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Submitted by Dorothy in Soquel, California

Dorothy has generously agreed to do lookups of the following names, and as time permits will submit them to be posted on this page.   Thanks Dorothy!!!! And to give her a personal ad, here are the names she's researching in Oregon: CHAMBERLAIN (Troutdale); ENOCH; HILDRETH; OCHS; OGDEN; ROBINETT; William ROGERS (Troutdale).

I have a binder of biographies put together by the East Multnomah Pioneer Association in about 1972. Below is a list of those who are included. These families settled originally in and around the area east of the Sandy River (Corbett/Troutdale area). I would be glad to type or scan any of the bios that may be of interest to someone on the list. If the spelling is even close, let me know. Many more family members are mentioned within each biography. These bios were all hand typed (on a typewriter yet!), so errors are quite possible.

Some Bonneville Pioneers

Andersen, Peter Arneson, Louis and Grace
Bates, Charles Bates, Joel
Bates, Sutliff Becker, Pearl Ross
Barr, Alex Barr, Robert H.
Bill, David K. Beaumont, J. Harrison
Bell, Ulysses G. Benfield, Frederick
Bradley, J. S. Bramhall, Eleazar
Brooks, Orin E. Brown, James
Burkholder, Wm. F. Butler, William
Campbell, W. A. Chamberlain, Elijah
Christensen, Christen Christensen, C.
Christensen, Louis Corbett, Henry W.
Crowston, William Davis, Sherwood
Deaver, James C. Deverell, Frederick
Dickson, Chilon L. Dickson, M. F.
Dodson, Ira Dressel, A.
Dunn, Edward Ellis, Joseph
Emily, Frederick Enquist, Erik
Etling, Frederick Evans, Sylvester
Evans, Thomas L. Frommelt, Franz J.
Gandy, Frank Gandy, James
Gebbardt, Valentin Gould, Lawrence O.
Graf, Andrew Graham, Robert
Hansen, Hans Heiny, Joseph
Henkle, William F. Hicks, Willis G.
Herzog, Gertrude Floss Hickey, Francis P.
Hicklin, F. G. Holmes, John
Howard, James Hubbard, Frank D.
Hurlburt, John A. Johnson, Anderson F.
Johnson, Benj. H. Johnson, DeWitt
Kerslake, A. B. Knapp, Frank
Knieriem, George Lampert, Alexander
Leader, Joseph Littlepage, John D.
Lasley, Fred Latourell, Joseph
Leiter, J. M. Leland, Ezra
Loudon, Thomas H. Lowe, Lloyd C.
Luau, Kamo Lund, Lorens
Lucas, Thomas Luscher, Fred
Masterson, Ervin McKenny, Dr. E. T.
Mershon, Alfred D. Miller, W. H.
Moffett, Thomas Morgan, West Jessup
Moore, Amos J. Morgans
Nielson, Carl Neely, Joseph
Northway, William W. Ogden family
O’Keefe, David O’Regan, Thomas
Ostrand, E. (Taylor) Ough, Richard
Painter, John Palmer, L. C.
Palmer, O. A. Paulsen, Niels C.
Perkins, Henry B. Pounder, James
Power, H. L. Preston, Elliott
Rankin, Albert H. Rankin, Clark
Rasmussen, Rasmus Rayburn, John
Reed, Robert Reed, William H.
Reutheman, Frank E. Rickert, Elihu G.
Ross, Nelson Russell, Larkin B.
Salzman, Karl A. Seidl, Jacob
Shepperd, George Shoultz, Fred
Smith, Fred Smith, George H. W.
Smith, John Sweeney, J.
Thomas, David Thompson, E. H.
Trickey, Edward Trickey, Lorena

Udey, James

Van Scuyver, W.
Van Speybrock Wash, Will
Wickidol, Joseph Wilkie, William
Woodard, Edw. W. Woodward, Alfred S.