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Orin E. Brooks
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Orin E. Brooks

Orin E. Brooks and Nancy A. Brooks, his wife, their son Byrum E. Brooks, Mr. C. D. Bloomberg and his wife and two daughters, and my grandfather, Edward Frank Brooks, came from Michigan in 1889 and arrived by train at Latourell Falls.

They then made their home at Brower, Oregon, where the Brower & Thompson Lumber Company was operating.

In 1892 my grandfather and a cousin, Leila Bloomberg, passed away and were buried in the Mountain View Cemetery.

Some time later the Brower Mill closed and my family moved over to Palmer, Oregon where we lived for a number of years. My father was an edgerman and later for a number of years was engineer of the logging locomotive.

The Bloomberg family returned to Michigan about 1892 or 1893.

My father drove the logging locomotive known as "Peggy" which was the first locomotive used by the Bridal Veil Lumbering Company as they hauled the logs by train fro the slopes of Larch Mountain in to Palmer where the mill was located. The railroad also covered the area into the head waters of Gordon Creek as well as a large part of the Bull Run River drainage.

Mr. Brooks was the first to drive the new and larger locomotive purchased by the Company, known as "Jumbo." In her time Jumbo was tops and would make any engineer burst with pride to be at the throttle as they went winding around the mountain over high trestles as they crossed deep canyons to reach the area being logged.

Mr. Brooks moved to Portland in 1907 where he purchased a grocery store which he operated until his retirement.

[Source:  Submitted  to Multnomah County GenWeb, by Dorothy Keefe, from a compendium of biographies hand typed and distributed by the East Multnomah Pioneer Association in about 1972, pp. 47-48. Submitted by Byrum E. Brooks, 1966.]

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