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Signing a resolution to not give their vote to any man for A public office who is in any manner, shape or form connected with claim jumping@ are:

A. L. Lovejoy

Geo. Abernethy

S. K. Barlow

P. G. Stewart

Geo. L. Curry

Fred= c Prigg

Andrew Hood

A. B. Price

Jeff. Brown

Hiram Phillips

C. Richardson

Walter Pomeroy

J. M. Ware

W. Mulkey

Albert Priest

R. D. Torney

H. N. Winslow

W. H. Bennett

W. C. McKay

A. L. Alderman

A. R. T. Locey

Geo. Davis

Sam= l U. Chase

Wm. McKinney

Andrew Louctin

Louis Papratti

J. S. Barlow

W. H. Reese

Jas. McCormick

George Gay

R. McCary

E. M. Robson

Geo. W. Rice

T. Summers

Wm. P. Hudson

John Fleming

Wm. Glaser

John S. Griffith

S. W. Moss

Thos. Purvea

G. Hanen

Henry Evans

Theo. Magruder

Robert Birnie

S. M. Holderness

H. H. Sargent

W. F. Goode

A. McDonald

Peter H. Burnett

Robert Moore

Wm. Wheeler

Arch= d McKinley

Ransom Clark

Edw. Dupuis,

Thomas Maison

Joseph Church

W. Holman

David Crawford

John H. Bosworth

N. Smith

B. B. Rogers

John McLoskey

R. W. Hamilton

Wm. C. Dement

Wm. Berry

Wm. Garnsey

C. D. Burkhart

J. T. Lasater

Jacob Caplinger

Wm. G. T= Vault

James E. Alsop

Joseph Blouffe

Peter DeLough

Thomas Roi

T. H. Seavy

Creed Turner

Wm. P. Daugherty

F. Teve

Wm. Wallace

John Howland

Jas. Winston

Robert Pentland

Simon Horie

A. F. Hedges

J. Fenton

James Bechan

S. Smollman

Milton Brown

S. H. L. Meek

Geo. Urban

Geo. Evans

C. D. Sackett

Stewart Morse

H. Burns

A. Zachary

A. Husted

Jesse V. Boone

E. Hartley

Ira Boman

Wm. K. Kilborn

Jas. Bench

Jno. McLoughlin

Jno. P. Brooks

M. Crawford

C. W. Savage

John Waymire

A. J. Bolon

Obadiah Newton

Wm. Monroe

C. B. Gray

George Brock

R. W. Moxie

D. Wallace

J. M. Wyatt

A. P. Caldwell

F. Hathaway

H. Black

John Dorn

James Athey

Aaron Butler

Jas. Holman

Thos. Hood

N. P. Mack

W. T. Newby

R. K. Payne

Jno. H. Couch

Columbus Wheeler

Joseph L. Meek

E. B. Magruder

D. T. Lenox

Greenberry Trekol

Wm. Geiger Jr.

G. W. Weston

A. E. Davis

Wm. Hood

F. C. Cason

T. P. Powers

Wm. Holmes

James Barlow

Aaron Cook

George Cornelius

T. R. Jackson

Wm. Athey

J. R. Robb

T. M. Chambers

S. C. Morris

L. Van Bebber

Rowland Chambers

Thomas S. Kendall

Gen. Jones

F. X. Matthew

Thomas McKay


[source: Oregon Spectator, May 27, 1847.]