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The biographical sketches of the Multnomah county residents have been abstracted from the book:


of the

Pacific Northwest :

Oregon and Washington

embracing an account of the original discoveries on the Pacific coast of North America, and a Description of the Conquest, Settlement and subjugation of the fast country included in the

Original Territory of Oregon

Also Interesting biographies of the earliest settlers and more prominent men and women of the

Pacific Northwest

Volume II -- 1889

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compiled and published by

North Pacific History Company

of Portland, Oregon

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I cannot do lookups in this book. Follow the links below to the biographical sketches of those listed.

bulletBlanchet, F. N.
bulletBuchtel, Joseph
bulletCarey, Charles H.
bulletCastleman, Philip F.
bulletCatlin, John
bulletChapman, W. W.
bulletCohen, D. Solis
bulletCongle, J. B.
bulletCorbett, Henry W.
bulletCouch, John H.
bulletDavis, George A.
bulletDeady, Mathew P.
bulletDe Lashmutt, Van B.
bulletDowell, Benjamin Franklin
bulletEarhart, Rockey P.
bulletFailing, Josiah
bulletGaston, Joseph
bulletGates, John
bulletGay, George
bulletGilman, James M.
bulletGlisan, Rodney
bulletGrover, La Fayette
bulletGuinean, Thomas
bulletHayden, Mr. & Mrs. Gay
bulletHerrall, George
bulletHill, William Lair
bulletJones, Henry
bulletJosephi, Simon Edward
bulletKellogg, Charles
bulletKellogg, George
bulletKellogg, Joseph
bulletKellogg, Orrin Jr.
bulletKellogg, Mary (Mrs.)
bulletKelly, Clinton
bulletKelly, Plympton
bulletKing, Amos N.
bulletKing, Sarah
bulletLadd, William Sargent
bulletLong, Edward
bulletLovejoy, A. Lawrence
bulletLownsdale, D. H.
bulletLownsdale, J. P. O.
bulletMallory, Rufus
bulletMarquam, Philip A.
bulletMcCarver, M. M.
bulletMcCarver, Julia
bulletMcGuire, Francis
bulletMcMillen, J. H.
bulletMcMillen, Tirzah B.
bulletMoreland, Jesse
bulletMulkey, Marion Francis
bulletNorton, Z. C.
bulletOatman, Harrison B.
bulletPatton, Matthew
bulletPayne, Martin
bulletPennoyer, Sylvester
bulletPlummer, O. P. S.
bulletPettygrove, F. W.
bulletProebstel, Frederick, George & William
bulletProsser, George W.
bulletRoberts, Andrew
bulletSellwood, James R. W.
bulletSemple, Eugene
bulletShattuck, E. D.
bulletSichel, Sigmund
bulletSteel, George A.
bulletSmith, Hiram A.
bulletStephens, James B.
bulletStrong, William
bulletStrowbridge, J. A.
bulletTanner, Albert H.
bulletThayer, W. W.
bullet Waite, Aaron E.
bulletWatkins, W. H.
bulletWeatherford, Mrs. M. (William)
bulletWells, William Benjamin
bulletWetzell, William A.
bulletWilbur, J. H. (Rev.)
bulletWilliams George
bulletWilson, Robert Bruce
bulletWood, Thomas

There are, in this book, photos of the following persons who are identified as being of Portland, but no biographical sketch exists about them:


Bristow, Mrs. M. J.


Coffin, Seth

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