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History of the Bushong Family of Portland

Rev. James Wesley Bushong 1829-1897 & his wife Mary Elizabeth Williams 
1838-1897 had three sons:
1. William 'W.A.T.' Alexander Thompson Bushong 1862-1939
2. Harry Franklin Bushong 1867-1922
3. James Wiley Bushong 1880-1960

Rev. James Wesley Bushong's career is listed below:
Rev. James Wesley Bushong became a clergyman of the Methodist Church at age 
22.  His education was secured at the Wesleyan Seminary at Delaware, OH.  His 
studies took him 7 years.  A fine linguist, he could read 9 languages and 
speak 7 of them fluently.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, he enlisted in the Union Army and was 
appointed as a Chaplain.  He became a member of General O. O. Howard's staff. 
After the war, he was put in charge of the Freedman's Bureau at Alexander, VA.

Later, he was president of an eastern college, a position he successfully 
filled for many years.  He was sent as a special worker to reorganize and 
enthuse the church in Missouri.  At Sedalia, MO, he had a successful 
pastorate and built a fine church.  His next charge was at Little Rock, 
Arkansas, where he built a fine church building and brought the members to a 
high degree of enthusiasms.  After this, he came back to Cincinnati, taking 
the church at Walnut Hills.  There he built a fine temple of worship and had 
a very happy pastorate.

In Portland, OR, he was equally successful, building a $100,000 church and 
serving as its pastor for two years.  It was located in eastern Portland on 
Ninth and I Streets, (now 9th & Oak Streets) "The Centenary Methodist 
Episcopal Church."  The cornerstone was laid July 7, 1890.

At Astoria, he held a two year's agreement and was a pastor at Seattle for 
one year.  At this time he was recalled to Portland to conduct a protracted 
meeting.  It was at this time that he was stricken with paralysis while in 
the pulpit.  He died three months later, leaving a wife, Mary Elizabeth 
[Williams],  and three sons.

He is also listed as President of Standard Box Factory & Mfg Company in 
Portland, OR 1890-91.

edited by Prof. E. T. Nelson, 1895.  
List of former faculty:
JAMES  WESLEY) BUSHONG, A.B., A.M., Astoria, Oregon, D.D. 
1883, Central Presbyterian College, Minister of Methodist Episcopal Church, 
1859-60; President of Whitewater (Ind?) College 
1860-61; Supt. of Public Schools, Dresden (Muskingum Co) Ohio;  
1862-1864, Chaplain 88th and 195th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; 
1872, Chaplain of State Senate of Arkansas; 
1876, Commissioner of MISSOURI at Centennial Exposition. 
1895, Pastor at Astoria, Oregon.
1896, Seattle, Washington
1897, Portland, Oregon where he died

William W.A.T. Bushong: Oregon Journal:    Bushong Funeral Set For Wednesday
Funeral services for W.A.T. Bushong, 76, retired Portland businessman who 
died Sunday at his home, 3177 N. Willamette Boulevard, will be held at 2:30 
p.m. Wednesday in the Holman & Lutz Colonial Chapel with commitment in the 
Portland Mausoleum.

Wm A. Bushong is listed as a salesman for Standard Box Factory and Mfg Co. in 
the 1890-91 Portland, OR Directory.

He wrote about a trip he had taken to Europe around 1930 when he visited the 
House of Lords and was snooping around to see what he could find.  He entered 
the cloakroom and read the names over the pegs:  the first read: "His Majesty 
the King", second: "The Prince of Wales", and the third: "Bushong".

The Bushongs have stood high in English history.  At one time they were 
called the King-makers.  Several hundred years ago two brothers were put in a 
tower by their political enemies, and kept there 14 years.  This tower has 
since been called The Bushong Tower.  He also remembered having seen a 'Coat 
of Arms' in their family, although he forgot what it looked like.

Mr. Bushong was born in Eden, Ohio.  He and Milton Markewitz formed the 
Bushong Printing company 37 years ago.  Mr. Bushong sold his interest in the 
firm in 1910 and retired.  He had been ill for the last 18 months.  Surviving 
are his wife, Kate and a brother, James, both of Portland.

Oregonian Obituary:  W.A.T. Bushong Taken By Death

                                  Pioneer Portland Business Man
                                                   76 years old
W.A.T. Bushong, pioneer Portland business man and co-founder of the Bushong 
Printing Company died Sunday morning at his home on 3177 North Willamette 
Boulevard.  He was 76 years old.  Death was ascribed to heart trouble.

He is survived by the widow, Kate Bushong, and a brother, James.  Funeral 
services are tentatively set for Wednesday afternoon.  Interment will be at 
the Portland Mausoleum.

submitted by Phyllis Hopper