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Sutliff Bates
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Sutliff Bates

Sutliff Bates was born in Akron, Ohio in 1841, living in Ohio and Michigan until a young man. After marriage to Orilla Fisk in 1866, they lived in Alton, Kansas in a sod house, before coming west.

Five children were born to them: Annie, Etta, Frank, Alta and Harley. When Harley was 18 months old (in 1980), they left Kansas because of the drought and came by train to Dodson, Oregon where Sutliff worked in a cannery for awhile. Later they came by boat down the Columbia to Taylorís Landing and finally settled on the Bell Road, building the present home and clearing the land on which Mrs. Harley Bates still lives. The first winter they were in Oregon, they lived in a tent.

Annie and Etta were married and settled in Kansas, and in 1896 Alta married Clement Crowston, settling in Springdale. In 1911 Harley married Hazel Lucas, and farmed the land cleared by his father. From this marriage five children were born: Arlene (deceased), Gordon, Floyd, June and Ronald.

Sutliff Bates died in October 1915 and a year later his wife Orilla died in 1916. Harley A. Bates died in March, 1959.

[Source:  Submitted by Dorothy Keefe, from a compendium of biographies hand typed and distributed by the East Multnomah Pioneer Association in about 1972, pp.34-35.]

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