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W. A. Campbell
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W. A. Campbell

W.A. Campbell who is employed by the company as mechanical engineer, was born in Canada. At the age of 12 he gave evidence of possessing mechanical genius by the construction of a miniature sawmill with a complete system of railroads and steamers. The little tin saws cut cucumbers into boards and plank, to the loss of his motherís garden! At 14 he was bound out to serve an apprenticeship in the Gould Iron Works and when 19 he had filled every position in this concern from the moulding room to master mechanic. At the close of the war he came to the U.S., locating at Detroit, Michigan, where he soon became chief engineer of Wardís Steamship Line. The owner of the line was largely interested in the lumber business along Lake Huron and he placed Mr. Campbell in charge of his mills. From that time he has made sawmilling his constant study and has built some of the best mills in Michigan, Wisconsin, and other states, including the Pacific Coast. He has exercised his ingenuity in making improvements in mill machinery, on which he holds over 30 patents. These include a gang edger, slasher, head clocks, steam fee, conveyor, saw girders, canting gear, live rolls, engines, etc. These inventions are well represented in the equipment of the Bridal Veil mill. In 1887 he located in Portland and shortly after became President of the Park & Lacy Machinery Company, selling his interest in 1891. Since then he has planned and built the fine mill owned by Governor Pennoyer in Portland. He came to Bridal Veil in the spring of the present year.

[Source: Submitted by Dorothy Keefe, from the compendium of biographies hand typed and distributed by the East Multnomah Pioneer Association in about 1972. The following on W. A. Campbell is from The Story of Bridal Veil Lumber Company, Written by E. K. Bishop. Published by Lucius J. Hicks (about 1897), pp. 208-209.]

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