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Louis Arneson
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Louis and Grace Arneson

"Louis Henry Arneson, youngest of seven children of Arne and Ingeborge Arneson, was born in Beloit, Wisconsin, July 12, 1874. When he was 7 his family moved to Fairview, Oregon, and bought a farm. At the age of 11 he lost his left arm in a hunting accident.

After elementary school here, he attended Portland Academy and started teaching school at Corbett when he was 16. Some of his pupils at that time were Louis Benefield, Arthur Johnson and Ward Evans. He lived with the R. P. Rasmusen family on the old Corbett estate.

Grace Zeruah Lindsay, daughter of Robert Bruce and Susan Jones Lindsay, was born in Wisconsin June 17, 1881. Her family moved to Oak Grove in the Hood River Valley as homesteaders when she was 4. There were four other children.

Grace was a pupil of Louis Arneson at the Oak Grove school. When she was 21 and Louis 28, they were married, April 12, 1903.

Louis taught various places and was at the Jordan Valley School when he received an appointment to the Land Office in The Dalles. Three children were born to the Arnesons in The Dalles: Louis on June 18, 1909, Carolyn Sept. 15, 1910, and Inga on August 29, 1913.

Shortly after Ingaís birth the family moved to a 20-acre farm they owned in the Hood River area. Louis had been replaced as Land Officer with a change in the Administration. Their son Louis died in 1919, then they moved back to The Dalles where they stayed until 1926. That year they moved to Corbett, taking over the general store across the street from the comparatively new high school.

They improved the store and built up the business, adding lunches served to milling students and to truck drivers late at night. The girls attended local schools and graduated. Carolyn married Ed Sworden and they had a daughter Shirley, born Feb. 12, 1931. Carolynís second marriage, to Ben H. Harris was in 1944. They now live in Seattle. Their daughter Karen married Rich Ockwel, a minister, and Karen works for Great Northern R.R. Shirley (Sworden) Gray has three sons, lives in Gresham area, and works for Reynolds Aluminum Co. at Troutdale.

Inga married Eugene V. Myers, Dec. 22, 1934, who had come from North Bloomfield, Ohio, to Oregon with his family when he was two. Both Gene and Inga taught school here and there. Their two older children, Howard and Barbara, were born in Portland area; a second daughter, Kathleen, was born in The Dalles.

Inga teaches at Colonel Wright School; Gene is Chief Appraiser in the Assessorís Office in The Dalles.

After a stint in the service, Howard works as a mechanic; Barbara (Kadey) works for Sawyer, Inc., near Beaverton; and Kathleen (Kammie) is still a high school student.

Grace Arneson passed away January 1944, and Louis in October, 1944. Ė Information furnished by Arneson daughters"

[Source: From a compendium of biographies hand typed and distributed by the East Multnomah Pioneer Association in about 1972, pp. 178-179.  Submitted by Dorothy Keefe.]

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