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The City of Portland has been served by forty–two mayors since incorporation. Ten of these mayors have served under the commission form of government, which has been in effect since 1913.

Records of mayors prior to the early 1900s are found primarily in the series called Council Documents Series I (2001–11). This consists of background documentation to City Council proceedings, ordinances, and resolutions. Communications of the mayors* offices are included in many of the subject areas in this series, especially Administration.

Following a combined correspondence file of five mayors from 1905 to 1929, records of individual mayors are listed in alphabetical order. Few mayoral records were preserved between 1929 and 1969. Selected files from the offices of Mayor Dorothy McCullough Lee and Mayor Fred L. Peterson were extracted from their files by the staff of the auditor*s office and appended to the Auditor*s Office Historical File (2012–30).

Records of Mayor Earl Riley, dating from 1913 to 1948, and of Mayor Terry D. Schrunk, from 1963 to 1968, are in the Manuscript Collection of the Oregon Historical Society. Later records of Mayor Schrunk (1969–1973) are included in this guide.

Serving as mayor under the commission form of government:

Harry Russell Alee, 1913–1917; George Luis Baker, 1917–1933; Joseph K. Carson, Jr., 1933–1941; Earl Riley, 1941–1949; Dorothy McCullough Lee, 1949–1953; Fred L. Peterson,

1953–1957; Terry Doyle Schrunk, 1957–1973; Neil Goldschmidt, 1973–1979; Connie McCready, 1979–1980; Francis J. Ivancie, 1980–present.

*s Annual Messages

1853 - 1969

Annual reports of mayors of the city including financial reports, reports of the police chief, city engineer, and other officers, and summary statements of the year*s accomplishments and problems by the current mayor. Messages for various years are filed in Council Documents (2001–11 through 2001–14), Collected Reports and Studies (2012– 35), or the Auditor*s Historical File (2012–30).

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Early Twentieth Century Mayors

The period covered by this series brackets the year 1913 when the commission form of government was established. The mayors whose correspondence is included and their terms of office are as follows; Harry Lane, 1905–1908; Joseph Simon, 1909–1910; A. G. Rushlight, 1911–1912; H. R. Albee, 1913–1917; and George L. Baker, 1917–1933.

Name Correspondence

1905 – 1915

16.5 c.f.

Correspondence of the mayor with citizens and city offices; filed alphabetically by name of correspondent or office within each year. The last three years overlap subject correspondence files initiated during the term of Mayor Alee.


Subject Correspondence

1913 – 1929
17.5 c.f.

Correspondence of the mayor with citizens and city offices; filed alphabetically by subject or name of city office. Also included is miscellaneous correspondence, not directly related to any subject files, arranged chronologically.

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Mayor Neil Goldschmidt

Neil Goldschmidt was elected mayor of the City of Portland in 1972 and served from January 1973 until August 15, 1979, when he resigned to become U.S. Secretary of Transportation.


Subject Correspondence

1972 – 1979

58.0 c.f.

Subject files maintained by Neil Goldschmidt*s office during his tenure as mayor of Portland. Files are arranged alphabetically by subject and include correspondence, reports, and other materials.

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Mayor Terry D. Schrunk

Terry Schrunk served as mayor of Portland from 1957 through 1972. The city has records from his office only from the year 1969. The Oregon Historical Society holds files for 1962 through 1968.

Subject Correspondence

1969 – 1972
19.0 c.f.

Arranged alphabetically by subject. The files are indexed by correspondent name and by subject.

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