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Portland Blue Book and Pacific Coast Elite Directory.

(San Francisco: The Bancroft Company, )

note–The Italics designate the Reception Day, the Bold Face Type, the country Residence.


Ackerman, Mrs. And Mrs. Henry; 194 Lownsdale st.

Adams, Edw. R.; 181 Sixth st.

Ahlstedt, Mr. John A.; Union block

Ahpel, Mrs. Sarah; 189 Alder st.

Ainslie, Mr. and Mrs. George; 234 Eighth st.

Akin, Mr. Frank S.; 327 W. Park

Alden, Dr. H. R.; 167 ½ First st.

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. W. F.; 274 Q st., East Portland

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Co.; Mrs. Hill’s, Tenth and Morrison sts. Tuesday

Allen, Mrs. Will. H.; 148 Yamhill st.

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. H.S.; 321 J st.

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. E. W.; 171 Second st.

Alvord, W. C.; 228 Taylor st.

Amos, Mr. and Mrs. I. H.; 474 J st.

_____, Miss Tillie C.

_____, W. F.

Anderson, Mrs. Alta B.; 320 Second st.

Anderson, Mrs. C. C.; 221 B st.

_____, C. J.

_____, Miss Carrie

Andrew, Mr. John; Oak Club; Sixth and Yamhill sts.

Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H.; Mount Tabor

_____, Fred H. V.

_____, Miss

Aram, Mrs. Mary A.; 287 Fourth st.

_____, Miss Mattie L.

_____, Miss Jennie

Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. F. K.; 135 Jefferson st.

Arthur, E. M.;

Arthur, J. M..; 200 Morrison st.

Ashby, Mr. and Mrs. C. S.; 166 S. First st.

Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. A.; 629 S st.

Atkinson, Mr. J. L.; 385 Third st.

Atwood, Miss Abbie L.; 133 Main st.

Atwood, Mr. and Mrs. J. R.; 338 Taylor st.

Atwood, Wm T.; 191 Seventh st.

Aumack, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle N.; Seventh and Yamhill sts.

Averill, Wm. C.; 190 Yamhill st.

Ayer, Mr. and Mrs. W. B.; S. E. cor. King and Salmon sts.

Bach, Mr. and Mrs. Herman; 209 ½ Fourth st.

Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra D.; Stout st., head of Main Friday

Baker, Ernest B.; 168 Eleventh st.

Baker, Mrs. Isabel; 231 Tenth st.

Ball, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L.; 135 W. Park st.

Ball, Mr. and Mrs. F. D.; 157 Fifteenth st. Monday

Baltes, Mr. and Mrs. F. W.; 150 E. Park st.

Bartlett, T. Harris; 205 Madison

Baltimore, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.; 208 Twelfth st. Long Beach, Wash.

Bangs, J. E.; 135 W. Park St. Clatsop Beach, Or.

Barber, Mr. And Mrs. S. J.; 307 Yamhill st. Tioga, Wash.

_____, Miss Attie

_____, Master Roy

Barchus, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.; 145½ Third st.

Bannore, Mr. and Mrs. W. h.; 160 S st.

Barnard, Mr. and Mrs.; 174 Washington st.

Barrett, Mr. and Mrs. John; cor. Nineteenth and L sts. Wednesday

Bates, Mr. Philip S.; 168 Eleventh st.

Battin, Mr. and Mrs. H. E.; Mount Tabor

Beach, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E.; 109 Clay st.

Beck, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.; 214 Taylor st.

Beck, Mr. and Mrs. John A.; 229 Sixth st. Thursday

Beck, Mr. And Mrs. F. Allayne; 421 H st.

_____, Miss Gretchen

_____, Miss Mohl

_____, Foster, G.

Beebe, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. F.; cor. Seventeenth and L sts.

Belcher, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.; Twenty-first st., near B

_____, Miss Mabel

Bell, Capt and Mrs. Miles; 669 O st., East Portland

_____, Miss Mary

Bellinger, Mr. and Mrs. C. B.; East Portland

_____, Victor C.

_____, Miss Daisy

_____, Emmett

Bergman, Mr. J.; 225 Alder St.

_____, Miss Ida

_____, N. J.

_____, Miss Clara

_____, Miss L.

Bernheim, Edmond; 338 E. Park st.

Bevan, Dr. A. D.; 163 Tenth st.

Biles, Judge and Mrs. J. D.; C st., bet. Fifteenth and Sixteenth

_____, J. Norman

_____, Miss Bessie

_____, Miss Daisy

_____, Miss Leila

Bingham, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh T.; 407 G st., East Portland

Birmingham, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.; 404 Fourth st., East Portland

Blakely, Mr. and Mrs. C. O.; 969 Ninth st., East Portland

_____, Miss Blanche E.

Bloch, Rev. and Mrs. Jacob; 135 Twelfth st.

Boise, Whitney L.; 188 Jefferson st.

Bosworth, Mr. and Mrs. F. S.; 155 Alder st. Thursday

Bourne, Jonathan Jr.; 95 Salmon st.

Bowles, Mr. and Mrs. C. D.; 5 S. Seventh st.

_____, Mr. and Mrs. J. T.

Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. B. H.; cor. Twelfth and O sts., East Portland

Bradbury, Mrs. Emeline; 272 Salmon

Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert; 390 C st. Tuesday

Brady, Frank C.; 172 Yamhill st.

Brandes, Mr. and Mrs. Carl A.; 403 Fourth st.

Brayman, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H.; 225 Third st., East Portland

_____, Miss

Bridges, Mr. and Mrs. J. B.; 2890 Columbia st.

_____, J. B. Jr.

Brigham, Mr. and Mrs. P. E.; 71 North Seventeenth st.

Brockenbrough, Mr. and Mrs. J. B.; 408 East Park st.

Bronaugh, Mr. and Mrs. E. C.; 294 Morrison st.

_____, Earl C. Jr.

Brooke, Mr. Lloyd; 111 Seventh st.

_____, Hamilton E.

_____, T. Scott

_____, Dr. J. M.

Brown, Rev. Arthur J. and Mrs.; 254 Alder st. Wednesday

_____, Arthur Jr.

_____, DeWitt

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L.; Twenty-fifth and Hawthorne aves., East Portland

Brown, Capt. and Mrs. J. A.; 455 East st.

Brown, Clinton H.; Oak Club, Sixth and Yamhill sts.

_____, Edwd. L.

Buchtel, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph; 958 Twelfth st.; East Portland

Buffum, Mr. and Mrs. Fred; 272 Salmon st.

Burrell, Mr. and Mrs. A. H.; 54 Ella st.

Burke, Major D. W.; Vancouver Barracks

Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J.; 153 North Eighteenth st.

Burns, Mr. and Mrs. W. B.; 187 Sixth st.

Burnside, Mrs. Mary J.; cor. Twenty-fourth and J sts. ("Maplehurst")

_____, Davis W.

_____, Miss Helen

Burr, Lieut. And Mrs Edwd.; Cascade Locks

Burrell, Mrs. M. S.; 204 Madison st. Clatsop Beach, Oregon

_____, W. F.

_____, H. A.

_____, Miss H. S.

Bush, Mr. and Mrs. D. B.; 455 Fifth st.

Caesar, Eberhard; 229 Ninth st.

Caesar, Clemens; NW cor. Ninth and Taylor sts.

Cake, H. M.; 107 North fifteenth st.

_____, Wm.

Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. J. K.; 227 Salmon st.

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs.; 48 Montgomery st.

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. B.; 66 North 20th st.

Campbell, Miss Mamie, 969 9th st., East Portland

Canby, Major and Mrs. Jas. P.; NW cor 11th and Alder sts.

_____, James

Capen, Mr. and Mrs. Ellery; 21 South Fourth st.

_____, Miss

_____, Miss Mina

_____, Frank

_____, George

Caples, Mr. John F.; 150 Taylor st.

_____, Miss Jennie

Cardwell, Mr. and Mrs. B. P.; 395 Fourth st.

_____, Dr. H. W.

Carey, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.; 46 north 20th st.

Carr, Mrs. Matilda; 340 2nd st.

_____, B. L.

Carson, Mr. and Mrs. John C.; 183 North 19th st.

_____, Miss Lizzie

_____, Miss Ella

Carson, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.; 86 South Third st. Friday

Carle, Mr. and Mrs. F. A.; 241 Twenty-first st.

Catlin, Judge John and Mrs.; 221 North Eighth st.

_____, Robert

Cauthorn, Dr. and Mrs. F.; 115 Hall st. Thursday

Chapman, Annie F.; 338 Taylor st.

Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. W.; 273 Twelfth st

_____, Winfield S.

Chappell, Mr. J. J.; Kamm Block

Charlton, Mr. and Mrs. A. D.; 155 Alder st.

Chenery, Chas. E.; 205 Madison st.

Child, Mr. and Mrs. John A.; 235 Ninth st.

Christie, Mr. and Mrs. C. J.; 89 Seventh st.

Clapp, Rev. and Mrs. T. E.; 232 West Park st.

Clark, Mrs. J. Fred; Belmont Park, Mt. Tabor

_____, Arthur S.

_____, Geo. Knight

Clarke, Mr. Louis G.; 190 Salmon st.

Clarke, Mrs. Orlando; 330 C st.

Clarkson, Mr. D. M. Jr.; 259 Ninth st.

Cleveland, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.; Seventeenth and D sts.

Cleveland, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R.; 65 North Seventeenth st.

Coburn, Mrs. C. A.; 956 Tenth st., East Portland

Coffee, Mr. and Mrs. A. J.; 13 North Eighth st.

Coffin, Mr. and Mrs. Laban; 520 I st., East Portland

Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. D. Solis; 289 Ninth st.

Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Benj. I; 508 G st.

Cohn, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M.; 547 G st.

Cohn, Mr. and Mrs. Henry M.; 245 Sixth st.

Cohn, Mr. Sig. L.; 214 Stark st.

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver H.; 60 North Twentieth st. Friday

_____, Miss Alice Robbin

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. David; 203 Eleventh st.

Coleman, Mrs. Albert G.; 194 Hall st.

Comstock, Mr. and Mrs. Croesus; 155 Alder st.

_____, Artemus J.

Cook, Mr. and Mrs. E.; Abridgen Building

_____, Miss May

Cookingham, Mr. and Mrs. Edward; 51 North Twelfth st.

_____, Albert

Corbett, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J.; SE cor. West Park and Madison sts.

Corbett, Mr. and Mrs. Elijah; 275 Sixth st.

_____, William

Corbett, Mr. and Mrs. H. W.; Fifth between Yamhill and Taylor sts.

Colter, Mrs. Annette; 160 Yamhill st.

_____, Miss

Cotton, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.; 155 Alder st. Thursday

_____, Mrs. L. W.

Coursen, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar E.; 66 North Twenty-first st.

Cox, Mr. Harry G.; 163 Tenth st.

Cox, Mr. and Mrs. L. Bl; 195 Eleventh st.

Cox, Dr. and Mrs. Norris R.; West Main and Stout sts. Thursday

Crau, Mr. and Mrs. John; 32 North Nineteenth st.

Crawford, Mr. T. H.; 24 East Park

Croasman, Mr. and Mrs. A. B.; 254 Columbia st.

Crowell, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.; 201 Thirteenth st.

Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. M. T.; 468 E st.

_____, Miss Eugenia

_____, Miss Josephine

Currier, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L.; 123 Eighth st. Tuesday

Dalton, Mrs. Martha A.; 251 Alder st.

Dalton, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.; between 7th and 8th and I and J., East Portland

_____, Miss

_____, Miss Carrie

_____, Willie

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. R. E.; 145 C st.

Davis, Mr. Thomas A.; 163 West Park

Dawson, Mr. I. R.; NE cor. F and Twenty-third sts.

Day, Mr. and Mrs. L. L.; 422 F st. Thursday Dayton

Dayton, Mr. and Mrs. Frank; 291 West Park

Deady, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. N.; 153 Eleventh st.

Deady, Hon. and Mrs. M. P.; 163 Tenth st. Tuesday Clatsop Beach, Or.

_____, Paul R.

_____, Henderson

DeFrance, Mr. and Mrs. H. M.; 388 Seventh st. Tuesday

_____, Alexander

_____, Miss Lillian

_____, Miss Mamie

DeHart, Mr. and E. J.; SW cor. 18th and G Tuesday Clatsop Beach, Or.

_____, Miss Ella

DeKune, Mr. and Mrs. Frank; 171 Eleventh st.

_____, Edward

_____, George P.

_____, Adolph

_____, Otto

DeLashmutt, Mr. and Mrs. Van B.; 285 Twelfth st. Tuesday

DePraus, Mrs. E.; 233 Ninth st.

Dodd, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.; 403 Second st.

_____, Walter

Dodge, Mr. Frank T.; 305 J st.

Dolph, Mr. and Mrs. C. A.; SW cor. Fifth and Jefferson sts. Wednesday

_____, Hon. And Mrs. J. N.

Dosch, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E.; 193 West Park

Dudley, Mr. and Mrs. W. L.; 154 South Front st.

Dudley, Mr. and Mrs. John; 20 Meade st.

Duff, Mr. and Mrs. J. R.; 228 Yamhill st.

Dunbar, Mrs. Agnes; 271 Alder st.

_____, William

_____, Dave

_____, Miss Helen

Dunckley, Mr. and Mrs. Wm H.; 163 Tenth st.

Duniway, Mr. and Mrs. R. H.; East Portland

Dunlap; Mrs. Caroline; 246 Washington st. Tuesday

_____, James L.

_____, Miss Ione

Dunne, Mr. and Mrs. D. M.; cor. Fifteenth and C sts.

Durham, Mr. and Mrs. Geo H.; Head of King st.

_____, Miss Nellie

_____, Miss Mary

Durham, Mr. and Mrs. Richard L.; 71 South Third st. Thursday

Earding, Mr. and Mrs. Richard; 241 Eighth st.

Earhart, Mr. and Mrs. R. P.; cor. Tenth and Mill

_____, Miss

_____, Miss Clara

_____, Agnes L.

Eastwick, Mr. Phil Jr.; 334 East Park st.

Easton, Gen. and Mrs. Joe. H.; 424 F st.

_____, Dr. Frank B.

_____, Miss Louise

_____, Miss Daisy

Eckenberger, Mr. and Mrs. H. C.; 230 Taylor st.

Effinger, Mr. and Mrs. John; Nineteenth and F sts. Wednesday

Eggert, Mr. and Mrs. F.; 248 Columbia st.

Ehrman, m./m Edw.; 57 North Ninteeth st.

Eliot, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. T. L.; 227 West Park st.

Emmons, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C.; Riverdale (suburb of Portland)

Emmons, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W.; Riverdale

Emmons, Mr. and Mrs. H. H.; Tibbett’s Addition, East Portland

Espey, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.; 140 South Water st.

_____, Miss

_____, Ella

Engs, John S.; N. W. cor. Twenty-first and B sts.

Everett, Mr. Edward; Oak Club; Sixth and Yamhill sts.

Ewald, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand G.; 226 Twelfth st.

_____, Miss

Eweigh, Mr. and Mrs. J. D.; 248 Yamhill st.

Failing, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. F.; 243 Ninth st.

Failint, Mr. Henry; Fifth, bet. Taylor and Salmon sts.

_____, Miss

_____, Miss May

_____, Miss Emily

Failing, Mr. and Mrs. Edward; 94 Yamhill st.

_____, Miss Henrietta

_____, Miss Milly

Fairfowl, Mr. Howard M.; NW cor. Nineteenth and F. Streets

_____, Miss

Fallenius, Mr. and Mrs. Carl C.; Fulton Park Thursday

Farrar, Mr. and Mrs. Louis C.; 243 Alder st. Tuesday

Fechheimer, Mrs. Clara; 383 West Park st.

Feldenheimer, Mr. and Mrs. Albert; 192 Lownsdale st.

Ferrera, Mr. and Mrs. A.; 236 B st.

_____, J. W.

_____, Albert

Fierens, Rev. John F.; 80 Third st.

Flanders, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C.; 6th and W sts.; East Portland Friday

Flanders, Capt. and Mrs. Geo. H.; Eighteenth and G sts.

_____, J. Couch

Fleischner, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus; 231 Seventh st.

Fleischner, Col. Louis; 107 Third st.

Fleischner, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob; 231 Seventh st.

_____, Isaac N.

_____, Miss Hattie

_____, Miss Minnie

Fliedner, Mr. and Mrs. C.; 74 Fourth st.

_____, Miss

_____, Miss Lillie

Flinn, Dr. and Mrs. W. A.; 8th and L sts., East Portland Wednesday

Flower, Mr. and Mrs. Jas.; 150 Madison st.

Folger, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert; 163 Tenth st. Tuesday

Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. C. M.; 126 Salmon st.

Foreman, Mrs. H. A.; 201 Seventh st. Tuesday and Friday

_____, Miss Lucille

Foster, Mr. and Mrs. John R.; 174 Taylor st.

Frank, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P.; 301 Yamhill st.

Friedlander, Mr. S. H.; Hotel Portland

_____, Miss Alice

Gambell, Mr. and Mrs. A. N.; 413 Seventh st.

_____, Miss

_____, Miss Lizzie

_____, W. B.

Gammons, Mr. Geo. G.; Oak Club; Sixth and Yamhill sts.

Garretson, Mr. and Mrs. W. L.; 82 South Third st.

Gaston, Mr. and Mrs. Jas.; Salmon, cor. Of King st.

Gates, Mrs. John; 324 Second st.

Gantenbein, Rev. and Mrs. John; 94 Ninth st.

_____, Miss Marie F.

_____, Miss Sophie

George, Mr. and Mrs. M. C.; 154 Columbia st.

Giesy, Dr. and Mrs. A. j.; 303 Twelfth st. Thursday

Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B.; 149 Eleventh st.

Gill, Mr. and Mrs. John; cor. H and Twenty-second st.

Gilmore, Mr. Fred M.; 146 North Seventeenth st.

Gill, Mr. and Mrs. J. K.; Sixteenth and D sts.

_____, Mark W.

Gleason, Mr. and Mrs. Jas., 502½ E st.

Glisan, Mrs. Rodney; Eighteenth and J sts.

_____, Miss Care

_____, Miss Florence

_____, Clarence

_____, Rodney

Going, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.; 393 L st. ("Roselawn"). Tuesday

Goldsmith, Mr. Berthold; 147 Eighth st.

Goldsmith, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard, 195 Eighth st.

_____, Miss Alice

_____, Milton M.

_____, Jas. C.

_____, Louis J.

Goldsmith, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon; 273 Alder st. First Thursday

_____, Hugo B.

_____, Milton P.

Good, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.; 467 Ninth st.

Goodsell, Mr. and Mrs. David; Mount Tabor

Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart; F st., near Twenty-Third

Gove, Mr. Chas. H.; 468 Seventh st.

_____, Mrs. Alice C.

Gove, Miss Ida; 355 Yamhill st.

Granger, Mr. C. C.; 313 Twelfth st.

_____, J. L.

Green, Mr. H. D.; Cedar Hill

_____, H. J.

_____, Hal.

Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. M. G.; 454 Seventh st.

Gullixson, Mr. and Mrs. H. F.; 334 Morrison st.

_____, Miss Annie

Gunst, Mr. and Mrs. Silas; 384 East Park st.

Gurly, Mr. N.; 153 First st.

Habersham, Mr. and Mrs. F. E.; Tenth and Harrison sts.

Habersham, Rev. and Mrs. B. Elliott; 484 Corbett st.

Habersham, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A.; 484 Corbett st.

_____, Elliott

_____, John P.

_____, Miss Emma

_____, Miss E. A.

Hageny, Mrs. J. H.; 578 N st. Thursday Clatsop

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Edward; 34 Hooker st.

Handbury, Major and Mrs. Thos. H.; Head of King st.

Harbaugh, Mr. and Mrs. C. K.; 248 Yamhill st.

Harrington, Col. And Mrs. S. R.; 455 F st.

_____, The Misses

Harrison, Mr. Carey H.; East Portland

Hart, Mr. Frank E.; Oak Club; Sixth and Yamhill sts.

Haussman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; 194 Alder st.

Hawkins, Mr. L. L.; 72 Oak st.

Hawthorne, Mrs. J. C.; The Portland Hotel

_____, Miss

Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.; 48 Grant st.

Hegele, Mr. and Mrs. Charles; 161 12th st.

Heitshu, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel; L, between 18 and 19 sts. Wednesday

_____, Miss

_____, Alice

Hershey, Mr. and Mrs. S. O.; 514 D st. cor Twenty-first st.

_____, Miss Blanche

Hewett, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; Mt. Zion, Portland Heights

_____, Miss Isabella

Hexter, Mr. and Mrs. L.; 33 North 6th st.

_____, Miss Esther

Higgins, Mr. Frank D.; 214 Main st.

Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L.; 214 Main st.

_____, Frank D.

_____, James A.

Hill, Mr. and Mrs. H. C.; 1122 Eighth st.; East Portland

_____, Chas. E.

Hill, Dr. and Mrs. Joe W.; Eighteenth and B sts.

Hillman, Miss Jennie; 32 North Nineteenth st.

Hodgman, Mr. M.; 231 Main st.

Hogue, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey A.; 115 Twelfth st. Thursday

_____, Harry W.

Holcomb, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil R.; 155 North Fifteenth st.

Holman, Mr. and Mrs. Edward; 271 Morrison st. Thursday

Holman, Mrs. Mary; 221 Tenth st.

_____, William C.

Holman, Mrs. H.; 201 Lownsdale st.

_____, Frederick V.

_____, George F.

_____, Miss Frances A.

_____, Miss Katherine

Holt, Rev. and Mrs. W. S.; 331 South First st. Wednesday

Honeyman, Mr. Benj. F.; 291 Tenth st.

Honeyman, Mr. and Mrs. John; 286 Tenth st.

Honeyman, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J.; 63 North Nineteenth st.

Howard, R. S. Jr.; 150 Madison st.

Howe, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.; 346 Eleventh st. Thursday

Hoyt, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W.; 153 North Fifteenth st.

_____, Miss Mattie

_____, George W. Jr.

Hoyt, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L.; 133 Seventh st.

_____, Ralph W.

Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. H. T./ 383 Ninth st.

_____, Miss Maud

Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Chas A.; 261 Eleventh st.

Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis G.; 191 Yamhill st.

Humason, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan; 29 North Ninteenth st.

Hume, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T.; 135 North Twenty-second st.

Hurlbuch, Mr. and Mrs. T. M.; 1370 Sixth st.; East Portland

Idleman, Mr. Cicero M.; 241 Sixth st.

Illidge, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.; 427 I st., East Portland

_____, Clarence

_____, Edwin

Irwin, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R.; 81 Seventh st.

Jacobs, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac; 363 West Park st.

Jacobs, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph; 373 West Park st. First Thursday

Janion, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. M.; N. E. cor D and Twenty-first sts.

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. A. H.; S. W. cor Twenty-first and B sts.

Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. J.; 45 Ella st.

_____, Miss Hattie

Jones, Mr. J. H.; 175 Taylor st.

_____, Miss Lovina

Jones, Dr. Wm.; 49 North Sixteenth st.

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P.; 310 Sixth st.

_____, Miss Jennie

_____, Benj. F.

_____, Lincoln

_____, Wm. H.

Jones, Miss Frankie; 71 South Third st.

Jones, Dr. and Mrs. Henry E.; 49 North Sixteenth st.

Jocelyn, Mr. Frederick; The Portland Hotel

Kapus, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.; 275 Morrison st.

_____, Wm. M.

Kaufman, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph; 351 E st.

_____, Miss

Kellogg, Capt. and Mrs. O.; 114 Mill st.

_____, Miss Stella

Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Penumbra; East Portland

Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Penumbra; Seventh st.; Brooklyn Heights, East Portland

King, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B.; 428 F st.

King, Amos N.; B bet. Nineteenth and Ella sts.

Knott, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H.; 1211 Eighth st.; East Portland

Knott, Mr. and Mrs. A. J.; 1224 Eighth st.; East Portland

_____, George

_____, Harry G.

_____, Walter S.

Klosterman, Mr. and Mrs. John; 15 North Ninth st. Wednesday

Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Richard B.; 67 North Sixteenth st.

_____, Lawrence

Knapp, Mr. Frank A.; 168 Eleventh st.

Koshland, Mr. and Mrs. Mathias; N.W. cor Eighteenth and J. Wednesday

Koehler, Mr. and Mrs. Richard; 274 Washington st.

Kohn, Mr. and Mrs. Charles; 147 Eleventh st.

Krumbein, Mr. and Mrs. Justus; 87 North Fifteenth st.

Ladd, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.; N. W. cor Sixth and Columbia sts. Monday

Ladd, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M.; S. W. cor Main and W. Park st. Monday

Ladd, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S.; N. W. cor. Of Sixth and Columbia sts. Monday

_____, Wesley

Laidlaw, Mr. James; Seventeenth near I st.

Lamson, Mr. and Mrs. Roswell H.; Portland Heights

_____, Roswell B.

Landon, Rev. and Mrs. Warren H.; 214 Columbia st.

Lane, Capt. and Mrs. Nat. H.; 215 East st.; East Portland

Lane, Mr. and Mrs. John M. A.; 88 Main st.

Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Isadore; 363 W. Park st.

Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Max; cor. of Nineteenth and J sts. First Fridays

Latz, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin; 345 Ninth st.

Leland, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E.; The Portland Hotel

Leland, Mrs. Helen B.; 53 Washington Building

Levinson, Mr. and Mrs. Mark; 250 Tenth st.

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.; Eighteenth, bet. G and H Clatsop Beach, Ore.

_____, John C.

_____, L. Allen

_____, David

_____, Miss

_____, Evelyn

_____, Sallie

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Harry R.; East Portland

Lewis, V. Courtney; Head of King st.

Liebman, Mr. Maurice; 209½ Fourth st.

_____, Joseph

Lindhard, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L.; 502 East st.

Linthieum, Mrs. S. B.; 153 Tenth st.

Livinston, Mr. Robt.; 45 North Twentieth

Loewenberg, Mr. and Mrs. Julius; 123 West Park

Logan, Rev. and Mrs. W. H.; 386 Sixth st.

Lotan, Mr. and Mrs. James; 67 Ella st.

_____, W. Sam.

Lowengart, Mr. and Mrs. Philip; cor Sixteenth and D st. Tuesday

Lownsdale, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. O.; 43 South Third st.

_____, Chas. D.

_____, Fred R.

_____, John M.

McAllen, Mr. and Mrs. D.; 111 South Third st.

McCracken, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E.; St. Clair near West Main Wednesday

McCracken, Col. and Mrs. John; 67 North Seventh st.

_____, Miss Ada

McCraken, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. R.; 369 E st.

McDougall, Mr. Chas. J.; 225 Fifth st.

McFall, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.; 515 F st.

_____, Oliver P.

_____, John W. P.

_____, Miss Sue

McKay, Mr. and Mrs. David M.; 61 North Fifteenth st.

McKee, Mr. and Mrs. Edward D.; 215 Ninth st.

McMaster, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. M.; 54 Montgomery st.

McMillen, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.; 422 First st.; East Portland

Mackay, Mr. and Mrs. Angus H.; Twenty-first st. near E st.

MacKenzie, Dr. and Mrs. K. A. J.; cor. Nineteenth and H sts.

_____, Miss

MacKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. W. R.; 329 H st. Monday

Macleay, Mr. Donald; 189 Lownsdale st.

_____, Kenneth

Malarkey, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A.; 253 Morrison st. Thursday

_____, D. J.

_____, James A.

Malcolm, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip S.; 22 North Tenth st.

Mallory, Mr. Rufus; 193 Sixth st.

Markle, Mr. and Mrs. G. B.; Portland Heights Friday

Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. John; cor. E and Sixteenth sts.

_____, Miss Augusta

Mason, Mr. and Mrs. A. B.; Eighth and J st. East Portland Clatsop

Masten, Mr. and Mrs. E. C.; 502 E st.

Masters, Mr. Wm.; 455 Sixth st. Wednesday

_____, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Y.

Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. A. L.; 214 Mill st.

Mayer, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Alex.; 32 North Tenth st.

Mayer, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob; 234 Morrison st.

_____, Mark A.

Meier, Mrs. Aaron; 195 Morrison st.

Mellis, Mr. and Mrs. F. R.; 214 Salmon st.

Mesick, Mrs. Dorothy; 391 E st.

Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel; 164 Taylor st.

Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Julius D.; 207 East Park st.

Miller, Dr. and Mrs. B. E.; 191 Sixth st. Thursday

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. R. W.; 254 Market st.

Mitchell, Hon. and Mrs. Jno. H.; U.S. Senator, Washington, D. C.

_____, Miss Mattie

Mooney, Mr. and Mrs. Gustavus A.; 252 Market st.

Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. J. B.; 251 Seventh st.

_____, Harry

_____, Miss Mary

_____, Miss Antoinette

Moreland, Mr. and Mrs. Julius C.; 255 Eleventh st.

_____, Miss Susie

Morey, Mr. P. F.; 91 South Second st.

Morden, Mr. and Mrs. G. P.; 350 E st.

Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. A. H.; 132 Taylor st.

_____, Miss Lena

Morgan, Mrs. S. E.; 155 Fifteenth st.

_____, Miss Nellie E.

_____, E. Sheely

_____, Harry A.

Morris, Rt. Rev. and Mrs. Wistar B.; NE cor. Nineteenth and E sts.

_____, Miss

_____, B. Wistar Jr.

Morrow, Mr. Robt. G.; 195 Taylor st.

Mulkey, Mrs. Marion F.; 353 Tenth st.

Myrick, Capt. and Mrs. J.; NE cor. Eighteenth and J sts. Wednesday

_____, Miss

_____, Miss Lizzie

_____, Miss Winifred

Newkirk, J. W.; 205 Ninth st.

Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman; 172 Yamhill st.

_____, Miss Hattie

_____, Frank

Nichols, Dr. Clarence L.; 3 South Third st.

Niebling, Mr. and Mrs. E. T.; 155 Alder st. Thursday

Noon, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C.; 341 Tenth st.

_____, Miss Lulu

Norton, Mrs. Catharine; 229 Eleventh st.

_____, Edward

_____, Miss Minnie

_____, Miss May

Northrup, Mrs. Francis C.; 214 Eleventh st.

_____, Edwin P.

_____, Mr. and Mrs. Frank O.

Northrop, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E.; 54 North Twentieth st.

O’Connor, Mr. and Mrs. J. T.; cor. First and Corry sts.

_____, Miss Mae

Olds, Mr. and Mrs. Jay C.; 31 South First st.

Olds, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P.; 427 Second st.

Oliphant, Mr. and Mrs. D. D.; 477 G st.

Oppenheimer, Mr. and Mrs. J. L.; 247 Main st. Las Fridays

Ordway, Mr. and Mrs. Julius; 380 Second st., East Portland

Ott, Mr. Will S.; 195 Eleventh st.

Paddock, J. W.; 468 J st.

Page, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.; 432 F st.

_____, Fred H.

_____, Miss Fanny

Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H.; 163 Tenth st. Tuesday

Paxton, Dr. A. C.; Odd Fellows’ Temple

Patterson, Miss Sarah E.; 248 Yamhill st.

Paxton, Mrs. M. J.; 256 Ninth st.

_____, O. F.

_____, Miss Rota

Pendleton, Mr. Fred N.; Oak Club, Sixth and Yamhill sts.

Pennoyer, Gov. and Mrs. Sylvester; 155 West Park st.

Pillsbury, Capt. and Mrs. A. B.; 956 Tenth st., East Portland

Pittock, Mr. and Mrs. H. L.; 115 West Park st.

_____, Fred F.

_____, Miss Carrie

Pope, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H.; H st. bet. Nineteenth and Twentieth

Porter, Miss Alice; 53 Washington Building

Powell, Mr. and Mrs. T. Cader; Eleventh and F sts., East Portland

Powers, Mr. Ira P.; 240 Third st.

Prehu, Dr. and Mrs. Chas. T.; 655 I st, East Portland Wednesday

Prehu, Dr. and Mrs. Fred W.; 1 South Sixth st.

Prentice, Mrs. D. W.; 100 North Sixteenth st.

_____, Miss May

Protzman, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C.; 15 NW Park St.

_____, Miss Edna

Raferty, Mr. and Mrs. Dave; Brooklyn Heights, East Portland

Raffety, Dr. and Mrs. C. H.; 526 L st.; East Portland

Rate, Mr. Geo. B.; 435 Tenth st.

Reed, Mr. and Mrs. C. J.; 55 North Twentieth st.

Reed, Mr. and Mrs. James S.; Hawthorne Terrace, Portland Heights

Reed, Mr. Sanderson; 213 Eleventh st.

Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Simeon G.; First, bet. Montgomery and Harrison sts.

Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. T. M.; 141 Elevnth st.

Rhoades, Lieut-Com. And Mrs. William Warland; 155 Alder st. Thursday

Rieman, Mr. and Mrs. D.; 81 South Third st.

Robb, Mr. and Mrs. J. D.; 492 G st.

_____, Horace L.

_____, J. Howard

Roberts, Mr. Andrew; 22 North Tenth st.

Robertson, Mr. David; 381 Sixth st.

Roby, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W.; 9 South Sixth st.

Rockwell, Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland; 395 Sixth st. Wednesday

_____, Miss

Rodney, Miss Clementina; St. Helen’s Hall

_____, Lydia

_____, Mary B.

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. E. P.; 422 F st.

_____, Miss Lilian

Rowe, Mr. and Mrs. H. S.; 622 O st.; East Portland

Rosenbert, Mr. and Mrs. F. H.; 246 Clay st. Tuesday Centralia, Ill.

Rosenberg, Mrs. John; 246 Clay st.

_____, Frank H.

_____, Wlliam L.

Ross, Mrs. A. G.; 5 South Third st.

Ross, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. W.; 329 Sixth st.

Rosenblatt, Mrs. Simon; 141 Eighth st.

_____, Miss Caroline

_____, Edith

_____, Gus

_____, Leon S.

_____, Henry

Royce, Miss Susie; 123 Eighth st.

Russell, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.; 441 West Park st.

Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F.; 261 Eleventh st.

Sabin, Miss Ella C.; 255 Ninth st.

Savier; Miss Florence; 49 North Sixteenth st.

_____, Miss Helen

Samuel, Mr. and Mrs. L.; 381 Tenth st.

Sargent, Mr. and Mrs. E. M.; 577 G st., East Portland

Schuyler, Mrs. Phillip C.; 45 King st.

_____, Miss Genevieve

_____, Lucy

Scott, Mr. and Mrs. C. N.; cor. Sherman and Front sts.

Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W.; NW cor. Tenth and Morrison sts.

Sealy, Mr. and Mrs. F.; 374 Second st. Wednesday Long Beach, Wash.

Selling, Mr. and Mrs. Ben; 203 Tenth st.

Shattuck, Judge and Mrs. E. D.; 134 Hall st.

Sherlock, Mr. and Mrs. and R.; cor. Twenty-first and B sts.

_____, Miss Kate

_____, Emma

Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. D. F.; 468 J st.

Shindler, Mr. and Mrs. G.; 274 Sixth st. Wednesday

_____, Daniel A.

_____, Dodd D.

Shurtleff, Mr. and Mrs. F. A.; 194 Clay st.

Sibson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S.; 313 Eleventh st.

Sichel, Mr. and Mrs. Sig.; 291 E st. 1st and 3rd Fridays Clatsop

Simon, Mr. and Mrs. David; 181 Pacific st.

_____, Miss

_____, Joseph

_____, Samuel

Simon, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan D.; 497 E st.

Sitton, Mrs. Chas. E.; 293 Yamhill st.

Skiles, Mr. and Mrs. Robert; 84 College st.

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Albert T.; 17th and Jackson sts.

Smith, Miss Amanda J.; 175 Alder st.

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. C. C.; cor. Tenth and Harrison sts. Thursday

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. C. J.; 152 North Seventeenth sts.

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand C.; 234 Salmon st.

_____, Miss Mamie

_____, Miss Florence

Smith, Mrs. H. L.; 229 Ninth st.

_____, Gilbert F.

_____, Miss Ella C.

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Preston C.; 215 Tenth st.

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Saml. D.; 181 Twelfth st.

_____, Miss Gertrude

_____, Fred

Smith, Judge Seneca; Corbett st. and First Ave.

_____, Miss

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Walter V.; Portland Hotel Saturday Portland Heights

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. K.; 351 Third st. Thursday

_____, Miss Eugenie

_____, W. K., Jr.

_____, Joseph H.

_____, Sumner

_____, Victor

Smithson, Mr. and Mrs. H. C.; 209 Alder st.

Snell, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W.; Seventeenth and D sts.

Snow, Mr. and Mrs. Zera; 36 West Nineteenth st. Monday

_____, Charles McCormac

Sommerville, Mr. and Mrs. John; cor. Twelfth and Washington sts.

_____, Frank

_____, Miss Maud

Spencer, Capt. And Mrs. E. W.; cor. Second and Irving’s Add.; East Portland

Sperry, Mr. and Mrs. J. L.; cor Twelfth and G Sts., East Portland

_____, Miss

_____, Miss Minnie

_____, Miss Dally

_____, Miss Etta

Spuhn, Carl; 274 Washington st.

Staver, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.; 234 Clay st. Thursday

_____, Miss

Steel, Mr. and Mrs. David; 409 First st. Thursday

Steel, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A.; 328 Sixth st.

Steel, Mr. and Mrs. James; 265 Sixth st.

Steel, W. G.; 141 Morrison st.

Steinbach, Mr. and Mrs. A. B.; 341 Ninth st. 2nd Thursday of month

Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. E. T. C.; 166 Fourteenth st.

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. John T.; cor. A and Fourth sts., East Portland

Stott, Mr. Samuel R.; 188 Jefferson st.

Stott, Judge and Mrs. Raleigh; 149 Jefferson st.

_____, Miss

_____, Miss Mary

_____, George

_____, Lansing

Story, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L.; 55 North Seventh st.

_____, Miss

Stratton, Mr. and Mrs. Howard C.; 48 South Third st.

Streibig, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J.; 129 Alder st.

Strong, Dr. and Mrs. Curtis C.; 225 West Park st.

Strong, Mr. Fred R.; 427 B st.

Strong, Mr. and Mrs. T. N.; 189 Pacific st.

Stroud, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M.; 720 I st., East Portland

_____, Geo. M. Jr.

_____, Miss

Strowbridge, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.; 365 Fifth st.

_____, George H.

_____, Joseph A. Jr.

_____, Alfred B.

Strowbridge, Mrs. Alice J., 163 Tenth st.

_____, Thomas A.

Taylor, Duncan O.; 272 Salmon st.

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. George Jr.; cor. Twenty-first

Teal, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph; 269 Taylor st.

_____, Joseph N.

_____, Miss Helen

_____, George

_____, Miss Clara

Therkelsen, Mr. and Mrs. L.; 335 Ninth st.

Thielsen, Mr. and Mrs. Hans; 181 Eleventh st.

_____, Julius E.

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.; 293 Eleventh st.

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. D. P.; 175 Tenth st.

_____, Miss Bessie

Towne, Mrs. Lucy A.; 321 South Front st. 1st and 3rd Thursdays

_____, Bert O.

_____, Miss Carrie

Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. Fredk.; 205 Tenth st.

Trevitt, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B.; F, bet. 22nd and 23d sts. Tuesdays

_____, Miss

_____, Emily Bancroft

Troup, Capt. And Mrs. J. W.; Irving’s Addition, East Portland

Turrell, Mr. and Mrs. W. O.; 55 Alder st.; Thursday

Tuthill, Mr. and Mrs. D. S.; Seventeenth and D sts.

_____, Miss Helen

Tuttle; Mr. and Mrs. B. B.; 163 Tenth st. Tuesday

Valentine, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.; 475 J st.

Van Schulyer, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.; 115 Tenth st.

_____, Miss Carrie

_____, William

Von Bolton, Mrs. H.; 268 Yamhill st.

_____, Miss

Wadhams, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.; 343 West Park st.

Walker, Dr. and Mrs. David; 90 Jefferson st.

_____, Miss

_____, Blanche

_____, Maud

Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Lucien; NE cor, Twenty-third and F sts.

Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T.; 353 G st.

Wallace, Mrs. Susan; 205 Ninth st.

_____, Robert H.

_____, Miss Jessie

Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Royal K.; 134 Montgomery st.

Wasserman, Mr. and Mrs. Philip; 194 Alder st.

_____, Miss Getta

Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. F.; Eighteenth and E sts.

Watson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank; 415 West Park st.

Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B.; 331 Tenth st.

Weatherred, Mr. and Mrs. W. L.; 131 Oak st.

Watt, Miss; 5 South Third st.

Weidler, Mr. and Mrs. Milton; 221 Sixth st.

Weidler, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W.; cor. Eighteenth and L sts. Thursday

Welch, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B.; Twenty-seventh and Base Line Road, East Portland

Wetzel, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.; cor. Tenth and L sts., East Portland

Wetzell, Rev. and Mrs. David; 292 East Park st.

Wetzel, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A.; 1269 Tenth st., East Portland

Whalley, Mr. and Mrs. John W.; 393 West Park st.

_____, Miss

Wheeler, Mrs. Fanny, Third and A sts., East Portland

Whidden, Mr. and Mrs. W. M.; 261 Eleventh st.

Whitcomb, Mr. and Mrs. F. C.; 191 East Park st. Wednesday

White, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D.; 201 Thirteenth st. Thursday

White, Mr. and Mrs. Levi; cor. Nineteenth and G sts.

_____, Miss Ella

Whitehouse, Mr. and Mrs. B. G.; 175 Twelfth st.

_____, Miss

_____, Clara

Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. B; 331 Yamhill st.

Willey, Mr. and Mrs. S. B.; F st. Near Seventeenth

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. David L.; 335 Ninth st.

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H.; 49 North Seventeenth st.

Willett, Mr. Geo. T.; First st., National Bank Building

Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. Holt C.; cor. Nineteenth and H sts.

Wilson, Mrs. R. B.; cor. Nineteenth and H sts.

_____, Miss Virginia

_____, Miss Clementina

_____, Miss Louisa

Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. Geo. F.; 101 North Seventeenth st.

Wilson, Mr. Arthur; 163 Tenth st.

Winch, Mr. and Mrs. Martin; SW cor. First and Montgomery sts.

Winstick, Mr. and Mrs. N. G.; East Portland

Wisdom, Mr. and Mrs. W. M.; 274 Alder st.

Wisdom, Mr. and Mrs. M. D.; 252 Market st.

Withington, Mr. and Mrs. G. E.; 108 Salmon st.

Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. M. F.; 231 Salmon st.

_____, George N.

Wood, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. S.; cor. King and Salmon sts.

_____, J. McL.

Woodard, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.; The Portland Hotel

Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. Tyler; cor. Eighth and Montgomery sts.

Woodworth, J. G.; 225 Fifth st.

Woolsey, Mr. and Mrs. Frank; 159 North Twenty-first st.

Wortman, Mr. and Mrs. H. C.; 227 B st.

Wygant, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore; cor. H and Nineteenth sts.

_____, Miss

Young, Mr. and Mrs. H. A.; 175 Alder st. Monday