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A question lately arose on the Genealogical Forum of Oregon's Message list about the source of the naming of the Banfield Freeway. So thanks to everyone there who provided information.

The short answer is:
The Banfield Freeway, completed in was named for Thomas Harry Banfield, Chairman of the Oregon Transportation Commission from March 16, 1943-March 31,1950.

A longer answer is:

Thomas Harry Banfield was born December 20, 1885 in Portland, to Sarah and Jacob Banfield, both natives of England. Jacob had come to America in 1871, and was a naturalized citizen,


Here are some websites about the Banfield and the neighborhood it is in:

A "MAX tour" (Portland's Light Rail System) of the Banfield

MAX vs. the Banfield

The Sullivan's Gulch Neighborhood Association

The Lloyd District History

A nice photo of the Banfield


The State Reference Capitol's Who's Who for Oregon 1948-1949.  (Portland, OR; Capitol Publishing Company, 1948), 41.

Banfield, Thomas Harry
Iron Fireman Manufacturing Co.
Civic and Club Leader
b. Portland, Oregon, December 20, 1885; educ. public schools, Portland; m Margaret Elizabeth Weston at Portland, Oregon, October 18, 1921: daughter, Harriet Patricia; member partnership of Parker &  Banfield Co 1912 to date, incorporated 1915, now pres; also president Parker-Banfield Holding Co and Portland Wire & Iron Works Co; chmn, State Highway commission (reappointed Apr 1944) [and goes on for  three inches of his memberships].

The "Oregon Book A-Z" says the Banfield highway was named after Thomas Harry Banfield born about 1886-1950. He was a Portland Industrialist and a Civic leader.

He was Chairman of the State Highway Commission from 1943-50.


Polk's City Directories

Portland, 1890
Henry Banfield, mining engineer, 332 Market.
Mrs Jane Banfield, S Lipman & Co, clerk, 332 Market.
Jacob Banfield, mill hand, south side Davenport, Portland Heights.
Martin C Banfield, dairy, Patton rd 2 w of S 7th, same.
Thomas Banfield, street grader, Whiteaker n w corner S 3d.
Sarah Banfield, (widow Henry) s e corner J and 13th.
John Banfield, laborer, boards s e corner J and 13th.
Richard Banfield, agent, s e corner J and 13th.
Sarah J Banfield, dressmaker, boards s e corner J and 13th.

Portland, 1891
Henry Banfield mining engineer 336 Market.
Martin C Banfield Patton Co rd dairy same.
Thomas Banfield street grader Whitaker n w corner S 3d.
Mrs Jane Banfield S Lipman & Co clk 336 Market.

East Portland, 1891
Jacob Banfield, carpenter, J s e corner 13th.
John Banfield, Richard Banfield, driver boards same.
Richard Banfield, propr, stage line, J s e corner 13th.
Sarah Banfield, (widow Henry), J s e corner 13th.
Sarah J Banfield, boards J s e corner 13th.
R Banfield, Eagle Creek Stage Line, propr, J s w corner 13th.
R Banfield, Sandy Stage Line, propr, J s e corner 13th.