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1865 Poll Tax
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Multnomah County Poll Tax Receipts

Following is an incomplete list of Poll tax receipts, all dated 16 May 1865. This list was abstracted from microfilm #, on indefinite loan at the LDS Family History Center East Stake.


Each of these men were assessed a $2.26 poll:

bulletAtkison, John.
bulletAngel, Chas.
bulletAtkinson, John
bulletAngel, Chas.
bulletAshworth, Rich’d.
bulletAvery, H.
bulletEach of these men was assessed a  $3.29 poll:
bulletBrown, R. H.
bulletBern, Chas.
bulletBuck, Chas.
bulletBrown, J. H.
bulletBrown, John
bulletBuly, J. C.
bulletBlake, W. P.
bulletBerry, Thomas
bulletBurk, James Jr.
bulletBowers, Jos.
bulletBishop, W. B.
bulletBelmy, Rich’d.
bulletBritteny, Danl.
bulletBennet, James
bulletBurton, Julias
bulletBennett, E.
bulletBaily, Wm.
bulletBarnes, Chas.
bulletBallough, Henry
bulletBaer, Ashel
bulletBennett, W. W.
bulletBlakely, W. H.
bulletBaily, Geo.
bulletBiles, John D.
bulletBrown, A.
bulletBarlow, W. W.
bulletBoyinton, G. F.
bulletBuly, J. C.
bulletBuckley, Dennis
bulletBeard, Emery
bulletBacon, Frank
bulletBillote, John
bulletBaker, Hilton
bulletBrown, R. A.
bulletBrown, V.
bulletBeasel, Geo.
bulletBlanchard, ____
bulletBanel, Sam;.
bulletBrown, Wm.
bulletBramhall, Thos. E.
bulletBurnham, Saml.
bulletBuckman, Jos.
bulletBoggs, J. R.
bulletBergman, Isaac
bulletBergan, Wm.
bulletBrady, M.
bulletBennett, Saml.
bulletBrown, Wm.
bulletBray, Thos.
bulletBroker, J. H.
bulletBuchtel, Saml.
bulletBaxter, John
bulletBriyard, S.
bulletBell, Geo.
bulletBell, S. L.
bulletBostwick, J. A.
bulletBrigham, J. R.
bulletBrooks, Edw.
bulletBarnes, Jno. L.
bulletBrown, F.
bulletBayley, Wm.
bulletBiddelman, R. M.
bulletBarton, J. L.
bulletBailey, J. B.
bulletBuchanan, J. B.
bulletBerlin, John
bulletBuchanan, E. D.
bulletBailey, Geo.
bulletBuris, John
bulletBallad, W. G.
bulletBushwiler, A.
bulletBaker, W. W.
bulletBuchanan, Jos.
bulletBusby, Richd.
bulletBenheiner, Saml.
bulletBick, F.
bulletBuchanan, D. E.
bulletBuchanan, J. W.
bulletBeal, C. B.
bulletBuckner, Wm. P.
bulletBurley, N.
bulletBeck, A.
bulletBaker, W. W.
bulletBess, Lewis
bulletBarley, B
bulletBan, Saml. Jr.
bulletBilote, J. A.
bulletBrown, Larkin
bulletCaffey, C. C.
bulletChapman, J. E.
bulletCary, ___
bulletCampbell, Geo.
bulletClinkenbid, Jno.
bulletCollins, H. H.
bulletCruchelow, W. B.
bulletCulbertson, F. M.
bulletCulbertson, F. G.
bulletClouse, Saml.
bulletCrawford, Walter
bulletCrane, Thos.
bulletClinton, Nicholas
bulletCrall, G. W.
bulletConnell, Wm. F.
bulletCaples, T. L.
bulletCanaltin, Peter
bulletChapin, A.
bulletCondon, Wm.
bulletClark, W. B.
bulletCollins, Thomas
bulletCleaner, J. W.
bulletClark, J. F.
bulletCowley, James
bulletCosgrove, Jno.
bulletCram, D.
bulletCasey, W. H.
bulletCollins, Jno.
bulletCarter, T. J.
bulletCarter, C. M.
bulletCampbell, A.
bulletCoughlin, Jno.
bulletConger, L. T.
bulletConboy, Peter
bulletCarlisle, E. W.
bulletCaziz, ___
bulletCan, J. A.
bulletCook, Edw.
bulletCampbell, G.
bulletCarter, Henry
bulletCoburn, Wm.
bulletCollin, John
bulletCovert, J .V.
bulletCook, V.
bulletCozni, Jno. F.
bulletCarrall, James
bulletCochellan, A.
bulletCarroll, Peter
bulletClark, James
bulletCowles, E. N.
bulletClement, Saml.
bulletCampbell, Henry
bulletChemin, L. F.
bulletClark, C. D.
bulletCornell, E. W.
bulletCardwell, R. H.
bulletCooper, F.
bulletChapman, A. J.
bulletCollins, Thos.
bulletCril, E.
bulletCovert, Isaac
bulletCerkel, W.
bulletCottrell, Edw.
bulletClark, F. A.
bulletCongdon, Fred
bulletCook, Chas.
bulletCutter, H. E.
bulletClark, Duncan
bulletCocklin, John
bulletCallahan, M.
bulletCuttner, Fred
bulletCummings, Pat.
bulletCary, L. D.
bulletCary, H. A.
bulletCooper, W. E.
bulletClark, G. H.
bulletCarley, Ed.
bulletCaltharp, G. W.
bulletCoffin, Stephen Jr.
bulletDotyman, P.
bulletDorris, A.
bulletDavay, James
bulletDupree, H. J.
bulletDosker, Jno.
bulletDutch, Y.
bulletDucroyart, Jas.
bulletDelay, Wm.
bulletDouglas, L. L.
bulletDaimault, L.
bulletDennis, H. F.
bulletDumas, J. B.
bulletDonaldson, Saml.
bulletDoolittle, L. W.
bulletDennis, B.
bulletDavidson, Wm.
bulletDevine, C.
bulletDolph, Cyrus
bulletDonaldson, A. J.
bulletDriggs, M.
bulletDunseth, J. D.
bulletDaily, Robt.
bulletDaily, Pat.
bulletDelishmut, R. F.
bulletDennison, R. L.
bulletDuley, Jno.
bulletDorr, H. L.
bulletDuftey, Thos.
bulletDelschnider, Fred.
bulletDavis, N.
bulletDupru, Francis
bulletDavidson, Wm.
bulletDillboy, Moses
bulletDeshilds, Pleasant
bulletDewley, C. M.
bulletDolbery, Fred.
bulletDufain, A. R.
bulletDaymond, Jno.
bulletDunlap, S.
bulletDennis, S.
bulletDeardorff, J. G.
bulletDufur, E. B.
bulletDunbar, D. S.
bulletEverest, Jno.
bulletEllis, Jacob
bulletEgan, Michl.
bulletElwood, H.
bulletEwery, Jno.
bulletExon, J. H.
bulletEagan, J. H.
bulletEverest, H.
bulletElwert, G.
bulletEverest, W. C.
bulletEvans, R. G.
bulletFisher, J. M.
bulletField, R. M.
bulletFry, Jacob
bulletFairchild, C. H.
bulletFrederick, C. F.
bulletFreeman, A.
bulletFletcher, Christ.
bulletFoley, John
bulletFreeman, J. M.
bulletFenton, C. A.
bulletFellers, J.
bulletFurgerson, James
bulletFarst, F. A.
bulletFritza, Clemens
bulletFord, F. A.
bulletFinnegan, M.
bulletFord, G. W.
bulletFuller, Geo.
bulletFaith, Wm.
bulletFisuti, Chas.
bulletFrance, M. B.
bulletFuller, G. W.
bulletFruler, Jacob
bulletFrank, A.
bulletFoster, Thos.
bulletFreeman, F. C.
bulletFox, Morris
bulletFurgeson, Thos.
bulletFurgeson, Albert
bulletFagg, Geo.
bulletFoley, Jno.
bulletFrayner, Thos.
bulletFoster, Thos.
bulletFoster, Robt.
bulletFoster, Geo.
bulletFish, Platt
bulletFogg, G. W.
bulletFreeman, C. A.
bulletFailing, Ed.
bulletFrundnerich, D.
bulletFries, ___
bulletFleishner, J.
bulletFitzpatrick, Jno.
bulletFine, E. W.
bulletFord, Jno.
bulletGumbrier, L. J.
bulletGault, D. M.
bulletGibbs, Jno.
bulletGung, L.
bulletGates, J. W.
bulletGates, Wm.
bulletGoing, D. W.
bulletGilham, Chas.
bulletGuild, Jesse
bulletGuild, Smith
bulletGuild, Byrick
bulletGauge, Jos.
bulletGulerics, M.
bulletGorley, S. C.
bulletGruber, A.
bulletGroom, Geo.
bulletGrum, G. F.
bulletGifford, E. L.
bulletGray, F. B.
bulletGraser, M.
bulletGugon, J. W.
bulletGrun, Danl.
bulletGoodman, J.
bulletGrun, J. Q. A.
bulletGlover, Wm.
bulletGibson, M.
bulletGrist, Jacob
bulletGuyer, G. W.
bulletGoddard, L. A.
bulletGladstone, S. A.
bulletGerking, David
bulletGuhun, Michl.
bulletGuttechrist, B.
bulletGlenahan, James
bulletGilbert, Henry
bulletGerking, David
bulletGossom, E.
bulletGruber, Jno.
bulletGillett, Jno.
bulletGifford, Wm.
bulletGalzert, Bailey
bulletGillaspie, R. L.
bulletGifford, Smith
bulletHam, Nelson
bulletHemshuck, Richd.
bulletHussey, W. T.
bulletHoover, Lawrence
bulletHancock, F.
bulletHensey, Pat
bulletHiggins, A.
bulletHull, Chas.
bulletHerald, Walter
bulletHilson, Alexr.
bulletHolland, James
bulletHunsir, Fred
bulletHughs, Frank
bulletHines, H.
bulletHemsey, John
bulletHammond, F.
bulletHoward, W. L.
bulletHawley, B. C.
bulletHolmes, L.
bulletHanson, C.
bulletHill, H. E.
bulletHolman, Jas. D.
bulletHull, W. C.
bulletHowell, Jos.
bulletHowell, John
bulletHickley, Michl.
bulletHammond, Wm.
bulletHowe, Alexr.
bulletHoffler, Wm.
bulletHill, I. N.
bulletHaslin, J. P.
bulletHoffman, Jacob
bulletHarrison, John
bulletHamilton, F. W.
bulletHinderson, J. J.
bulletHess, John
bulletHennesy, P.
bulletHasse, M.
bulletHedington, W. B.
bulletHolman, Robt.
bulletHartness, Geo.
bulletHenan, Chas.
bulletHogan, D.
bulletHickley, C. C.
bulletHoyt, H.
bulletHarris, Uriah
bulletHern, Wm.
bulletHill, W. R.
bulletHill, W. L.
bulletHill, Geo.
bulletHammond, Albert
bulletHoades, Henry
bulletHowe, James
bulletHill, C. H.
bulletIsaacs, Jacob
bulletHindrie, Robt.
bulletHagerman, ___
bulletHinton, S.
bulletHiggins, C.
bulletHoyt, J. H.
bulletHerman, H.
bulletHancock, B. C.
bulletHickey, P.
bulletHowe, J. M.
bulletHoxie, A. C.
bulletHarham, David
bulletHudson, H. M.
bulletHilton, Chas.
bulletHawley, E.
bulletHinden, Henry
bulletHawley, Henry
bulletHuber, L.
bulletHays, J.
bulletHigley, A.
bulletHyman, Moses
bulletHunter, W. H.
bulletHinton, Thos.
bulletHenry, Franklin
bulletHodgkins, C. E.
bulletHolcomb, S. R.
bulletHunter, A.
bulletHendrson, M. W.
bulletHiles, H. W.
bulletHodgkins, E. W.
bulletHicklin, L.
bulletHendrickson, L. C.
bulletHastings, H. B.
bulletHendee, D. H.
bulletHack, Freeman
bulletHenry, G. B.
bulletHolmes, W. J.
bulletHoward, W. L.
bulletJagger, Adolph
bulletJames, Geo.
bulletJones, E.
bulletJordan, J. W.
bulletJoyce, W. H.
bulletJohnson, A.
bulletJohnson, C.
bulletJoynt, O.
bulletJulian, John
bulletJohnson, H. H.
bulletJackson, E. A.
bulletJackson, John
bulletJustis, John
bulletJohnson, J.
bulletJones, James
bulletJones, T. J.
bulletKilpatrick, O.
bulletKing, M. A.
bulletKelly, David
bulletKubler, Peter
bulletKelly, Pat
bulletKelly, D.
bulletKreamer, J.
bulletKenneday, M.
bulletKragger, L.
bulletKolberg, I. (Or J?)
bulletKemp, T. H. C.
bulletKisinger, John
bulletKeith, John
bulletKitson, Ed.
bulletKnapp, R. B.
bulletKallish, J. M. G.
bulletKirchner, C. W.
bulletKochlir, Wm.
bulletKnott, Levi
bulletKnott, A. J.
bulletKenneday, Jas.
bulletKufe, Danl.
bulletKilgore, A.
bulletKingsley, J. L.
bulletKnox, J.
bulletKing, Chas.
bulletKnight, J. W.
bulletKittering, John
bulletKenneday, N.
bulletKnight, Allen
bulletLorther, W. W.
bulletLyon, J. H.
bulletLockwood, Jas.
bulletLewenstien, L.
bulletLawrence, Chas.
bulletLong, Benj.
bulletLamb, James
bulletLaller, John
bulletLoncolm, W.
bulletLattie, Jno. J.
bulletLamson, Pat.
bulletLawrence, J. R.
bulletLanders, Robt.
bulletLansman, Jno.
bulletLyman, Alby
bulletLucas, G.
bulletLebenbaum, L.
bulletLucas, M .M.
bulletLinder, John
bulletLyon, J. M.
bulletLong, B. F.
bulletLeonard, W. J.
bulletLugunbul, James
bulletLoeb, N.
bulletLoeb, B.
bulletLong, J. B.
bulletLayfield, David
bulletLander, Felix
bulletLance, Orson
bulletMatthew, Chas. W.
bulletMurker, H. R.
bulletMcMillin, James
bulletMcGill, Danl.
bulletMcKuchen, Jno.
bulletMcCormick, J. C.
bulletMissicken, W. A.
bulletMcCormick, W. B.
bulletMiller, Fred.
bulletMartin, Pat
bulletMower, F. F.