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Richey Family Records

1702 — 1907.

James Richey, who lived in the north of Ireland, was the father of three sons —Robert, Samuel and John; but it is not now known whether there were any daughters, but it is thought there were one or two. Their names and ages cannot now be given.

James Richey’s wife dying, he married Miss Isabella Stuart of the royal family of Stuarts, so noted in the history of Scotland.

Their only son, Stuart Richey, was born December 25, 1755, in the county of Dover, Ireland. Stuart Richey came to America in 1787 or 1788 to seek a new home for his family. His wife, Mary Irwin, was born April 21, 1756, in Ireland. His family landed in the United States August 12, 1790; they settled in Red Stone, Pennsylvania. In 1794 they descended the Ohio River to Cincinnati, Ohio. The next spring (1725) they emigrated to Kentucky and settled in Harrison County.

Stuart Richey died October 18, 1806, whilst away from home, at Bryant’s Creek, Monroe County, Indiana, where he had gone to improve a piece of land. His wife, Mary Richey, lived long after him, and died in Cincinnati, Ohio, February 7, 1832 aged 75 years, 8 months and 15 days.

Ages of Their Children.

James Richey was born March 27, 1783, in Donegal County, Ireland; Elizabeth Richey was born April 21, 1785, in Donegal County, Ireland; Stephen Richey was born May 12, 1791 in Red Stone, Pennsylvania; John Richey was born March 20, 1793 in Red Stone , Pennsylvania; Mary C. Richey was born December 15, 1795 in Harrison County, Kentucky; Ellinor Richey was born June 7, 1799, in Harrison County, Kentucky; William I. Richey was born September 13, 1802, in Harrison County, Kentucky.

Their Obituary.

James Richey died October 22, 1852, in Salem, Iowa; Elizabeth Weir died March 26, 1840, in Cincinnati, Ohio; John Richey died September 8, 1832, in Pike County, Illinois; Mary C. Moore died March 6, 1849, near Cincinnati, Ohio; Ellinor Martin died June 30, 1840, in Jersey County, Illinois; William Richey died October 3, 1846, in Massac County, Ill.

James Richey, who was the son of Stuart and Mary Richey, was married to Susannah Browning June 13, 1809 in Pendleton county, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Caleb and Ann Browning and was born November 23, 1790, in Clark County, Kentucky.

Ages of Their Children.

Mary Ann Richey was born July 6, 1810, in Harrison County, Kentucky; Stuart Richey was born May 27, 1812, in Harrison County, Kentucky; Sarah Richey was born September 26, 1813, in Harrison County, Kentucky; Eliza Richey was born November 11, 1814, in Harrison County, Kentucky; Caleb Richey was born August 2, 1816, in Pendleton County, Kentucky; James Richey was born July 14, 1816, in Pendleton County, Kentucky; Emily Richey was born May 9, 1820, in Pendleton County, Kentucky; Frances Richey was born April 4, 1822, in Pendleton County, Kentucky.

Second Marriage.

James Richey was married July 7, 1824 to Nancy Browning in Pendleton County, Kentucky, who was born August 7, 1792, in Clark County, Kentucky.

Ages of Their Children.

Lafayette Richey was born April 21, 1825, in Pendleton County, Kentucky; Susannah Palina Richey was born February 13, 1828, in Pendleton County, Kentucky; Martha Ellen Richey was born February 10, 1830 in Pendleton County, Kentucky; Caroline B. Richey was born January 1, 1833, in Pike County, Illinois; Amanda D. Richey was born December 31, 1835, in Pike County, Illinois.

Their Obituary.

James Richey died of fever October 11, 1852, in Salem, Iowa; Susannah Richey died of fever September 16, 1823, in Pendleton County, Kentucky; Mary Ann Stewart died of fever July 12, 1829, in New Richmond, Ohio; Sarah Richey died December 23, 1813, in Harrison County, Kentucky; Eliza Akin died of mountain fever August 22, 1852, on Lewis River, Oregon; Emily Richey died of flux, August 28, 1829, in Pendleton county, Kentucky; Frances Mace died of pneumonia February 11, 1858, near Ottawa, Clark County, Iowa; Lafayette Richey died of pneumonia January 10, 1858, in Salem, Iowa; Susanna P. Richey died of flux September 2, 1829, in Pendleton County, Kentucky; Stuart Richey died March 16, 1889, in Multnomah County, Oregon; Caleb Richey died November 28, 1875, in Multnomah County, Oregon; James Richey died February 19, 1906, in Council Bluffs, Iowa; Martha Ellen Sluytor died; Caroline B. Crew died; Amanda D. Arnold died.


Mary Ann Richey married Wm. Stewart, March 14, 1828, in Pendleton County, Kentucky; Eliza Richey married James Akin February 7, 1839, in Pike county, Illinois; Stuart Richey married Louisa Lenox in Pike County, Illinois; Caleb Richey married Alice booth September 28, 1843, in Lee County, Iowa; Frances Richey married James W. Mace May, 1848, in Salem, Iowa; Lafayette Richey married Hannah Hobson June 20, 1849, in Salem, Iowa; Martha Ellen Richey married Alfred Sluyter July 4, 1849, in Salem, Iowa; Caroline B. Richey married W. R. Crew February 10, 1852, in Salem, Iowa; Amanda D. Richey married C. V. Arnold November 23, 1854 in Salem, Iowa.

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