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to the Multnomah County, Oregon

Success Page

Please leave me a note if you make a connection through the Multnomah County, Oregon USGenWeb page. I'm sure everyone would like to know about a successful query

Here are some of the connections that have been made as a result of the Multnomah Co. OR USGenWeb page:

Kath Pollock 
Just when I thought I exhausted the Net of all Info.  I found the Very
BEST  information.   A Lovely, Kind person  offers to lookup  River view
Cem. in Portland. They  not only found my relatives but also found an
Article on one of them.  I'm  from NJ which makes my search for Oregon 
relatives very hard.   My Thanks to all involved on this page.  My
Advice to other don't give up somebody is out there for you too.
Happy Hunting

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I've been searching for a long time for information regarding a person who died in 
the 1970s.  Wandered into your web site and decided to post a query.  A wonderful 
lady named Mabel looked up the information in the Oregon Death Index.  The missing 
has been found at last.  Needless to say I am thrilled with your website.  
Lyn (Hawaii)

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I was researching information regarding my great aunt and uncle -- Fred and 
Lizzie (Haun) Stricker.  My goal was to write a family history book of the 
Stricker family.  Fred was born in Rosenberg Russia and was my grandfather's 
brother.  Lizzie was from Hussenbach, Russia.  This couple did not have any 
children and we had very little information about them.  In order to find 
out about them I used a number of resources -- this website was one of them 
and through some information shared by one of your volunteers - Stanley 
Clark, I was able to not only find information regarding where this couple is 
buried, but I eventually located their church and Lizzie's sister's daughter 
who was able to share  Several area volunteers assisted me in my search.  
Fred and Lizzie's chapter expanded from about 2 pages of known facts to about 
25 pages of documented history and family stories.  Thank you all!!
Patti Sellenrick - Sheridan Wyoming
February 04, 2002