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U. (1890) From N. Front west to N.21st, near north city limits. 1891 became Upshur.

U. East Portland addition. 1891 became E. Clay.

N.E. U. S. Grant Place. (1932) 1 north of Tillamook. [until 1931, known as Eugene].

U. S. Veterans Hospital Rd.

S.E. Umatilla St. (1932) 2 south of Tacoma, east from river to 45th. [until 1931, known as 83rd Ave S.E.].

Union. Albina addition. 1891 became Newcastle.

Union Ave. East Portland addition. (-1890) Margaretta Ave. and 4th (Albina), and 4th (Piedmont), from Woodlawn south to Clinton. [until 1891, known as 4th (EP), Margaretta Ave. and 4th (Albina)]. 1915 became E., N. & N.E. Union.

Union Ave. Sunrise addition. Before 1915.

N. Union Ave. East Portland addition. (1915) Beginning at E. Ankeny, and continuing through Clinton. [until 1915, known as Union Ave.].

N.E. Union Ave. (1915) From 375 E. Ankeny north to city limits, fifth east of the river. (1932) North from Burnside to McClellan.

S.E. Union Ave. (1932) South from Burnside to Clinton.

University. (1891) From Harrison Ave. east to E. 22nd. Before 1915 became N. University.

N. University 1915 became Dekum.

S.W. Upper Dr. (1932) Southwest from Montgomery Dr to Canyon Rd.

S.W. Upper Dr Court

S.W. Upper Dr Place

S.W. Upper Drive. Smith's addition. Before 1915.

S.W. Upper Hall St.

Upper Texas. Southern Portland addition. 1891 became Texas.

Upshur. (1891) From Front west to Willamette Heights. [until 1891, known as U].

N.W. Upshur St. (1932) 1 north of Thurman, west from Front to 30th.

S.E. Utopia. (1915) From 72nd SE, mile south 65th Ave. SE, east to 75th SE extended.

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