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1928 Circuit Court Case :

Some Portland Banks vs. County Tax Collector

The following list was found in a bound court case, purchased at a local used book store. It can be found in the Forum Library. The case was heard in the U. S. District Court of Oregon on 28 May 1928. Attorneys were Sidney J. Graham & J. O. Stearns Jr. for the plaintiffs; Geo. N. Mowry & Lyle F. Brown for the defendant. A lawsuit was brought by various banking establishments against the Multnomah County Tax Collector in a dispute over personal property tax on bonds. The case recounts the testimony of the following witnesses:

first names surname page # representing
E. M. Adams p.203 Ferris & Hardgrove
E. A. Albrecht p.62 Northwestern Credit Co.
Stanley Bacon p.99 Redfield & Wood
J. C. Beatty p.198 National City Company
Harvey G. Beckwith p.206 Fidelity, Reserve & Loan Company
F. M. Blankenship p.219 Lumbermens Trust company
George F. Brice p.25 Brice Mortgage Co.
W. Q. Buffington p.20 Buffington, Houghton & Geary Co.
Exile Burkitt p.68 Oregon Bond & Mortgage Co.
F. W. Camp p.163 Freeman, Smith & Camp
Paul Campbell p.233 Peirce, Fair & Company
C. C. Colt p.282 First National Bank
C. C. Colt p.379 recalled
R. K. Daugherty p.173 A. Becker & Co.
F. H. Deshon p.86 Deshon Mortgage Co.
Guy E. Dobson p.81 Northwestern Reserve & Loan Co.
John A. Driscoll p.150 Commercial Investment & Trust Co.
Herbert A. Ebling p.78 Portland Cattle Loan Co. Inc.
M. G. Farr p.239 Hathaway & Co.
C. H. Farrington p.221 Western Bond & Mortgage Co.
W. H. Fear p.186  
F. Boyce Fenton p.165 Geo. H. Burr, Conrad & Broom
F. Boyce Fenton p.196 recalled
R. M. Fox p.121 Federal Securities Co.
Edward H. Geary p.274 Security Savings & Trust Co.
Fred W. German p.160 Fred W. German Co.
W. J. Gill p.97 A. H. Birrell, Gill Co.
J. G. Gillingham p.111 Overbeck & Cooke
F. P. Gram p.175 F. P. Gram & Co.,Inc.
Bert Granning p.60 Granning & Treece
A. A. Hampson p.214 Devereaux Mortgage Co.
Henry Harkson p.36 Otto & Harkson Realty Co.
Webber Hattrem p.40 Hattrem-Nelson & Co.
William H. Hemphill p.180 Individual Investor
John J. Hess p.171 Murphy Favre Co.
W. A. Holt p.301 U. S. National Bank
Walter E. Holt p.385 recalled
Preston Holt p.236 E. H. Rollins & Son
Dellman O. Hood p.89 Hood Bros.
Ernest R. Hood p.347  
E. S. Huckabay p.311 Deputy County Assessor
Ogden Johnson p.49 National Mortgage & Bond Co.
C. J. Johnson p.256 Pacific Coast Investment Co.
John K. Kollock p.130 Ralph Schneeloch Co.
Harold Koster p.152 P. W. Chapman & Co.
S. S. Lamont p.375 Tax Department, Multnomah County
S. S. Lamont p.357 recalled
J. W. Latimer p.135 J. W. Latimer & Co.
C. H. Lewis p.3 United States National Bank
Nelson E. Likens p.92 Oregon General Mortgage Co.
Colin Livingstone p.189 Blyth, Witter & Co.
R. E. Loomis p.66 Mortgage & Loan Co. of Oregon
C. C. Ludwig p.359 Tax Supervising & Conservation Commission, Multnomah County
H. M. Maloney p.80 Guaranty Trust Co.
Byron McClearey p.192 A. B. Leach & Co.
Hugh Burdette McGuire p.72 Hugh B. McGuire Co.
R. L. Newcomb p.138 American Bond Corporation
George A. Nichols p.15 Agricultural & Livestock Credit Corp.
E. F. O’Flynn p.142 General Bond & Mortgage Co, and Columbia Bond & Mortgage Co.
M. E. Paget p.94 Paget Security Co.
Ralph C. Parker p.31 Automobile Securities Co.
Clarence G. Patterson p.101 Lumbermans Trust Co.
D. P. Price p.52 Fidelity Security Co.
F. L. Privett p.76 Oregon Livestock Loan Co.
Henry G. Reed p.155 Bond & Goodwin & Tucker
Clyde Reed p.230 Naumburg & Co.
Henry E. Reed p.240 Former Assessor
Henry E. Reed p.264 recalled
H. L. Reynolds p.117 Ballin Finance Co.
Ben Riesland p.140 Attorney
T. A. Rutherford p.107 Pacific Coast Mortgage
Edgar Sensenich p.293 West Coast National Bank
Edgar Sensenich p.389 recalled
Harry L. Shaw p.208 MacMaster, Ireland & Co., Inc.
J. J. Shekter p.93 Bungalow Finance Co.
Amedee M. Smith p.367 Board County Commissioner
Amedee M. Smith p.378 recalled
Jack H. Storey p.146 Pacific Finance Corp.
William C. Taw p.83 Clark Kendall & Co.
L. W. Tromlitz p.181 General Motors Acceptance Corp.
R. M. Tuttle p.211 Portland Security Co.
Charles E. Warrens p.259 Corporation Dept.
Hiram U. Welch p.351 County Assessor