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1929 Grant High School Graduating Class


last name first name term
Acher Shirley First
Albert Mildred First
Amonsen Edwin First
Anderson Edwin First
Andrews Bob First
Arenz Jack Jr. First
Ashrow Leah Louise First
Auld Royal First
Baker Lawrence First
Barendrick Barbara First
Baumon Helen First
Beadle Gerald First
Becker Bob First
Bennett Helen First
Bernhard Ben First
Berglund George First
Blair Bob First
Blakeslee Geraldine First
Blanchard Julia First
Blank Ted First
Blew Ruth First
Bodenhamer Ilia First
Bouseman Ronald First
Bowen Ella Mary First
Brenner John First
Bright Helen First
Bockman Bernon First
Brown James First
Bryce Marcel First
Buchanan Frances First
Burke Clifford First
Burley Ralph First
Campbell William First
Cantrell Esther First
Carlson Alvena First
Carlson Bart First
Carlson Willard First
Carter Charles First
Chambers Barbara First
Cheney Glenwood First
Cheshire Katherine First
Clark Betsy First
Claussen Frederick First
Clenaghen Marian First
Close William First
Coate Shirley First
Collett Theodore First
Connelly Gordon First
Cook Cyrus First
Cordes Bradford First
Corkill Ruth First
Cormack Margaret First
Cornell Louise First
Cotton Harry First
Couche Eleanor First
Curry Carmen First
Cusick George First
Davis Alan First
Davis Alice First
Davis Maida First
Davis Roberta First
De Long Lawrence First
De Young Eudell First
Dubrin Justice First
Du Brock Mary Helen First
Durham George First
Eastman Gladys First
Elligott Agnes First
Elliott John First
Enloe Bob First
Ernst Jane First
Falkenhagen Merrill First
Finston Ruth First
Fisher Lucille First
Fitch Dessie First
Fliedner William First
Franzlee Imogene First
Freeman Georganna First
French Eleanor First
Fulmer Helen First
Galpert Irene First
Garner Myrtle First
Garretson Robert First
George Virginia First
Green Ferris First
Grinde Margaret First
Groshoff Tanis First
Gustaff Gerald First
Haack Gordon First
Hagestate Wallace First
Hale Jean First
Hampton Norman First
Hamson Virginia First
Hanson Riley First
Harrison Virginia First
Harper Isabelle First
Harriman Marjorie First
Haskins Edna May First
Hastings Whitney First
Hayward Peggy First
Heiberg Ruth First
Heintz Oscar First
Herman Grace First
Herron Jack First
Heyes Elmer First
Hildebrand Eugene First
Hildebrand Mary First
Hill Virginia First
Hodes Philip First
Hoff Lucille First
Holzman Sallie First
Howard Juanita First
Howarth Arthur First
Howland Frank First
Hutchison Bob First
Inman Arnold First
Jackson Laura First
Jeffery Nancy First
Jesperson Fred First
Jones Carl First
Kaufman Harry First
Keeler Evelyn M. First
Keller Dick First
Kempe Fred First
Kistler Mary Louise First
Knight Jack First
Knight Priscilla First
Lawrence Clifford First
Law William First
Layton George First
Lea Lorraine First
Leslie Edwin First
Leslie Ruth First
Leslie Winifred First
Levin Annette Mae First
Levy Robert First
Likes Lois First
Lindell Lois First
Livasay Errol First
Livingstone George First
Lyon Jack First
Maider John First
Maley Dale First
Mayer Herbert First
McBrian Hazel First
McDaniels Lawrence First
McFee Geneva First
McIntosh Robert First
McIntyre Lucy First
McPherson Dorothy First
Melvin Harry Jr. First
Miller Walter First
Mills Robert First
Milne Herbert First
Moore Anthony First
Moore Marion First
Morrison Jack First
Morse Marjorie First
Moyer Virginia First
Muhme Eleanor First
Munger Mae First
Neely Kathryn First
Neilson Robert First
Nelson Arthur First
Nelson Charles First
Nelson Emmett First
Noble Marjory First
Olitt Charlotte First
Olsen June First
Osland Doris First
Overbeck Howard First
Palmruth Lawrence First
Pape Carol First
Paschall Boots First
Paterson Hunt First
Pedersen Marjorie First
Pederson Harold First
Perman Kenneth First
Peterson Wilson First
Pierce Barbara First
Porth Dorie Mae First
Powell Frances First
Prudhomme Edward First
Radde Jean First
Rank Esther First
Rayor Jacqueline First
Reed Edwin First
Reed Jacks First
Remlinger Mary First
Ringhoffer Moys First
Roberts Helen First
Robertson Janet First
Rogers James First
Rosenfeld William First
Rosenthal John First
Rosenthal Norman First
Rowley Jean Ellen First
Russi Doris First
Ryan William First
Saunders Lowell First
Saunders Marian First
Scruggs Julius First
Schieve Earleen First
Schoenfeld Raymond First
Schweitzer Rosamond First
Searle Virginia First
Shaw Donald First
Sheppard Elsie First
Simmons Elsie Ruth First
Slade Lilian First
Smith De Witt First
Smith Frankland First
Sommer MaryCharlotte First
Stalzer Francis First
Stenson Melvina First
Stewart Bruce First
Stewart Elinor First
Strickland Phyllis First
Stromberg John First
Sturgeon William First
Strueges Paul First
Sutherland Olga First
Tarlow Pauline First
Taunton Dorothy First
Tauscher Norman First
Taylor Jerome First
Taylor Thomas First
Teller Hazel First
Thomas Isabelle First
Thomas Richard First
Thurman Edna First
Tobin Ester First
Toyle Margaret First
Troland Clifford First
Turner Oliver First
Twitchell Thelma First
Uhle Helmuth First
Vadnais Catherine First
Vadnais Kenneth First
Vanderwort Bill First
Van Osdel Dolores First
Wager Sylvia First
Wagner Betsy First
Wallace Couch First
Walker Clyde First
Walker Warren First
Walsh Margaret First
Ward Marjorie First
Warnock Joe First
Webber Kenneth First
Wedemeyer Alta First
Weinstein Jerome First
White Maxine First
Wilson Jane First
Wilson Jim First
Winchester Margaret First
Windham Margaret First
Woods Forrest First
Woodside Dorothy First
Young Edna First