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Elijah Chamberlain
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Elijah D. Chamberlain

Elijah D. Chamberlain was born in the State of Illinois in the year 1853, and his wife Sarah Ellen Chamberlain was born in Michigan in 1854.

In the late 70ís, Mr. Chamberlain was farming in Kansas. After two years of drouth and grasshoppers, together with letters from friends in the West, he and his family decided to try their luck in Oregon. So Mr. Chamberlain sold his farm for a mere pittance and with his wife, and two children, Albert (Bert) and Nettie Amanda, headed West to San Francisco by train, and from there up the coast by boat to Portland, Oregon. From there they came by river steamboat to Latourell Falls, where the Latourell family made them welcome to stay until they could find a home. This was in the year 1881.

Mr. Chamberlain first settled in the area now known as Springdale. Two more children were born to the Chamberlains in Oregon, George and Logan. Logan was drowned while working seines at Rooster Rock. The family later moved to the land that is now known as the Alvin Kinney place, where they farmed for many years. Mr. Chamberlain passed away in 1929 at the age of 76 years, and Mrs. Chamberlain died in 1939 at the age of 85 years.

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[Source:  Submitted by Dorothy Keefe, from a compendium of biographies hand typed and distributed by the East Multnomah Pioneer Association in about 1972, p. 51.]

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