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O. (1890) From N.Front west to Cornell Rd, twenty north of Washington. 1891 became Overton.

O. East Portland addition. 1891 became E. Belmont.

Oak. (1890) From the river west to East Park, two north of Washington. (1891) From the river west to Park. 1931 became S.W. Oak St.

Oak. Brookville addition. 1891 became Brook.

Oak. East Portland addition. 1891 became Dixon.

Oak. Fulton Park addition. 1891 became Miles.

Oak. Albina addition. 1891 became Prescott.

Oak 1928 became S.W. 23rd Ave.

E. Oak. (1930) From the river, east, 4 north of E. Morrison. 1931 became S.E. Oak St.

S.E. Oak. Arleta Park addition, before 1915.

S.E. Oak. City View Park addition. 1915 became Rex Ave.

S.E. Oak Ave.

S.E. Oak Court. (1932) 1 north of Stark. [until 1931, known as Park Drive].

Oak Knoll. East Portland addition. 1891 became Rhine.

S.E. Oak St. (1932) 2 south of Ankeny, east from river to 92nd. [until 1931, known as E. Oak & Crystal St.].

S.W. Oak St. (1932) 2 north of Washington west from river to 13th. [until 1931, known as Oak].

E. Oakdale Ave. Oakdale addition, before 1915.

Oakland S.E. Woodmere addition, before 1915.

N. Oatman Ave. (1915) From 1400 Willamette Blvd. north to Lombard. (1932) 5 west of Greeley at Lombard, north from Liberty to Lombard.

S.E. Oatman Ave. (1915) Between Lennox and Ivanhoe.

Oberlin. (1891) From McKenna Ave. east to Newman, 1915 (N) from 1579 Newman west to Ida. before 1915 became N. Oberlin.

N. Oberlin St. (1915) From 1579 Newman west to Ida. (1931) 2 south of Lombard west from Newman to Ida. [until before 1915, known as Oberlin]. 1931 became N. Jersey St.

E. Occident. (1915) 1 west E. 1st from Multnomah south to S. P. R. R. 1930 from 295 E. Irving, north.

N.W. Occident Ave. (1932) 1 west of 1st at Holladay.

N.E. Occident St. (1932) Outside city at Figaro.

Ochoco Ave. (1915) Southern boundary of city running east from river to County line. (1930) From the river, east, forming southern boundary of the city. 1931 became S.E. Ochoco St.

S.E. Ochoco St. (1932) 8 south of Tacoma, east from Grand to 21st. [until 1931, known as Ochoco Ave.].

Ogden. Linnton addition, before 1930. 1931 became N.W. Ogden St.

E. Ogden. Railway addition, before 1915.

S.E. Ogden Ave. City View Park addition, (1915) (1930) From 1415 E.14th, east. 1931 became E. Ogden St.

E. Ogden St. (1931) 2 south of Bybee east from 14th to 45th. [until 1931, known as S.E. Ogden Ave. & 72nd Ave. S.E. (from 41st to 45th)].

N.W. Ogden St. Linnton addition, before 1932. [until 1931, known as Ogden].

Ohio. (1890) From 1st Ave, south to 4th Ave., five west of County Road. 1891 from Lowell Ave. south to Seymour Ave. before 1915 became S. Ohio.

Ohio. Southern Portland addition. 1891 became Idaho.

S. Ohio. before 1915. [until before 1915, known as Ohio].

Old Orchard Road. Council Crest addition, (1930) From Patton Rd., west. 1931 became S.W. Old Orchard Rd.

S.W. Old Orchard Road. (1932) 1 east of Montgomery Dr. [until 1931, known as Old Orchard Road].

Olin. Albina addition, (1891) From Willamette Blvd. north to Dawson. (1915) from 645 Willamette Blvd. north to Girard. [until 1891, known as Norwood & Mercie]. 1931 became N. Olin Ave.

N. Olin Ave. (1932) 3 west of Dwight at Lombard north from Willamette Blvd. to Girard. [until 1931, known as Olin].

Oliver Ave. before 1915.

E. Olney. Terrace Park addition, before 1915.

N. Olympia. East St. Johns addition, before 1915.

S. Olympia. St. Johns addition. (1930) From 1000 E. Charleston, south.

S.E. Olympia Ave. (1915) south of Woodmere.

N. Olympia St. St. Johns addition. (1930) From 1900 N. Charleston, north. (1932) West from Taft to Myers.

S.E. Olympia St.

W. Olympic. Arlington Hts addition, before 1930. 1931 became N.W. Olympic St.

W. Olympic. Parkside addition, before 1915.

N.W. Olympic St. [until 1931, known as W. Olympic].

Omaha Ave. Albina addition, (1891) From Killingsworth Ave. north to Portland Blvd. [until 1891, known as 1st & 2nd Aves.]. before 1915 became N. Omaha Ave.

N. Omaha Ave. Albina addition, (1915) From 157 Killingsworth Ave. (1932) 5 east of Greeley north from Killingsworth to Winchell. [until before 1915, known as Omaha Ave.].

Omar. Fulton Park addition, before 1930.

Oneonta. (1891) From Dekum Ave. northeast and north to Columbia Slough Rd. (1891) from 435 Durham Ave. at junction with Dekum Ave. northeast, then north to Claremont. [until 1891, known as Main]. 1931 became N.E. Oneonta St.

N.W. Oneonta St. Woodlawn addition, (1932) Northeast from Durham to 12th. [until 1931, known as Oneonta].

Ora 1928 became S.E. Evergreen St.

Orange. East Portland addition. (1891) From Division north to E. 16th. (1915) Ladd's Add. (1930) Ladd's Addition, from 571 Division, northeast. [until 1891, known as Cedar]. 1931 became S.E. Orange Ave.

S.E. Orange Ave. (1932) 2 north of Clinton southeast from Tamarack to Division. [until 1931, known as Orange].

Orchard 1928 became S.W. Troy St.

S.E. Orchard. Lexington Hts addition, before 1915.

S.W. Orchard Dr. (1932) 1 west of Fairvale, south from Hess Rd.

Oregon. (1891) From Goldsmith east to E. 27th. before 1915 became N. Oregon.

Oregon. East Portland addition. 1891 became Nelson.

Oregon. Southern Portland addition. 1891 became Florida.

N. Oregon. (1915) From 181 Larrabee east to E.82nd, second south of Holladay Ave. 1931 became N.E. Oregon St.

Oregon Ave. Albina addition. 1891 became Cleveland Ave.

Oregon Ave. Albina addition. 1891 became E. 15th.

N. Oregon Ave. 1915 became E. 15th.

S.E. Oregon Ave. Corvallis addition, before 1915.

N.E. Oregon St. (1932) 2 south of Holladay, east from east end of OWR&N bridge to 92nd.

N. Oregonian Ave. East St. Johns addition. (1915) (1930) (1932) North from Columbia Blvd. to Richards.

N. Orient. (1915) (N) From Willamette Blvd. north to Portland Blvd. 1930 not listed.

Orlena 1928 became S.E. Bush St.

S.W. Ormandy Way. (1932) West of Zion Church.

Osage Ave. Cedar Hill addition, (1915) (1930) From 1 south of Washington at 23rd, south. 1931 became S.W. Osage St.

S.W. Osage St. (1932) 1 south of Burnside at 23rd. [until 1931, known as Osage Ave.].

Osborn. Fulton addition. 1928 became S.W. 13th Ave.

Oswego. Albina addition, (1891) From Modoc north to Depot. [until 1891, known as 3rd]. before 1915 became N. Oswego.

E. Oswego. St. Johns addition. (1930) From 600 S. Jersey, east.

N. Oswego. St. Johns addition. before 1915. [until before 1915, known as Oswego]. 1931 became N. Oswego Ave.

W. Oswego. St. Johns addition. before 1930.

N. Oswego Ave. St. Johns addition. before 1932. [until 1931, known as N. Oswego].

Ottersfedt 1928 became S.W. 45th Ave.

Ottilie Ave. East Portland addition. 1891 became E. 28th.

S.E. Otto. Berkeley addition, before 1915.

N. Overlook Blvd. Overlook addition, (1932) West and north from Interstate at Beech. [before 1931 known as N.E. Overlook Blvd.].

N.E. Overlook Blvd. (1915) From east end of Skidmore south and easterly to Maryland Ave. (1930) from east end of Skidmore, south and east. 1931 became N. Overlook Blvd.

N. Overlook Terrace. (1932) West from Mason St. [until 1931, known as Alhambra Ave.]. 1931 became N. Melrose Dr.

Overton. (1891) From Front to intersection of 27th & Cornell Rd. [until 1891, known as O]. 1931 became N.W. Overton St.

N.W. Overton St. (1932) 1 north of Northrup west from Park to Cornell. [until 1931, known as Overton].

Oxford. 1891 from Union Ave. east to E. 9th. before  1915 became N. Oxford.

N. Oxford 1915 became Simpson.

Oxford Rd. Council Crest addition, before 1930. 1931 became S.W. Oxford Rd.

S.W. Oxford Rd. [until 1931, known as Oxford Rd.].

W. Oxford Rd. West End addition, before 1915.

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