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Thirty-two city commissioners have served in office since the commission form of government was instituted in 1913. Few records of commissioners* offices have been retained by the city, however, and those primarily in the last decade. Records of commissioners currently in office are not included in this guide.

Commissioners' records are listed in alphabetical order by commissioner name.

Commissioners' terms of office are as follows: Will H. Daly, 1913–1917; Robert G. Dieck, 1913–1917; William Lewis Brewster, 1913–1915; Charles A. Bigelow, 1913–1930; George Luis Baker, 1915–1917; John M. Mann, 1917–1930; Asbury Lincoln Barbur, 1917–1933; Daniel Kellaher, 1917– 1919. Sylvester C. Pier, 1919– 1923; Stanhope C. Pier, 1923–1931;

Earl Riley, 1930–1941; Ralph C. Clyde, 1930–1943; Albert Godfrey Johnson, 1932; Jacob Everett Bennett, 1932–1941, 1951–1952; Ormond R. Bean, 1933–1939, 1949– 1967; William A. Bowes, 1939–1969; Fred L. Peterson, 1941–1953; Kenneth L. Cooper, 1941–1951.

Nathan A. Boody, 1952–1959; Stanley Earl, 1953–1970; Mark A. Grayson, 1959–1970; Francis J. Ivancie, 1967– 1980; Lloyd Anderson, 1969–1974; Connie McCready, 1970–1979; Neil Goldschmidt, 1970–1973; Mildred Schwab, 1972–present; Charles R. Jordan, 1974–present; Mike Lindberg, 1979–present; Margaret Strachan, 1981–present.

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Commissioner Ormond R. Bean

Commissioner Ormond R. Bean entered government as Commissioner of Public Works in July, 1933. He left office in 1939, turning over his responsibilities to William A. Bowes.

He was again elected to serve in 1949, and held the position of Commissioner of Finance until 1967, when he was replaced by Francis J. Ivancie.

Although he remained Commissioner of Finance during the period 1949 to 1966, the bureaus and programs f or which Bean had responsibility varied. He had the following responsibilities for the entire period: Department of Finance, Revenue and Fiscal Matters, Director of the Budget, Office of the City Treasurer, Bureau of Purchases and Stores, Bureau of Licenses, Property Custodian, and Bureau of Property Control.

In addition, he administered the Bureau of Parks, 1949–1950, 1952–1954, and 1956–1966; Bureau of Buildings and the Office of the Planning Commission, 1949–1953; Bureau of Street Transportation Investigation and Bureau of Traffic and Transportation, 1950–1952;

Bureau of Transportation and Maintenance, 1950–1952 and 1958; Municipal Golf Links, 1952–1954, 1956–1966; Bureau of City Hall, 1954–1956; Bureau of Municipal Auditorium, 1954–1959; Bureau of Weights and Measures, 1954–1956; Bureau of Municipal Garage and Shops (changed to Bureau of Shops in 1962), 1958–1966; Street Lighting (changed to Bureau of Lighting and Power in 1962), 1958–1966.

Subject Correspondence

1949 – 1966
10.0 c.f.

Reports and interoffice correspondence relating to Portland city government during Ormond R. Bean*s second term as Commissioner.

A few records of his earlier service are included in the Bean Collection at the Oregon Historical Society.

Some of the records, primarily the most recent Zoo and Park Bureau materials, were found stored according to a separate system. These records have been interfiled with the main series for convenience of access. The records are arranged alphabetically by subject.

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Commissioner Neil Goldschmidt

Neil Goldschmidt entered government as Commissioner of Public Safety in 1971. He held this office until 1973, when he began his first term as mayor. He was the head of the following offices and activities during his tenure as Commissioner;

1971 – Bureau of Nuisance Abatement, Bureau of Building Maintenance, Office of Probation & Parole, Municipal Courts, Metropolitan Youth Commission, City Attorney*s Office, Civil Service Board, Architectural Division, Metropolitan Human Relations Commission.

1972 – Bureau of Nuisance Abatement, Bureau of Building Maintenance, Metropolitan Youth Commission, City Attorney*s Office, Civil Service Board, Architectural Division, Metropolitan Human Relations Commission, Anti-Poverty Programs, City-County Council on Aging, Model Cities.

Subject Correspondence

1971 – 1973

Correspondence, memoranda, and reports relating to Commissioner Goldschmidt and the various facets of Portland city government under his purview; arranged alphabetically by subject.

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Commissioner Francis J. Ivancie

Francis J. Ivancie began his service as Portland City Commissioner in January, 1967. He served successively as Commissioner of Public Affairs, 1967–1972; Public Safety, 1973–1974; and Public Utilities, 1974.

The following city sites and activities were, at various times, also under his administration: Airline Affairs, 1969–1974; Anti-Poverty Programs, 1969–1970; Art Commission, 1969–1972; Civic Stadium, 1969-1974; Data Processing, 1969–1972; Exposition-Recreation

Commission, 1969; Fire Bureau, 1973–1974; Health Bureau, 1967–1968; Motor Pool, 1971–1972; Municipal Golf Courses, 1969–1970; Nuisance Abatement, 1969–1970; Parking

Garage, 1971–1972; Parks Bureau, 1969-1974; Pittock Mansion Advisory Commission, 1969–1974; Portland Development Commission, 1971–1972; Portland Freight Traffic Association, 1969–1974; Portland International Raceway, 1973–1974; Public Monuments, 1969–1974; Shops, 1970–1972; Traffic Engineering, 1969; Transportation Director, 1969– 1970; Water Works Bureau, 1974; Zoo Affairs, 1973–1974; and Zoo Commission, 1969–1972.

Subject Correspondence

1969 – 1974
38.5 c.f.

Correspondence, memoranda, and reports relating to Commissioner Ivancie and the various departments of Portland city government under his administration. Arranged alphabetically by subject. In some cases general headings such as:

Parks, Planning, or Transit are utilized with specific headings arranged thereunder.

Summer Youth Program Files

1970 – 1972
2.0 c.f.

Summer Youth programs in Portland were begun in 1970 in an effort to coordinate the activities of the city*s youth–serving agencies. Following Summer *70, Mayor Terry Schrunk appointed the Mayor*s Youth Committee to review program proposals and allocate funds to various summer youth projects. Grant assistance was obtained from the Department of Labor*s Recreational Support Program and the United Good Neighbors.

Records consist of program proposals, reports, correspondence, and other working papers of the program.

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