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Deaths reported in early Oregon Newspapers

abstracted by Julie Kidd

reprinted, with permission from Oregon Newspaper Abstracts, Volume 1 : 1846 - 1851. (Portland, Oregon: Oregon Territorial Press,  2001)

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26 Jan 1846. Miss Julia Ann Stratuff, died aged 14, at the residence of W. H. Gray, in Oregon City on Monday the 26th ult. [Oregon Spectator 5 Feb 1846]

Administrator's notice: A. Lawrence Lovejoy, for the estate of Ewing Young, late of Yam Hill, deceased. [Oregon Spectator 5 Feb 1846]

Administrator's notice: Jno. H. Couch, for the estate of George W. LeBreton, deceased. [Oregon Spectator 19 Feb 1846]

26 Feb 1846 Mary Elizabeth, infant daughter of Mr. M. Crawford, in Oregon city on Tuesday morning, the 26th ult. [Oregon Spectator 4 Mar 1846]

Jacob Hampton announces a public auction at his home, of the personal property of Robert Owens, decd. [Oregon Spectator 14 May 1846]

21 Jun 1846. John E. Long, secretary of the territory, drowned in the Clackamas river on the 21st ult. He was native of England, immigrated to America in 1833, and to Oregon in 1843. [Oregon Spectator 4/9 Jul 1846]

30 Jun 1846. Mrs. Charlotte Sophia, wife of Mr. Peter H. Hatch of Oregon City, died aged 28 years, 4 months, and 12 days, at the residence of Rev. Harvy Clark in Tualaty Plains, on the 30th ult. [Oregon Spectator 4/9 Jul 1846]

Administrator's notice: Peter G. Stewart for the estate of John E. Long, late of Clackamas County. [Oregon Spectator 23 Jul 1846]

22 Jul 1846 Died: Riley Smith, the third son of Andrew D. and Polly Smith, of Yamhill County. He was born Jan 1, 1829 in New York, and emigrated to this country in 1842. He drowned while bathing the 22nd, ult., in the Yamhill River. [Oregon Spectator 20 Aug 1846]

Calvin Tibbets, of Clatsop County, accounts the incident in which an Indian was killed. Mentioned are Lewis Taylor, and Mr. Owens, who shot the man. [Oregon Spectator 3 Sep 1846]

John Hofstetter, a worthy and respected citizen of this territory, while traveling to California, accidentally shot himself in the Umpqua mountains. [Oregon Spectator 15 Oct 1846]

13 Oct 1846. Mr. Isaac Cornelius, died on Tuesday, Oct. 13th, near Oregon City. [Oregon Spectator 15 Oct 1846]

David T. Lenox, admr. of the estate of Robert H. Poe, late of Tuality County, will offer for sale at public venue his farm, containing 30 acres in Tuality County, adjoining P. H. Burnett's land. [Oregon Spectator 12 Nov 1846]

Mr. Robinson, 3rd mate of the Toulon, was severely stabbed on board the ship by an unnamed (at this time) crew member. [Oregon Spectator 10 Dec 1846]

James D. Saul, a negro man, was brought to Oregon City from "the mouth of the river," being charged with causing the death of his wife, a native woman. He was examined by Justice Hood. Results of the examination are unknown, but he remains at large. [Oregon Spectator 24 Dec 1846]

Mr. V. W. Dawson, of Tuality County, recently drowned in the Cowlitz River while moving his family to the Sound to settle. [Oregon Spectator 24 Dec 1846]

10 Feb 1847. Mr. John Horregan of Champoeg, commonly called "Paddy Roland," was found dead in his bed on the 10th inst. The coroner ruled his death due to intoxication. He left a wife and four children helpless and homeless. [Oregon Spectator 18 Feb 1847]

Administrator's notice: Thomas M. Reed, for the estate of Zachariah Hawkins, late of the United states, emigrant to the Territory of Oregon, dated 6 Jan 1847 at Polk County. [Oregon Spectator 18 Feb 1847]

Mr. Newton, an immigrant via the southern route, was reported killed by Indians. [Oregon Spectator 4 Mar 1847]

18 Mar 1847. William Hibbert died "this morning." He was aged 25, native of Illinois, and a tailor by trade. Mentioned are Drs. Barclay and Gordon, and Mr. and Mrs. Switzler. [Oregon Spectator 18 Mar 1847]

28 Mar 1847. James Maley, aged 30, died at his residence on Tualitin Plains, on Sunday the 28th inst. He leaves a wife and daughter. [Oregon Spectator 15 Apr 1847]

Nathan James Putnam, 25, died of heart disease at W. J. Bailey's near the Willamette. The son of Joseph Putnam of Lexington, Kentucky he left his home in Spring of 1846, arriving in Oregon November 1846 via the Southern Route, in hopes of bettering his health. [Oregon Spectator 10 Jun 1847]

12 Jul 1847 Mr. John M. Courtney, of Yamhill County, was killed by the falling of a tree in the vicinity of the Clackamas River, on Monday, week last. He left a large family. [Oregon Spectator 22 Jul 1847]

Administrator's notice: Mary E. Dawson, adm'x of the estate of V. W. Dawson, of Tualaty Plains, Tualaty County. [Oregon Spectator 19 Aug 1847]

20 Aug 1847 J. M. Garrison reports the results of an inquest held in the death of Ezekiel Popham. Drs. W. J. Bailey and J. W. Boyl examined the body. On the 20th, Mr. Popham entered a building where Jos. Holman, a Sandwich Islander (Jimo), and John H. Bosworth were working. He asked who had been whipping his child. Mr. Bosworth admitted it, and a scuffle ensued. Findings were that the fight led to the ruptured pulmonary artery which caused his death. [Oregon Spectator 2 Sep 1847]

J. Applegate reports arrival of immigrants via the Southern Route. Mentioned are Mrs. Burch, who died on the trip, Judge Burch, and Capt. Scott who led the party. [Oregon Spectator 14 Oct 1847]

10 Nov 1847. Yel-la-cus, principal chief of the Indians living on the opposite bank of the river died opposite Mr. M'Kinley's residence in Oregon City last night. [Oregon Spectator 11 Nov 1847]

30 Oct 1847. Henry Wallace, a young man in the employ of Mr. Reeves drowned in the Columbia River the 30th ult. He and John Edmunds were in a boat which capsized. Mr. Edmunds survived. [Oregon Spectator 11 Nov 1847]

31 Dec 1847. John James Barclay, on 31st ult., aged 2 years, 2 months, of a A painful and lingering disease@ subsequent to a severe attack of measles. [Oregon Spectator 6 Jan 1848]

Administrators Notice: James Campbell, adm. of estate of Miles Eyre, deceased, of Champoeg County. [Oregon Spectator 6 Jan 1848]

25 Jan 1848. James A. Brown, 24, formerly of Platt City, Missouri, died on January 25th. at Mr. Swizler's residence opposite Ft. Vancouver. He was a member of the 5th Co., 1st Reg. Oregon Riflemen. Last year he had started to the states with Mr. Payn, but upon meeting Mr. Payn's father headed to Oregon, they returned. [Oregon Spectator 10 Feb 1848]

11 Jan 1848. W. S. Taylor, 1 year 2 months and 32 days, the only son of James & Esther Taylor died at Clatsop Plains on the 11th ult. [Oregon Spectator 10 Feb 1848]

19 Feb 1848. Capt. John Brown, died on the morning of the 19th ult., at Salem. He was aged 70 years and 4 months. [Oregon Spectator 9 Mar 1848]

Mary A. Bridger, aged about 13, died in Oregon City at the residence of Mr. A. F. Hedges. She was the daughter of Capt. Bridger of Ft. Bridger. [Oregon Spectator 23 Mar 1848]

Mr. Cornelius H. Deffendorf, died on the 11th inst. in Oregon City. He came to Oregon last fall, was a lawyer by profession. He was appointed Commissary of the First Company of Oregon Riflemen, and was in service at The Dalles until about three weeks before his death. His roommate Joseph Wadleigh found a bottle of laudanum by his bed. Rev. W. Roberts preached the funeral address. [Oregon Spectator 23 Mar 1848]

Administrators notice by James Chambers for the estate of Nathan Hockett. [Oregon Spectator 23 Mar 1848]

Cornelius Gilliam, Commander in Chief of the Oregon Volunteers, Post Master General of Oregon Territory. He left a wife and eight children. [Oregon Spectator 6 Apr 1848]

News from the Army: Mr. Taylor died on the 24th of March; Ellis and sixty of his men have died in the mountains of measles. [Oregon Spectator 20 Apr 1848] [Oregon Free Press 15 April 1848]

Administrator's notice: Daniel H. Lownsdale, for the estate of Isaac Whisman, late of Tualaty county. Daniel H. Lownsdale gives notice of a sale of Isaac Whisman's property, "consisting of some leather, wearing apparel, blankets, etc." Sale will be at the Portland tannery, on the road from Portland to the Tualaty Plains. [Oregon Free Press 15 April 1848]

Jeremiah P. Ward, in his 26th year, died in Linn City on the 10th inst. In a fall from the frame of a house. He leaves a widow and young child. [Oregon Spectator 20 Apr 1848]

George McClure, aged about 35, died at the home of Andrew Hood, in Oregon City on the 17th inst. He was from Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania, but had been "for some time in the country." [Oregon Spectator 20 Apr 1848]

Patrick Henry Magruder, died aged 3 years, 10 months, and 21 days, on the 9th inst. of cholera infantum. [Oregon Free Press 13 May 1848]

Ann Woodsides gives notice as administratrix of the estate of Thomas Woodsides of Champoeg County. [Oregon Spectator 18 May 1848]

Joseph Jeffers gives notice as administrator of the estate of George W. McClure. [Oregon Spectator 18 May 1848]

Army report: Benjamin Ford has died here on the 12th inst. from the measles. [Oregon Spectator 1 Jun 1848]

Army report: The man who died in a fall from his horse was named Borden, and was from Yamhill county. [Oregon Free Press 27 May 1848]

Army report: A young man named Ford died the day before reaching the fort. [Oregon Free Press 27 May 1848]

Catharine, wife of Wm. C. McKay died on 30th ult. at Ft. Vancouver. She leaves a husband and friends to mourn her. [Oregon Spectator 1 Jun 1848]

Catharine, the wife of W. C. McKay, died on the night of the 30th ultimo at Fort Vancouver. [Oregon Free Press, 3 Jun 1848]

Mary Jane Towner, aged nearly 2 years, died on the 23rd ultimo in this City. [Oregon Free Press, 3 Jun 1848]

William Parker gives notice as administrator of Benjamin Field's estate, at Champoeg County. [Oregon Spectator 1 Jun 1848]

Joseph Wadleigh gives notice as administrator of the estate of C. H. Defendorf, and announces a sale. [Oregon Spectator 1 Jun 1848]

Administrator's notice: A. H. Hembree for the estate of Charles Gilmore, late of Yamhill county. [Oregon Free Press, 24 Jun 1848]

Administrator's notice: D. D. Bailey, for the estate of Burrel Davis, deceased, of Yamhill county. [Oregon Free Press, 21 Jun 1848] Burrel Davis, is reported drowned in the De Chutes River on the return down the river of the troops. [Oregon American and Evangelical Unionist, 7 Jun 1848]

Rev. Thomas McBride drowned on Friday evening [23 Jun 1848] of last week while attempting to cross the Willamette from Linn City to Oregon City. [Oregon Spectator 29 Jun 1848] [Oregon Free Press, 1 Jul 1848]

Administrator's notice: Sam'l Allen for the estate of Frederic Dibbel, deceased, of the Molalla Settlement, Clackamas county. [Oregon Free Press, 1 Jul 1848]

Exploration reports the valley of the lower Umpqua river is more extensive than thought. All the lower Umpqua Indians but 7 have died with measles and dysentery during the winter. [Oregon Spectator 13 Jul 1848]

Report of a "crime upon her person" of a sixteen-year old girl of the area who was at home alone with only her younger brother. A "domesticated Indian" named Chilos, who had come to the area with the Red River settlers from Nisqually was charged with the attack. He was taken into custody, and tied to a tree while others were determining the best course of punishment. He was able to escape his binding, but was caught and stabbed to death by the crowd. [Oregon American and Evangelical Unionist, 7 Jun 1848]

William Simpson, aged 24, died on Thursday morning, 13th inst. [Oregon Free Press, 15 Jul 1848]

Administrator's notice: Wm. B. Chatfield, for the estate of Joel Wilcox, late of Clackamas county. [Oregon Free Press, 5 Aug 1848]

Administrator's notice: Mary Gilliam, for the estate of Col. Cornelius Gilliam late of Polk county. [Oregon Free Press, 5 Aug 1848]

A young man by the name of Aram was killed on Souvie's Island a few days ago, by a man named Leonard. Both came into the country with the last Immigration, and had served in the recent war at the Dalles. A dispute arose over a gun of Leonard's, held by Aram as security for a debt due. Preparing to leave for California, Leonard came to retrieve his gun, which Aram refused. Leonard took the gun, and when Aram attempted to take it back, Leonard shot him. [Oregon Free Press, 26 Aug 1848]

Jason Lee, the son of Wm. K. and Caroline Kilborn, aged 3 years and 9 months, at sea on the 11th ult. Funeral services took place at the family residence in Oregon City on the 29th ult. [Oregon Free Press, 2 Sep 1848]

Levi L. Smith, who had been elected to the legislature from Lewis County, was drowned about the middle of the month in Puget's Sound, near Newmarket. He was alone in his canoe, and being subject to fits, was presumed that was the cause of his death. [Oregon Free Press, 30 Sep 1848]

Woodberry Saunders, son of Mrs. Husted, fell into the river from the horse-boat while playing, and drowned on Tuesday afternoon. [Oregon Free Press, 30 Sep 1848]

Mrs. Permelia Wheeler, on the 2nd Inst. in Oregon City. The wife of Columbus Wheeler, she left two children, one an infant. Funeral sermon will be Sunday at the M. E. Church in Oregon City. [Oregon Spectator 7 Sep 1848]

Mr. Levi L. Smith, who was recently elected to the legislature for Lewis County was drowned "about the middle of last month," in Puget's Sound, near Newmarket. [Oregon Spectator 26 Oct 1848]

John S. Griffith, in Oregon City died on the 31st ult., after a lingering illness. A printer, formerly of Philadelphia, he had been in U. S. service 19 years. [Oregon Spectator 9 Nov 1848]

Thomas Archibald, son of Wm C. McKay, died of inflammation in the stomach, aged seven months, on the 25th ult., at Vancouver. [Oregon Free Press, 4 Nov 1848]

7 Jan 1849. Obituary reprinted from the Star and Californian for Capt. Eliab Grimes, who died "in this town." He was aged 69, a senior partner in the firm of E & H Grimes, and had been a Honolulu merchant for the last twenty years. He was born 20 Mar 1780 at Fitchburg, Massachusetts and died on the 7th ult. [Oregon Spectator 8 Feb 1849]

Administrators Notice: Albert L. Alderman, administrator of the estate of Marvin R. Alderman, at Yam Hill County. [Oregon Spectator 8 Feb 1849]

Administrators Notice: B. B. Rodgers, administrator of the estate of H. H. Sargent. [Oregon Spectator 8 Feb 1849]

Report of a pending trial in the death of Wallace, an American citizen, by Indians at Ft. Nisqually. [Oregon Spectator 4 Oct 1849]

Mrs. Margarette Moore, consort of Maj. Robert Moore, proprietor of Linn City, on October 20, 1848 while visiting her daughter in St. Genevieve County, Missouri. [Oregon Spectator 4 Oct 1849]

Francis DeWitte, infant son of Medorum Crawford, aged 5 months, 18 days, on the 29th ult. in this city. [Oregon Spectator 4 Oct 1849]

The funeral sermon for Mrs. Barlow, wife of Wm. Barlow will be preached by Elder Jas. McBride in Union Presbyterian Church next Sunday. [Oregon Spectator 18 Oct 1849]

Judge Bryant presided over the trial of six Indians at Fort Stulacoom on the 1st inst. for the murder of Leander C. Wallace. Kussas and Quallahwort, both chiefs of the Sumqualamic tribe, were convicted and executed. The Indians attacked the fort, murdered Wallace, wounded Mr. Lewis and Mr. Walker, and injured the child of a friendly Indian. The child later died. Also mentioned involved in the trial are Judge Skinner, David Stone, and Capt. B. F. Hill. [Oregon Spectator 18 Oct 1849]

While descending the Columbia from the Dalles to Vancouver, a raft of eight soldiers went over the Cascade Falls, drowning six. [Oregon Spectator 18 Oct 1849]

Dr. Prigg, an old citizen, and the only doctor in the city, disappeared last week. His cap was found near the river bluff, on Water Street. He was reported to have been much intoxicated for some time prior to going missing. It is thought he went off the bluff, though whether by accident, intentionally, or by being pushed is not known. [Oregon Spectator 1 Nov 1849]

William Leander, son of R. V. Short. He died at Oxford on Dec. 9th, aged 11 months, 3 days. [Oregon Spectator 27 Dec 1849]

Franklin Alonzo Rice, aged 2 years, 3 months, 4 days died on the 3rd inst. Of inflammation of the bowels and lungs, at Yam Hill falls, Yam Hill County. Child of Levi A. and Prudence Rice of Yam Hill. [Oregon Spectator 27 Dec 1849]

8 Dec 1849. Rosella Rice died of dysentery, aged 8 months, 6 days. Child of Levi A. and Prudence Rice of Yam Hill. [Oregon Spectator 27 Dec 1849]

Administrator's notice: Lemuel Scott, administrator of the estate of Peter Scott, Yam Hill County. [Oregon Spectator 27 Dec 1849]

1 Jan 1850. Four men are reported drowned about the first of the month, at the mouth of the Columbia. They were attempting to put ashore from the brig Forrest, which was lying off the mouth of the Columbia, unable to cross the bar. Provisions were low, and Capt. Williams allowed an attempt to be made. The small boat was overturned by the breakers, and those aboard drowned. The four were returning from the gold fields: Mark Ford, of Polk County, two young men by the name of Stephens who have friends residing at Portland, and John Plummer of Oregon City. [Oregon Spectator 24 Jan 1850]

Joshua Holland, aged 52 years, late of Des Moines County, Iowa, at Sacramento City, California of liver inflammation on October 5, 1849. [Oregon Spectator 24 Jan 1850]

Owen Bush, the son of George Bush, has not been seen nor heard of since the forepart of December last. He was at the home of Nathan Eaton, at Cha Halem. He left once, leaving all his bed, clothing &c., but was brought back by Mr. Eaton. He returned, went to water his horse, but rode off, barebacked. He was said to be partially deranged. [Oregon Spectator 7 Feb 1850]

Farley Pearce, on the Santiam, died on the 7th of January at the age of 23, from consumption. The editor refers to him as a "travelling companion on the journey to this country." He had come west in search of his health. [Oregon Spectator 7 Feb 1850]

Melissa Meek, aged 1 year and 3 months, the daughter of Stephen & Elizabeth Meek, of Oregon City, where she died on the 6th inst. [Oregon Spectator 21 Feb 1850]

Administrator's notice: Virgil K. Pringle, adm. for estate of David Carter, Marion County. [Oregon Spectator 21 Feb 1850]

Administrator's notice: Jas. W. Chambers, adm., for estate of Joseph Yall, Washington county. [Oregon Spectator 21 Feb 1850]

A letter, addressed to Gov. Lane from Lt. W. E. Jones, stationed at Astoria, reports that Wm. Stevens, one of the four men thought to have drowned from the Forrest, had actually made it to shore, while his three companions drowned. In a weakened state, he was found by three Chinook Indians, who killed him for his possessions. The body has not been recovered. Two of the Indians are in custody, one still being at large. Mr. Prichett, Secretary of the Territory, (being the highest ranking official as Gov. Lane and Col. Loring have gone in pursuit of the deserters) contacted Maj. Hathaway of Ft. Vancouver, turning the search for justice over to him. One of the two captured Indians has escaped. [Oregon Spectator 21 Mar 1850]

Mrs. Jerusha B. Wert, wife of A. ______, died at Lexington, Clatsop on the 9th inst., following a short illness. She leaves a husband and four children. Papers in Iowa, Cincinnati, and York to copy. [Oregon Spectator 4 Apr 1850]

John J. Jeffers, aged 19 years, 4 months, and 26 days. He was the son of Joseph and Sarah Jeffers. Cause of death was inflammation of the lungs, on the 19th of February 1850. [Oregon Spectator 4 Apr 1850]

Mrs. Mary Holden, died in Honolulu Dec. 2nd, wife of Mr. Horace Holden, formerly of Salem, Oregon. She suffered from heart disease, leaves a husband and family of young children. [Oregon Spectator 4 Apr 1850]

In Milwaukie, 8th inst., Mary, wife of William Meek and daughter of Henderson & Elizabeth Luelling died, aged 18. [Western Star

24 Dec 1850. Margaret McMillen, wife of James H., died in Milwaukie on the morning of the 24th inst. of puerperal fever, aged 18 years. Funeral at Mr. McMillen's house, Friday afternoon, at 1 o'clock. Maiden name was Wise, native of New York, emigrated to Knox Co., Illinois, and after a short residence, came to this country in 1847. [Western Star, 26 Dec 1850]

Capt. Frederick Morse, late commander of the schooner Merchantman, was killed by the bursting of the cannon he fired. IOOF conducted the funeral. He left a wife and "little one." He was late from Newbern, North Carolina, where his widow and family are supposed to be now residing. [Western Star, 2 Jan 1851]

Elisha Hill, formerly of Mendon, Worcester County, Mass., aged 35, died in Syracuse, Linn County, Oct. 11. He left a wife and four children. [Western Star, 2 Jan 1851]

Boris Tisdale, died in Portland, aged 40, from New York. [Western Star, 2 Jan 1851]

William Hamilton was shot from off his horse, with two balls, while near his house, returning towards home, at Waldo's Hill, near Salem, Marion County on the afternoon of the 7th, inst. The murderer is supposed to be William Kendall. A p.s. was added that since the above was set in type, word had been received that the murderer had been apprehended. [Western Star, 16 Jan 1851]

James W. Glover, aged 22, died of typhus fever, in Clackamas co, on the 14th of December last. [Western Star, 16 Jan 1851]

Casualties in the capsizing of a boat previously mentioned, are S. M. Morris, of Lafayette who leaves a wife and four or five children; George R. Ritchey, who has a family in Missouri; James Brown, and __________ who were also from Missouri (the last three being recent immigrants); Wm. Hupp, a young man whose father resides at Tualatin Plains. Mr. Morris owned the boat, which was also heavily loaded with wheat for Mr. Hunsacker of Oregon City. [Western Star, 23 Jan 1851]

Theodore Henry, only son of Theodore J. and Elizabeth Eckerson, died aged 9 mos., in Astoria, on Thursday evening, Dec. 26. [Western Star, 23 Jan 1851]

Mrs. Ruthanna B. Ankeney, died in the 26th year of her age, in Portland, of consumption. [Western Star, 23 Jan 1851]

Geo. V. Crossland, formerly of Lacon, Marshall County, Illinois, died in Oregon City, on the 12th inst, of hemoplesia. [Western Star, 23 Jan 1851]

Mr. Elijah E. Anderson, died on Saturday, January 25, after 4 days illness. He has a brother James in Syracuse. He had recently come here from California, and set up in the merchandising business. [Western Star, 6 Feb 1851]

Joseph G. Van Weeter, aged 34, formerly of Springfield IL, where his family still reside, died the 9th inst. at the house of Mr. Jesse Henderson, near Lafayette. He was buried at Lafayette. [Western Star, 20 Feb 1851]

Mrs. Elizabeth Lueling, wife of Henderson Luelling, aged 36, died at Milwaukie on the 8th inst. [Western Star, 13 Mar 1851]

Mrs. Phebe Hathaway, wife of Daniel Hathaway, daughter of Orren & Margaret Kellogg, died aged 35, at Milwaukie, on the 12th inst. [Western Star, 13 Mar 1851]

Samuel Gay, native of Ireland aged about 24 years, was killed by the falling of a tree, at Oswego, O. T., on the 17th inst. Printers in Illinois and New York to notice. [Western Star, 27 Mar 1851]

"We learn that a man by the name of Cook was killed in a fracas he had with a man by the name of Kean--being shot in three places, by one of Colt's revolvers. The affair occurred at Portland in a bowling saloon. They were both sporting men, we understand." [Western Star, 3 Apr 1851]

James Scarborough, aged 10 years, son of Jas. A. Scarborough, at Chenook Hill, died on the 20th ult. [Western Star, 3 Apr 1851]

William Dole Kellogg, youngest son of Orren and Margaret Kellogg, aged 13, died on the 29th of March, in Milwaukie. [Western Star, 3 Apr 1851]

William Kendall was tried and convicted of the murder of William Hamilton, and sentenced to be executed on the 18th of this month. [Western Star, 10 Apr 1851]

Dr. J. C. Hooper, formerly of Frankfort, Maine, died in Portland on the 4th inst. He leaves a wife and 2 children, and had just commenced a lucrative practice in Portland. He was a member of Astoria Lodge, No. 38, I. O. of O. F., Maine. [Western Star, 17 Apr 1851]

Samuel R. Thurston, 35, delegate from Oregon, while returning from Congress, on April 9th, of the effects of Panama fever and dysentery. He was buried at sea, at Acapulco. He leaves a wife and two small children, who had not seen him for two years. He was native of Maine, a graduate of Bowdoin College, and an immigrant of 1847. [Western Star, 1 May 1851]

Dr. William Allen, died on 8th inst., at Canemah of apoplexy. He was late of Missouri. [Oregon Weekly Times, 19 June 1851]