to Section Line Rd, 3/4 mile east of E.82nd.

Kenneth. Fulton addition. 1928 became: S.W. View Point Terr.

Kenneth. Fulton addition. 1928 became: S.W. View Point Terrace.

Kenneth 1928 became: S.W. 49th Ave.

S.E. Kenneth

S.W. Kenneth Terrace [until 1931, known as W. Kenneth Terrace].

W. Kenneth Terrace. (1915) West end. 1931 became: S.W. Kenneth Terrace.

Kent. (1891) From Washington east to Cornell Road. [until 1891, known as Pine]. 1915 became: N.W. Kent.

N.W. Kent. 1915 from 79 Cornell southwest to Washington. [until 1915, known as PineKent].

Kenton Ave. 1915 became: E. 60th.

N. Kenton Blvd. (1932) North from Willis Blvd. to Columbia Blvd, between Brandon and Delaware.

N. Kerby Ave. (1932) 2 east of Albina, north from Page to Columbia Blvd. [until 1931, known as N. Kerby].

Kerby St. Albina addition, (1891) From Page north to Simpson. (1893) further extended to Ainsworth Ave. [until 1891, known as Curry, Killingsworth Ave, J, 5th, & Tomlinson]. 1915 became: N & N.E. Kerby.

N. Kerby St. (1915) From 187 Page north to Portland Blvd., fourth west of Williams Ave. [until 1915, known as Kerby]. 1931 became: N. Kerby Ave.

N.E. Kerby St. (1915) From 187 Page north to Portland Blvd., fourth west of Williams Ave. [until 1915, known as Kerby].

S.E. Kern. Creston addition, by 1915.

S.E. Kern. Kern Park addition, by 1915.

Killin. Master's addition, (1893) From Bryant north to Buffalo. 1915 became: N. Killin.

N. Killin. Master's addition, (1915) From 56 Portland Blvd. north to Buffalo. [until 1915, known as Killin].

Killingsworth Ave. Albina addition, (1891) From Willamette Blvd. east to E. 24th. [until 1891, known as State, Division, I, & Ellswroth Ave.]. by 1915 became: N. Killingsworth Ave.

Killingsworth Ave. in parts
and Simpson
. 1891 became: Kerby.

Killingsworth Ave. in parts. 1891 became: Simpson St.

N. Killingsworth Ave. Albina addition, (1915) From 1149 Patton Ave. east to Cully Rd., intersecting Union Ave. N. at 1151. [until by 1915, known as Killingsworth Ave.]. 1931 became: N. Killingsworth St.

W. Killingsworth Ave. N. (1915) From 1149 Patton Ave. west to Willamette Blvd.

N. Killingsworth Court. (1932) 1 south of Killingsworth between Michigan and Kerby.

N.E. Killingsworth Court. (1932) 1 south of Killingsworth east from Union to 9th.

N. Killingsworth St. [until 1931, known as N. Killingsworth Ave.].

N.E. Killingsworth St. (1932) East from Williams to 42nd.

Kilpatrick. Albina addition, (1891) From Peninsular Ave. east to Delaware Ave, 1915 (N) from 1725 Patton Ave. west to Peninsula Ave., street crossings the same as Lombard, West. [until 1891, known as Sherman]. 1931 became: N. & N.E. Kilpatrick.

N. Kilpatrick. Kenton addition, (1932) 7 west of Lombard, west from Kerby to Newman. [until 1931, known as Kilpatrick].

N.E. Kilpatrick [until 1931, known as Kilpatrick].

N. Kimball. (1915) East of Westanna from Houghton to Newark. 1931 became: N. Kimball Ave.

N. Kimball Ave. (1932) 1 west of Wall at Houghton. [until 1931, known as N. Kimball].

Kindorf Rd. 1928 became: S.E. 72nd Av.

S.E. Kindorf Rd. (1915) From 72nd, SE, east to 82nd, SE, m. south of Kendall station.

King. (1890) From W.Main, north to B. (1891) From Washington south to an alley south of Main. (1893). 1915 became: W. King.

S.W. King Ave. (1932) South from Burnside to Madison. [until 1931, known as W. King St.].

W. King St. (1915) From 696 Davis south to King's Court. [until 1915, known as King]. 1931 became: S.W. King Ave.

W. King's Court. (1915) An extension of Madison from 255 St. Clair east to King. 1931 became: S.W. Kings Court.

Kingman. (1891) From Harrison Ave. easterly to E. 22nd. by 1915 became: ??????????.

S.W. Kings Court. (1932) From S.W. King Ave. to City Park. [until 1931, known as W. King's Court].

S.E. Kingsley Ave. Kingsley Acres addition, by 1915.

S.W. Kingston Ave. (1932) South of Washington Park. [until 1931, known as W. Kingston Ave.].

W. Kingston Ave. West End addition, by 1915. 1931 became: S.W. Kingston Ave.

Kinsman. Albina addition. 1891 became: E. 6th.

Klickitat. (1891) From Union Ave. east to E. 24th. 1915 became: N. & E. Klickitat.

Klickitat Ave.. Crest View Villas addition, by 1915.

E. Klickitat St. by 1915. [until 1915, known as Klickitat].

N. Klickitat St. (1915) From 679 Union Ave. N, east to E. 68th. [until 1915, known as Klickitat]. 1931 became: N.E. Klickitat St.

N.E. Klickitat St. (1932) 1 south of Fremont, east from 11th to 82nd. [until 1931, known as N. Klickitat St.].

Klondike 1928 became: S.E. Lambert St.

Knapp Ave. City View Park addition, by 1915. 1931 became: S.E. Knapp St.

S.E. Knapp St. (1932) 3 south of Bybee, east from Sellwood to 41st Ave. [until 1931, known as Knapp Ave. & 73rd Ave. S.E. (from SE 41st to OWPRR)].

Knight. (1891) From river east to Goldsmith. 1893 not listed.

S.E. Knight St. Woodstock addition, (1915) (1932) 1 north of Woodstock and Yukon, west from 10th to City limits. [until , known as South Ave. (from 38th to 40th) & 59th Ave. S.E. (from 41st to 102nd)].

Knott. Albina addition, (1891) From Delay east to E. 24th. 1893 from Delay east to E. 24th, 1915 (NE) from 553 Brendle east to E.76th, intersecting Union Ave. N, at 551. Streets continuing past E.24th:. [until 1891, known as Irving].

N. Knott St. (1932) 1 north of Russell, west from Williams to Brendle.

N.E. Knott St. Albina addition, (1915) From 553 Brendle east to E.76th, intersecting Union Ave. N, at 551. (1932) East from Williams to 77th. [until by 1915, known as Knott].

Knowles Ave. (1893) From Portland Blvd. north to Pippen. by 1915 became: N. Knowles Ave.

N. Knowles Ave. (1915) From 339 Portland Blvd. north to Lombard. (1932) 4 west of Greeley, north from Portland Blvd. to Lombard. [until by 1915, known as Knowles Ave.].

Knox. East Portland addition. (1891) From 23rd east to 25th. (1893) extends only from E. 23rd to Brush. [until 1891, known as Ellsworth].

Knox 1928 became: S.E. 66th Ave.

Knox 1928 became: S.E. 66th Ave.

S.E. Knox. Brentwood addition, by 1915.

S.E. Knox. Creston addition, by 1915.

Korell 1928 became: not existing.

N. Kramer. (1915) From Campbell east first north of Ainsworth Ave.

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