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R. (1890) From N. Front west to Cornell road, twenty-two north of Washington. 1891 became Raleigh.

R. East Portland addition. 1891 became E. Salmon.

S.W. Radcliffe Rd.

Radium 1928 became S.E. 103rd Av.

Railroad. Albina addition. (1891) From Knight northwest to Russell. (1915) From 55 Albina Ave. northwest to Russell. 1931 became N. Railroad St.

Railroad. Southern Portland addition. (1915) right of way at Fulton, from Macadam to the river.

Railroad Ave. 1928 became: S.W. Iowa St.

E. Railroad Ave. (1915) From 2225 E. Glisan north to ___.

N. Railroad St. (1932) 1 southwest of Interstate at Albina. [until 1931, known as Railroad].

S.E. Railway Ave. Brentwood addition. before 1915.

N.W. Rainier Ave. (1932) Runs south from Germantown Rd.

N.W. Rainier Terrace. Kings Heights addition. before 1932.

Raleigh. (1891) From Front at its intersection with 11th to Willamette Heights. [until 1891, known as R]. 1931 became N.W. Raleigh St.

N.W. Raleigh St. (1932) 2 south of Thurman, west from 12th to Aspen. [until 1931, known as Raleigh].

S.W. Ralph Rd. (1932) 1 south of Arden Rd. at Sherwood Dr., w south of Patton Rd. [until 1931, known as W. Ralph Rd.].

W. Ralph Rd. Greenway addition. before 1915. 1931 became S.W. Ralph Rd.

S.E. Ramona Ave. Brown's Tract addition. before 1915. 1931 became S.E. Ramona St.

S.E. Ramona St. (1932) 1 south of Reedway, east from river to City Limits. [until 1931, known as S.E. Ramona Ave., 58th Ave. S.E. (from 41st to 102nd.)].

N.E. Randall. (1915) From E.28th northwest to Sandy Rd. 1931 became N.E. Randall Ave.

N.E. Randall Ave. (1932) 1 west of 28th at Sandy Blvd. [until 1931, known as N.E. Randall].

Randolph. (1891) From River east to Goldsmith. before 1915 became N.E. Randolph.

N.E. Randolph. (1915) From River east to Goldsmith. [until before 1915, known as Randolph]. 1931 became N. Randolph Ave.

S.W. Randolph

N. Randolph Ave. (1932) Northeast from river to Larrabee.

W. Randolph Ave. West End addition. before 1915.

N.W. Rapidan Terrace (1932) 1 east of Winchester Terrace, south from Cumberland Rd.

S.W. Ravensview Dr. Portland Heights addition. (1915) From Terrace Rd. winding south to Patton Rd. (1932) Forms east side of Portland Heights., loop from Patton Rd. to Hawthorne Terrace.

Rawley. Albina addition. 1891 became Commercial.

S.E. Rayburn. (1915) is 80th SE extended south.

Raymond. Albina addition. (1891) From Patton Ave, east to Minnesota Ave. 1915 became Buffalo.

Raymond 1928 became S.E. 65th Av.

N. Raymond. Albina addition. [until before 1915, known as Raymond]. 1915 became Buffalo.

S.W. Raymond. Des Moines addition. before 1915.

Raymond Ave. (1915) north of Woodstock. 1931 became S.E. Raymond Ave.

S.E. Raymond Ave. (1932) 3 south of Holgate, east from 24th to 97th. [until 1931, known as Raymond Ave., 50th Ave. S.E. (from SE 41st to SE 97th)].

S.E. Raymond Court

S.W. Redondo Ave. (1932) 1 east of Pasadena Ave., starting at Sonora.

Reed. (1890) From Sherlock Ave. west to N.24th, between Y and Nicholai, near north city limits. (1891) From Sherlock Ave. northeast to Front north of 20th. [until 1891, known as John]. before 1915 became N.W. Reed.

Reed Ave. Albina addition. 1891 became Jessup.

S.E. Reed College Place. (1932) South from Woodstock to Crystal Springs Blvd. between 32nd and 34th.

N.W. Reed St. (1915) From Front southwest to Sherlock Ave. at Versteeg, thence west to 24th. (1932) 6 north of Thurman, west from Sherlock to 24th. [until before 1915, known as Reed].

S.E. Reedway Ave. (1915) From the river east to Reed College campus intersecting Milwaukie at 1325. 1931 became S.E. Reedway St.

S.E. Reedway St. (1932) East from river to City Limits. [until 1931, known as S.E. Reedway Ave., 57th Ave. S.E. (from SE 41st to SE 102nd), Everard St. (1931)].

N.W. Regal Terrace

N.W. Regent

N.E. Regents Dr. Alameda Park addition. (1915) From E.24th N, northeast to Mason, first north of Fremont. (1932) 1 north of Fremont.

Regis St. 1931 became S.E. Salmon Court.

S.E. Rembold. Tremont Place addition. before 1915.

N. Reno. St. Johns addition. before 1915. 1931 became N. Reno Ave.

N. Reno Ave. St. Johns addition. (1932) West from Pier Park to Edison. [until 1931, known as N. Reno].

Reserve 1928 became S.W. Boundary St.

Revere. Albina addition. (1891) From Montana Ave. east to Cool Ave. in Cook's Add. [until 1891, known as Revere]. before 1915 became N.E. Revere.

N.E. Revere. Albina addition. (1915) From 693 Montana Ave. east to Cook Ave. [until before 1915, known as Revere]. 1931 became N. Revere St.

N. Revere St. (1932) 1 south of Fremont at Mississippi, west from Mississippi to Massachusetts. [until 1931, known as N.E. Revere].

S.E. Rex Ave.. (1915) From E.9th east to E.22nd, intersecting E.13th at 1645. 1931 became S.E. Rex St.

S.E. Rex St. (1932) 5 south of Bybee, east from 9th to 39th. [until 1931, known as S.E. Rex Ave.].

S.E. Reynolds Ave. (1915) From Milwaukie to river first south of Mall. 1931 became S.E. Reynolds St.

S.E. Reynolds St. (1932) 1 north of Holgate, east from 9th to Milwaukie. [until 1931, known as S.E. Reynolds Ave.].

Rhine. East Portland addition. (1891) From E. 11th east to S.P.R.R. (1915) from 694 E. 9th. east to E. 33rd. [until 1891, known as William, Oak Knoll]. 1931 became S.E. Rhine St.

S.E. Rhine St. (1932) 4 north of Center, east from 8th to 38th. [until 1931, known as Rhine].

Rhone. East Portland addition. (1891) From Milwaukie east to E. 18th., 1915 from 694 E.7th east to Kenilworth. [until 1891, known as Annie]. 1931 became S.E. Rhone St.

S.E. Rhone St. (1932) 2 north of Center, east from 7th to 80th. [until 1931, known as Rhone, 37th Ave. S.E. (between SE 42nd & SE 82nd)].

N. Richards St. East St. Johns addition. (1915) (1932) West from Bellingham to Cruikshank.

S. Richardson. (1915) From 2nd to Macadam, between Julia & Terwilliger.

Richmond. (1891) In St. Johns from the river north-westerly. before 1915 became N. Richmond.

N. Richmond. (1915) From 245 Hunt north to Newark. 1931 became N. Richmond Ave.

N. Richmond Ave. [until 1931, known as N. Richmond].

N.E. Ridge Ave. Fairview addition. 1915 became Graham.

S.W. Ridge Crest Dr. Kings Heights addition. before 1932.

N.W. Ridge Rd.

S.W. Ridge Rd. (1932) 2 south of Hess Rd. at Spring.

Ridgemont St. 1931 became S.E. 66th Place.

S.W. Ridgemont St. (1932) 2 south of Hess Rd. at Orchard Rd.

N.E. Ridgewood Dr. Alameda Park addition. (1932) East from 19th to 29th.

N.E. Ridgwood Ave. (1915) From E.24th N to E.29th N, first south of The Alameda.

Riggins. Albina addition. (1891) Name changed from Vancouver, Marion and Greenridge (Albina), from Union Ave. east to E. 24th., 1915 NOT LISTED. [until 1891, known as Vancouver, Marion and Greenridge].

N.W. Rio Vista Terrace. Kings Heights addition. (1932) 1 west of monte Vista.

Ritz. (1891) From Congress east to Vancouver Ave. (1915) NOT LISTED.

River. Albina addition. (1891) From Goldmsith northwest to Russell., 1915 (NE) from 12 Albina Ave. northwest to Essex. before 1915 became N.E. River.

River. Albina addition. 1891 became Delaware.

River. Portsmouth addition. 1891 became Bluff.

River. Southern Portland addition. 1891 became Beaver.

N.E. River. Albina addition. (1915) From 12 Albina Ave. northwest to Essex. [until before 1915, known as River]. 1931 became N. River St.

River Ave. East Portland addition. 1891 became E. 5th.

N. River St. (1932) Along river on east side from Albina to Russell. [until 1931, known as N.E. River].

Riverdale Ave. Eastside addition. 1891 became Bowman.

N.W. Riverview Dr.

S.W. Rivington Dr. (1932) Southeast from Cardinell Dr. to Jackson.

W. Roanoak. St. Francis Hill addition. 1915 Portland Heights, between Melinda Ave. and Maywood Dr. 1931 became N.W. Roanoke St.

N.W. Roanoke St. (1932) 1 north of Maleay Blvd. at Melinda. [until 1931, known as W. Roanoak].

S.E. Roberta. Tremont Place addition. before 1915.

N. Roberts Ave. (1932) Runs west from Burgard to O.W.R.N.

S.E. Robertson. Woodstock addition. before 1915.

S.W. Robins Crest. (1915) From 476 Davenport, 2 blocks south. (1932).

S.W. Robinson Dr.

Rochester 1928 became S.E. 46th St.

S.E. Rochester. Errol Heights addition. before 1915.

S.E. Rochester. Avonia addition. before 1915.

N. Rochester Ave.

Rock. (1891) From Sherlock Ave. northeast to Front.

N. Rockwell 1915 became E. 9th.

Rodney Ave. Albina addition. 1891 became Hendricks Ave.

N.E. Rodney Ave. (1915) From 323 Hancock north to city limits, third west of Union Ave. N. (1932) 2 east of Williams, north from Hancock to Winchell.

N.E. Rodney Court. (1932) North from Portland Blvd. to Bryant, between Rodney Ave. and Mallory Ave.

E. Rogers. South Fairlawn addition. before 1915.

N.W. Roosevelt St. (1915) From 475 20th N, west to Short. (1932) 4 north of Thurman, west from 20th to 31st.

S.W. Rosaria

S.E. Rose. Brentwood addition. before 1915.

Rose City Ave. (1915) local name for portion of Sandy Rd. in Rose City Park. 1915 became Sandy Rd.

E. Rosedale. Edendale addition. before 1915.

N.E. Roselawn Ave. (1915) From E.9th to E.14th between Killingsworth Ave. and Alberta. 1931 became N. E. Roselawn St.

N. Roselawn St.

N.E. Roselawn St. (1932) 3 north of Alberta, west from Vancouver to 42nd. [until 1931, known as N.E. Roselawn Ave., N.E. Sprague (from NE 37th to NE 42nd)].

Ross. East Portland addition. (1891) From Clackamas north to Dixon. [until 1891, known as 5th]. before 1915 became N.E. Ross.

N.E. Ross. East Portland addition. (1915) From 215 Multnomah north to Russell. [until before 1915, known as Ross].

S.E. Ross. Woodstock addition. before 1915.

N. Ross Ave. (1932) 4 east of river at Broadway bridge.

W. Roswell. Greenway addition. before 1915. 1931 became S.W. Roswell St.

S.W. Roswell St. (1932) 1 south of Patton Rd. and 1 west of Montgomery Dr. [until 1931, known as W. Roswell].

N.W. Rothesay

Round. Fulton Park addition. before 1915.

Round Point Ave.. Mt. Tabor Park addition. before 1915.

N.E. Rouse St. (1932) 2 west of N.E. 102nd Ave. at Glisan.

S.W. Rowland Ave. Jefferson St. (1932) 3/4 mile out Canyon Rd. [until 1931, known as W. Rowland Ave.].

W. Rowland Ave. Jefferson St. (1915) Canyon Rd. 1931 became S.W. Rowland Ave.

Roxbury. Albina addition. Roxbury, 1891 name changed from North (Albina), north of Portland Blvd. [until 1891, known as North].

E. Royal Ave. (1915) From E. Pine at E. 70th southeast to E. Stark. 1931 became S.E. Pine St.

E. Royal Court. Laurelhurst addition. before 1915.

N.E. Royal Place. (1931) North and east from Flanders to 44th in Laurelhurst.

N.W. Royal Rd. before 1931.

Ruby 1928 became S.E. 104th Av.

S.E. Ruby. Third Electric addition. before 1915.

S.W. Ruby Terrace. Fulton Park addition. before 1915.

Rugby. (1891) From Franklin north to Vaughn. [until 1891, known as Cross].

Rugby. Willamette Heights addition. before 1915.

S.W. Rural Ave. City View Park addition. before 1915.

S.E. Rural St. (1932) 1 south of Bybee east from 13th to 92nd. [before 1932 known as 71st Ave. S.E. (between SE 41st & SE 92nd)].

Russell. (1891) From Brendle east to E. 7th. before 1915 became N.E. Russell.

N. Russell St. (1932) West from Williams to Essex.

N.E. Russell St. (1891) From Brendle east to E. 7th. (1915) from Essex east to E. 7th., intersecting Union Ave. N at 523. (1932) East from Williams Ave. to 82nd. [until before 1915, known as Russell].

E. Russellville Ave. (1915) From Base Line Rd. north mile east of E.82nd.

N. Russet St. (1932) 1 north of Lombard, west from Williams to Lombard. [until 1931, known as Russett].

N.E. Russet St. (1932) 1 north of Lombard, east from Williams to 13th. [until 1931, known as Russett].

Russett. (1891) From Wabash Ave. east to Delaware Ave. (1915) From 1603 Patton Ave. east to Union Ave., and west to Wabash Ave. 1931 became N. & N.E. Russet St.

S.E. Ruth. Wapello Park addition. before 1915.

S.W. Rutland Terrace. Arlington Heights addition. (1932) Between Champlain Dr. & Fairview Blvd. [until 1931, known as W. Rutland Terrace].

W. Rutland Terrace. Arlington Heights addition. before 1915. 1931 became S.W. Rutland Terrace.

Rutledge. Albina addition. (1891) Name changed from Columbia (Albina), from Portsmouth Ave. east to Hodge., 1915 (NE) from 1885 Haven west to McKenna Ave. [until 1891, known as Columbia]. before 1915 became N.E. Rutledge.

N.E. Rutledge. Albina addition. (1915) From 1885 Haven west to McKenna Ave. [until before 1915, known as Rutledge].

Ryan St. 1928 became S.W. 31st Ave.

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